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High school composition describing cloud

1 cloud

Cloud, blue sky is its home, clear sky, vast sky, let it travel freely and worry free. It flies over the hazy mountains and feels the smoke and fog in the mountains; I want to fly across the sea and be a boat on the sea, like the spring water rippling in the microwave! I want to let the breeze accompany me, the golden rays shine on me, the hot red ball warms me, the blue sky hugs me, and fly in a happy and carefree realm with pure dreams.

Childhood dream, beautiful and simple; Childhood songs, beautiful and beautiful; The childish language of childhood, naive and brilliant!

Childhood dream did not come true, I am still me, I grew up! Youth is like flowing water. In the boundless sky of life, I am a cloud on the earth, floating a light outfit, releasing a trace of joy, swinging a wisp of tenderness, flowing a happiness, laughing at life and being a happy angel!

Cloud, pure and flawless, is its beautiful coat. It is clear and natural. It floats quietly among the vast sea of people. With a warm breath, it deduces fragrance and ignites distant dreams. The filth in the air, flowing with the wind, can't render my clean white clothes; The severe cold in the storm was freezing, but it couldn't the Begonia flowers in my heart.

Cloud, lofty and melancholy is my quiet tenderness. I admire myself. I am like a narcissus. I don't have bright colors, but I have a moving charm. Pear blossom with rain sees its sadness, like the sorrow of drizzle, elegant and graceful; If the mood is beautiful and sad, bathed in the autumn wind, sad and beautiful, but there is no trace of sadness.

Cloud, tender and kind, makes me have a unique affinity. I like to be leisurely and unrestrained in the self-made sky. I feel pity for myself in the self-made atmosphere. I am lively by nature, but I never publicize, never guard, treat myself well, and get happy moisture and tranquility in being kind. A light, gentle, elegant and warm smile is my sincere eternity.

Clouds, the haze of the sky shrouded in the night, warm as ice, hazy like fog, gloomy with a beautiful mood, soft light, but around the branches, separated from pieces of color fragments, mysterious and beautiful, these fragments across the body, they became countless subtle scars, and then the fatigue of the body escaped from these scars. I leaned down and kissed, But I smell the faint fragrance of roses.

Cloud is a stone on the ground and a drop of water in the sea. It is small and subtle, calm and indifferent. It is carefree in the incomparable sky, allowing me to gallop happily in the colored sky.

I looked up, the silver blue sky was quiet, a white cloud, like a fairy sleeping in a veil, gently, breathtaking, leisurely and infinite meaning.

The fairy who has awakened from sleep stretches, stretches her hands and feet, blinks and blinks her eyes, like a blooming Begonia flower, floating and floating lightly on the sun. If it flies and stops, it looks like smoke and fog, and whispers in her ear, telling the eternal beautiful legend.

2 cloud Hymn

At noon in midsummer, the sun scorched the earth - the temperature was still rising, as if to let the heat wave devour the world

There are pitifully few pedestrians in the street; A few wisps of thin clouds in the sky stared at the earth as if they were thinking. People are afraid to shrink at home for the summer, for fear that the stove in the sky will be cooked. It's not enough to walk in the park without a trace of leisure. It's not enough to patronize and wipe your sweat. I was so upset that I found a stone to sit down, but immediately rubbed my ass and jumped three feet high: "ah! Hot -- "

I finally found a shade tree! Sitting on the lawn, I escaped the disaster of burning my ass - I closed my eyes to the dazzling sky, but suddenly felt that the light was blocked by something. When I opened my eyes, I found that a huge cloud team was floating forward with the slogan of "knowing - knowing". I thought a shower would baptize the world, but before I could cheer, I found that the clouds were not very thick - "Alas..." I sighed helplessly and continued to hide in the small shade of the tree and wait for the merciless baking of God.

I closed my eyes to the sky and felt the world with a faint touch. I don't know how long later, I couldn't stand the hypnosis of the high temperature and was sleepy - suddenly, a drop of water gently and gently kissed my cheek. It was cold and comfortable! I was awakened and found that the warm breeze was touching my face. It was very comfortable. When I looked at the sky, I found that a group of clouds were full of breath and black face, beating LingXiao Hall: Boom! Sure enough, after a while, the countless small raindrops, like broken pearls, kept falling, pulling down the hazy rain curtain from the sun's home. The wind danced merrily, laughing and praising this beautiful moment!

I didn't find a place to shelter from the rain. I also want to join the timely rain and revel!

Silent, the rain stopped - the world is no longer muddy, full of freshness and harmony; People come out one after another, and they can't wait to enjoy the happiness of the rain

I look around and think everything is so lovely and moving! I appreciate the world after baptism - how beautiful!

At this time, a drop of crystal dew fell from the tip of the leaves and bloomed on my face. I suddenly remembered something and suddenly raised my head - sure enough, the cloud team was stepping on people's laughter with satisfaction at this time. Like the original Red Army team, it was full of firm new year and walked down the road that never ended“ Oh, lovely clouds, where are you going? " No one answered me, but I deeply understand that they should condense with the beauty of the world, as if it is their natural responsibility to make the world beautiful! At this moment, a sincere respect arises - I bow to these lovely clouds in my heart: "thank you!"

Seeing this brave team go away, I see their bodies getting thinner - but I firmly believe that more and more people will join them!

3 look at the clouds

Like to see clouds, white clouds in the blue sky. Looking at the cloud, my heart will be clear and pure. Let my thoughts float in the sky like floating clouds. It is unstoppable, free, unrestricted and happy. At all times and in all over the world, you can think freely and freely for thousands of years, thousands of rivers and mountains. Because there is no limitation of time and space, I am completely relaxed. As long as the blue sky can understand and the white clouds can understand, I am satisfied.

How happy is it that beauty is silent, obedient to nature and unrestrained? The bright moon in the mountains, the breeze on the river, the lonely smoke in the desert, the sunset in the long river, why it is beautiful and wonderful, lies in nature. Just like the boundless blue sky, white clouds, pure and clear, capricious, frank and frank, no hypocrisy, no affectation, no helplessness and powerlessness, the clouds are free to roll or fly or stop, come or go, gather or disperse, divide or leave in the sky. It is the fairyland when gathering and dispersing, and the artistic conception of sucking and blowing, which makes people daydream and dance.

In the depths of the white clouds, there must be immortals from outside the world, singing fairy music, double white cranes, friends with the sky, companions with the clouds, calling wine with the breeze, quenching thirst with dew, getting rid of the disputes on earth, abandoning the trouble of desire, returning to Taixu and Shunhua nature. Those who break away from worldly disputes and hang upside down are miserable, and those who get it are also in time. Those who lose, Shun also. Peace and prosperity, sorrow and joy can not enter. This ancient so-called suspension also. I don't know who can understand in this world, but the blue sky has understood, the white clouds have understood, and the immortals in the clouds have understood. If it is fame and wealth, it is too empty to roam.

White clouds are the elves who roam in the Taixu. They change freely and have thousands of postures, like Penglai fairy mountain, like pavilions and palaces, and like light feathers.

Like to see clouds, white clouds in the blue sky. Looking at the clouds, my heart will fly to the high clouds and allow the boundless flow of emotion. It is a flow without repression, a flow without shelter, a flow of freedom. I can express my feelings wantonly and heartily.

Everything is so gentle and beautiful, everything is so pure, it cleanses my mind, it sublimates my soul, it frees my sadness, it lets my emotions vent. With it, I see the light, draw out vitality and plant hope, and life is more beautiful and more high-spirited.

The young dream turns into a clear water surface, and the beautiful articles turn into surging waves. My feelings, my meaning, my soul and my heart turn into dazzling colored silk against the background of white clouds and fly lightly in the vast blue sky, so that the Wang Qingquan and the sparkling lake have her demeanor, flying over the north and south of the river, inside and outside the Yangtze River, ice and snow frontier fortress and verdant coast, Embrace the shadows there.

Mountains testify for me, the sea sails for me, the blue sky sings for me, and white clouds fly for me.

Everything is in this unimpeded freedom, everything is due to the great and wonderful nature.

Like to see clouds, white clouds in the blue sky.

Year after year, year after year.

4 Hometown Cloud

At the age of seven, my brother and I followed my father and mother to Wudang Mountain to learn literature and practice martial arts. Now, people in their hometown, things in their hometown are gradually blurred, but the cloud in their hometown is still fresh in their memory. Clouds often float into my dreams and into my heart. The clouds in my hometown are unpredictable all year round. They are so magical and wonderful.

The cloud in his hometown likes to "cry" like a child. The day in Baihe County, the baby's face, says that it will change. Just now it was still a clear sky. In the blink of an eye, clouds flew and fog moved. A burst of sun rain jumped down from the golden, red, purple, white and black clouds. Soon, the rain stopped and a rainbow was set up in the sky. From one mountain top to another, it looks like a colorful overpass. White clouds, floating up and down from the rainbow with the light wind, seem to be flying. The white clouds are more white against the rainbow, and the rainbow is more beautiful and charming against the white clouds.

Hometown clouds love to look in the mirror. In the morning, as soon as the sun rises, colorful clouds float in the blue sky. Like people, colorful clouds know how to dress up in the mirror. Look, there are colorful clouds on the bottom of the White River. Colorful clouds appear more graceful, magnificent and charming in the water. The light wind blows, the river ripples, and the colored clouds in the water seem to dance happily. The clouds are dancing, the water is dancing, and the blue sky and green mountains are dancing. There are not only the reflection of colored clouds and blue sky on the water surface of Baihe River. And the reflection of Castle Peak. The mountains are more green and steep against the background of clouds.

Hometown clouds love mountains“ "Domineering" and "clouds cross the Qinling Mountains" are a portrayal of the "tall and steep" of the hometown Qinling Mountains. The clouds of my hometown swim in the mountains and the mountains dance in the water. In the morning, the white clouds like jade ribbon wound around the hillside; In the afternoon, the gauze like white clouds were flying on the top of the mountain.

The clouds in my hometown are changeable. In the evening, farmers returning from work sit on the threshold of their own house or move a stool to sit in front of their house and watch the burning clouds leisurely. Look, the fire cloud is coming up, half the sky is red, like fire. Suddenly, white, red, yellow, purple... Clouds appeared in front of me. yes