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The composition of junior middle school is 300 words

Chapter 1: entering junior high school today is my first day in junior high school. When I walked into the campus, I found that it is much larger than primary school. Looking at the wide playground, the vast football field ~ my heart feels very comfortable, making me feel like I'm on the beach. At first, the teacher simply introduced himself to us (the teacher's surname is Zhang), and then I found that teacher Zhang is very unusual, because no student will talk back to the teacher and so on. Because the teacher said that as long as they are reasonable, the students will be wronged, and then they will reflect on themselves. The teacher has many advantages. In fact, unconsciously, I already feel very excellent, because there are such serious and amiable teachers. Although I find that the teachers smile from beginning to end, those naughty students are still listening carefully. Later, the students found the classroom very dirty and consciously picked up labor tools to clean it seriously. I am very proud to have such diligent classmates. Ah ~ it's so beautiful here. Let me abandon my old bad habits and let me have a new start.

Chapter 2: I have been in middle school for two and a half days. Now let's talk about some things in my middle school! I left primary school and entered a strange world. I felt very lonely. However, these two days I felt the teacher's care for us in the school. The opening ceremony of Xianggong middle school was held at 8:00 this morning. At the opening ceremony, the principal and other leaders warmly congratulated us. I feel very kind. At the same time, I saw that the campus was big and beautiful. The strangeness has disappeared. I saw the vigorous figure of the teacher in class. Hearing the teacher's beautiful lecture, I entered an ocean of knowledge, and the strangeness was even less. Then I made up my mind silently. Listen carefully in class. Think positively. Use your brain, master knowledge, strive to achieve excellent results and repay teachers.

Chapter 3: entering junior high school this year, I bid farewell to my dear classmates, dear teachers and familiar campus and came to a strange school - Qingying middle school. In the new environment, I have some new plans. In school, I should listen carefully, take notes frequently and record important and useful knowledge in class. Read more books that are helpful for learning. In Chinese, I should accumulate more, use more and extract more. Accumulate more useful knowledge for yourself, and sort out some good books at the same time. Use more good words and sentences you have read in your composition. Extract more good sentences and paragraphs from the questions and organize them into a book for a rainy day. In mathematics, we should also practice frequently and pay attention not to make mistakes in calculation. Usually you can sort out what you don't know and do it again to deepen your impression. In English, we should listen, read and write more. These points are essential. Listen to the teacher's pronunciation in class. Read more English extracurricular books. Write more words and sentences. In the new study, I want to be reborn and become a new student, a little assistant to teachers and a good child to parents.

Chapter 4: when I entered junior high school, a breeze blew in the evening. I was waiting for that call! " Ding Lingling, Ding Lingling "I" flew "to the phone and finally heard the news: Xiang Wenli, you can report to Shanghai middle school tomorrow! I was so excited: "too! I'm going to be a junior high school student! " On September 11, I officially entered the gate of junior middle school. Wow - what a beautiful tree, what beautiful flowers, what a good environment, what a neat team! I watched and couldn't wait to be listed... When my mother told me, "child! Go! Go! You will become a junior high school student! " I hurried to the playground to line up. As soon as I was dissolved, I went around alone and wanted to get familiar with the new environment as soon as possible. Yes! It's different: teachers are different, students are different, and the environment is different... Everything is new, even the air is new. I went to the classroom to chat with the new students. In the afternoon, we had a political class, which was very energetic. The teacher asked us to introduce ourselves one by one, and the students have their own advantages: singing, dancing and dancing, Of course, I also said and sang. I first saluted, sang a song and communicated with my classmates and teachers in my most beautiful language. That day made me feel the feeling of middle school students for the first time. That was cool!

Chapter 5: I entered junior middle school. With the change of age, I also entered junior middle school. The changes in life after entering junior high school and primary school life are earth shaking. In primary school, learning was easy. But in middle school, I feel great pressure; In the past, there were not many people in primary school, so they knew and understood each other very quickly; In middle school, a class has sixty or seventy strange faces, which is difficult to adapt at a time. But here I have a quiet learning environment, which can make me calm down and study hard. Although students don't know each other, they should spend a very short time to adjust their mentality and put all their energy on their study. In the past, there was always an unnecessary worry in my heart before I went to middle school, but when I went to middle school, that worry disappeared from my heart. Every teacher here is both strict and kind. He discusses and communicates with his classmates after class. He has achieved that he is a teacher in class and a friend after class. In middle school, I really realized the teacher's good intentions. Therefore, we must study hard and listen carefully in any learning environment, so as to repay our parents, our hard-working teachers and our beautiful motherland.

Chapter 6: entering junior high school today, I am a junior high school student. In the face of strange faces, I am frightened, as if I fell into the ice cellar. How nervous! When I entered the class and saw the kind face of the head teacher, my nervous heart immediately put down. When the head teacher announced that I and another classmate were the representatives of mathematics class, I couldn't help but be surprised. I think: I just entered this class, the teacher let me out of this position, is it a little too hasty. But the teacher told me, "don't be afraid. I believe you can do it." After listening to the teacher's words, I immediately felt relieved. The fourth section in the morning is physical education. I made some good friends in PE class. I'm very happy. It's sweet for me to remember the past. Because junior high school is not so terrible. She is like a little girl who changes often. She has more pain and more joy.