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Composition of primary school autumn sports meeting

Autumn games

Ah! The long-awaited autumn sports meeting has finally been held, with various and colorful projects.

On the day of the sports meeting, all the teachers and students in our school were in high spirits. They went to the playground and sat in chairs to watch the performance. First, the elder brother rode a bike around the playground. I can also ride a big bike. I also want to go up and perform. Then there is the skating performance of middle school students, ah! They skate so well! I admire it! Finally, there is a tug of war between scooters and teachers. We all cheer for teachers! The teacher we cheered for won. We jumped up happily. Next came the radio gymnastics competition. Our third grade students ran to the playground and did exercises. We all did it. I was very nervous and afraid of doing wrong. After a while, we ran back to our chairs, sat down and prepared to break up the meeting.

In this sports meeting, we were so happy that we were immersed in the joy and joy of the sports meeting. Looking forward to the next sports meeting.

2 autumn games

Our school holds a sports meeting every autumn. At this time, it is the most exciting time for all teachers and students.

One month before the sports meeting, the students will register the projects they want to participate in with the head teacher, and then start training for one month. Every morning, you can see a lot of people running on the playground, someone practicing long jump on the sand in the corner of the football field, and other classes practicing running together. It's a hot scene.

When it comes to the game, all classes gather on the playground. Some people go to the game to win glory for the class, while others cheer on them as cheerleaders. The light of youth shines on the playground, and the sparks of passion burn on the playground. The water is wide with fish jumping and birds flying in the sky. Everyone worked hard to win glory for the class at the sports meeting.

This is why all our teachers and students like to hold this annual sports meeting.

3 autumn games

On a Thursday afternoon last year, the long-awaited sports meeting came.

The entrance ceremony began and the music sounded. We lined up and came out of the teaching building, majestic and high spirited.

The competition items include: long jump, shuttlecock kicking, net rope jumping, accurate shooting and high jump... The most wonderful one is the relay race.

At the starting line, the little athlete rushed out like an arrow off the string“ Come on, come on! " Around the playground, class 5 (1) students, some holding signs, some waving fists, some eager to try, want to jump out of the cheerleading team to join the running ranks. The baton passed down one by one. It was my relay. My heart was beating like a little white rabbit in my arms, and like a big drum beating constantly. Then I thought: I want to run faster than other classes. So I firmly caught the baton and accelerated to the end. The wind sounded in my ears, "Zhou Yifan, come on! Zhou Yifan, come on! " The cry is getting louder and louder. I beat other classes away. Now it is Wei Haoyi, who is recognized as "Scud", who wins glory for our class. We won.

This is really a fierce sports meeting! The sports meeting made me understand: as long as you work hard, you will succeed. Collective honor is our greatest strength!

4 autumn games

Time flies, time flies, and finally we have arrived at the long-awaited autumn sports meeting. There are various and colorful events in the sports meeting: 50 meters, 400 meters, four times 100 meters, long jump

Before the beginning of the sports meeting, the first is the admission of athletes. The students walked in neat steps and shouted loud slogans: "let go of dreams, surpass Liu Xiang, four one four one, always strive for the first" and walked into the venue. With excitement, we went to the playground under the guidance of the teacher to watch the athletes' games. The athletes are full of energy and confidence, as if they will win the first this time.

The most intense is the 50 meters. With the sound of the referee's gun, the athletes flew away one by one like off string arrows, racing against time and running to the finish line. In the four by one hundred meter race between men and women in our class, they chased each other on the field, ran hard, and won the first place with tacit understanding; In the long jump competition, Wang Xiaohan added a first place to our class with a good result of 1.9 meters. The most regrettable thing is that Zhang Kexin was the first to run to the finish line in the 100 meter race, but he ran the wrong way and cancelled the result according to the competition regulations

The sports meeting ended in a happy atmosphere, but the happy atmosphere still echoed in my mind for a long time.

5 autumn games

The autumn wind blows more and more violently, which makes the falling leaves dance faster and faster. It seems to be true that they also pass through human nature and inspire our happy hearts. The people in the stands are encouraging and blessing the athletes who are struggling on the field. That just a few minutes, or a few seconds of striving for the top, may not be dazzling and have not won honor, but when the sunset in the evening, the sweating figure is always engraved in your and my mind. The neat queue may not be luxurious and there is no innovation, but the team stands upright and handsome.

Will reverberate in you and me all the time. Just as everyone focuses on the fierce competition, the busy figure of every behind the scenes worker shuttles between you and me: on the stage, the cadres of the student union are selecting manuscripts, and the overlapping manuscripts handed in by the whole school are read and registered one by one; Under the stage, the students of the student union lingered around the scorer and ran in every corner to report good news to everyone; Beside the runway, the teacher in the infirmary is treating the injured athletes. Scenes, that feeling, can not be described in words, can not be expressed in tears, nor can it be written and saved. That moved to stay in your heart and my heart, so I won't forget it all my life.

so to speak:

The sports meeting in autumn is a spiritual washing;

The sports meeting in autumn is an exchange of souls;

The sports meeting in autumn is a aftertaste of life

The autumn wind is still blowing fiercely. Where to take the dancing golden leaves is not only the story of our childhood, but also the touch of our life. Facing the leaves flying to winter, I quietly promised my blessing. May everyone be looking for happiness in his life.

6 autumn games

The opening ceremony of the sports meeting began. The first item is to assign the athletes of each class to their own positions. In the second item, the athletes are invited to enter. On the playground, the athletes are divided into four columns, one of which is the referee. The playground is surrounded by a national shape. One circle of the national character is the runway, three horizontal lines of the national character are the athletes, and one point of the national character is the position of the referee.

Some athletes are high jumpers, some are long jumpers, some are shot putters and softball throwers, and finally run.

The third is the leader's speech. Finally, at the beginning of the sports meeting, the athletes went to their own runway and waited for the referee's gunshot. At the sound of "bang", at the moment of the rush, the athletes ran forward like tigers running for food. Suddenly, bursts of cheering sounded on the playground! Some athletes run more vigorously in the cheering sound. They don't know they have no strength. They just run forward and win in the end.

This is the fourth grade competition. Here is the fifth grade competition. Before the start of the race, there were bursts of cheering in the fifth grade. The gunfire sounded. Every athlete wanted to surpass other athletes to win. Almost all the cheerers shouted hoarse, but they always cheered for their athletes.

The next game is the sixth grade. The athletes in the sixth grade are very fast, one by one. The fourth, fifth and sixth ages cheer and cheer together. The sound on the playground has changed from the cheering sound from the microphone.

It's almost six o'clock. The sports meeting is over, but they seem to be immersed in the cheers and cheers of the sports meeting.

7 unforgettable autumn games

In this crisp autumn October, with the harvest season, we welcome the autumn sunshine and the happy and wonderful autumn sports meeting of Beixing primary school.

Early in the morning, all the teachers and students of the school gathered on the inner playground. After walking through the square team, President yuan began to deliver an opening speech. The long-awaited autumn sports meeting is about to begin. Everyone is very excited. Some teachers are arranging venues, some are placing sports equipment, and all the students are cheering. The originally silent stadium suddenly became lively.

When the sports meeting officially began, the whole stadium was boiling with cheers and cheers. The athletes on the sports field were all the more eager to win honor for their class. Look at Tan Xingyu, a runner in class 262. As soon as the gunshot rang, he ran towards the end like an arrow off the string, And the long jump master Chen Yizhou, jumping farther and better time by time

The best game is still four × The 100 meter relay race is a specialty of our class. Look at the male students' relay. They bravely went ahead and left the students of other classes far away, and achieved the first good result. There is also the nervous female students' relay. At the most important moment of the sprint, Guo Xueni tried her best to win valuable time and catch up with the students of other classes, Finally won the first prize.

The happy and exciting autumn sports meeting finally came to a successful conclusion with the joint efforts of all teachers and students. Everyone's passion remains the same. Let's look forward to the next sports meeting!

8 campus autumn games

Soon after the summer vacation, our school ushered in the annual autumn sports meeting.

The race began. The first item was relay. Our class fell behind as soon as we came on the stage. Our cheerleaders kept shouting: "come on! Come on! " But it didn't seem to work at all. It was my turn. I used my "killer mace": Advanced running. I ran out quickly and overtook the two members of class 3 (2) and class 3 (1). I passed the baton to my teammates. I drifted and crossed the corner and successfully completed my task. In the later games, our class kept leading and finally won the first game.

In the second game, the rules of the game are: the average number of shots in the specified area is the largest in two minutes. I think: what's the difficulty? We have three masters and will never lose to them! The game began. All the members of our class were very brave and invincible. A total of 2704 were photographed. The results came out. We were both nervous and excited waiting for the answer to be announced. Our average score is 52. My God, the average score of class 2 is ten more than us! This time we actually took the last place in this grade! I think: Third, we must win!

The third competition is the long jump. The rules of the competition are: after all the students in the three classes jump, they are more than the total number of which class. In terms of strength, our strength is inferior to class 3 (2). We go all out and jump farther than one,