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The composition of primary school students in summer vacation is 200 words

Part 1: Primary School Students' summer vacation composition 200 words_ Boring summer vacation

In the twinkling of an eye, summer vacation is coming. I was happy to 'jump three feet high' but I gradually found that the summer vacation was very boring. I wanted to finish it in ten days, but I've done it for 24 days. In 30 days, I finally finished writing. My father bought it for me. Only Saturday and Sunday can have a rest. I don't like holidays very much, but I still like them as long as I don't have homework. Like summer vacation and winter vacation, it's not good to have too much homework and be tired. I hope I can have a holiday again and don't do my homework. How comfortable and leisurely it is! If there is love in the sky, the sky is also old. If there is love, people die early.

Part 2: Primary School Students' summer vacation composition 200 words_ Happy summer holiday

I have a vivid and colorful life every day. The content is different every day. Sometimes I go to the fitness area to exercise myself, sometimes I go to my wife's house under the bridge, and sometimes I pick some flowers to play. What makes me unforgettable is a bird. My father caught it for me. I think the bird is very cute and released it. There is also a small fish. His body is not big or small. It is yellow, but it is raised at home, but its scales turn black. My father said, 'it's a bad environment. Let it go.' Everyone agreed and I set him free. That's how I spent my summer vacation. How about you! Let's talk about it.

Part 3: 200 words of primary school students' summer vacation composition_ happy summer vacation

I had a good time in the whole summer vacation, and I learned three things: cross stitch, swimming, and I liked writing compositions under my mother's supervision. I also participated in the drifting activity to Wuling rock in Jiujiang organized by the English school with my English class. We were all wet. Xin Hao, I brought my clothes, I changed my clothes, and worked very fast. The students without clothes were terrible. They were wet and uncomfortable. We were very tired that day, and I was so tired that I slept in the car. After returning to Nanchang, I told my mother what I had done in Wuling rock. She also laughed. I really think my summer vacation was very happy.

Part 4: Primary School Students' summer vacation composition 200 words_ summer vacation

The summer vacation has passed unconsciously!! I also spent it in a daze, alas! Heaven, there were two months of happy time that sincerely appeared in front of me. I didn't cherish it. It's a pity to know it's lost! If you let me add a deadline to the lovely summer vacation, I hope it will never change! When I returned to school, I trembled in the face of teachers who only had scores in their eyes and students who were full of competition. Back to school, with my N-second computer, I can only wave my hand, say goodbey( At home, everything is counted in seconds. In 'Hell', everything is counted in years). Finally, please give me another chance!

Part 5: Primary School Students' summer vacation composition 200 words_ Swimming

For several days in a row, the sun made us unbearably hot. Today, I played at my grandmother's house and went swimming. I put on the life buoy and rushed to the water like a tiger. My hands glided from inside to outside, and my feet swung up and down hard, just like a turtle. I swam to the middle to play with my two brothers. I started to roll the water out of the huge waves with my hands, making it difficult for them to move. Later, they only turned to me for mercy. Then we threw a football in the water. The big brother kept the goal and the second brother helped. We went up together, threw left and passed right, and scored a goal. When it was my turn to keep the goal, the big brother threw a high ball, just like a big bird flying in the sky. Later, my second brother and I defeated my eldest brother. It's really proud.

Part 6: Primary School Students' summer vacation composition 200 words_ Summer vacation life

Summer vacation is happy, long and colorful. Before the exam, I have been looking forward to the summer vacation, because there is no lot of homework in the summer vacation, so I don't have to get up early every day or go to the sun every day. I like reading comic books. In the summer vacation, I can spare a lot of time to read books and swim in the ocean of books. But I didn't play with things and lose heart. I still finished my summer homework as planned every day and participated in some activities every week. Although the learning task in summer vacation is relatively heavy, I have fun in pain. I also occasionally play with the computer.

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