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I love playing basketball. My composition is 100 words

I love playing basketball

Hello, my name is Yang Zhengye. You should not know me yet! Now let me introduce myself to you.

I have big eyes; Have a straight nose; There is also a red lip, which makes up a smart and lively me. I also have a devil figure.

I like playing basketball because I watched a TV. The people on that TV play basketball very well. I admire it very much, so I also like basketball. You know my hobby! I dream of wanting a basketball. On my 9th Birthday, my parents bought me a basketball. I'm very happy. I finish my homework as soon as I get home from school every day, and then go to play basketball.

Now you should know me as a fan!

I love playing basketball

In the first grade, once, the physical education class arrived on Friday afternoon. I was very happy. I hurried to the playground with my classmates to play basketball. I couldn't play basketball at that time. I saw my elder brothers playing basketball in full swing.

My heart itched, so I went with my classmates. When playing basketball, I threw the ball in and the ball hit the board. The students said I couldn't play basketball. After that, I went home and practiced slowly. Now I play basketball with my classmates. I feel much better.

After that, I often play basketball with my classmates.

I love playing basketball

Hello everyone, my name is Zhang Chenghe. I'm 11 years old this year. I like playing basketball. Once I played basketball with several students in physical education class. We were very serious when we played basketball. We played strong ball and had fun. Later, it was my turn to take the ball. I played more strong ball than the last few people. Later, I had a good time with several students.

After a while, the teacher said we had gathered, and we soon stood up. The teacher said to put the ball back, and we quickly put the ball back to the teacher. The teacher asked the monitor to take us back. We were very happy in physical education today.

I love playing basketball

His name is Liu Junjie, with big eyes, low nose and cherry like mouth. I love playing basketball, or basketball master!

I always play basketball when I finish my homework. Once, I played basketball with my father. He was the red team and I was the blue team. After playing with my father for a while, I convinced my father and called me a basketball expert. My advantage is: when playing basketball, I can think about each other's weaknesses with my head, and then attack.

This is me - a basketball expert.