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Writing in grade one

Chapter 1: through the first 13 years of junior high school, the growth of age, spiritual maturity, the crossroads of fate, the starting point of youth! Junior high school students, primary school dream has long been the title. At that time, in my young heart, how eager to grow up. Who knows that life is destined to hit me in the thirteenth year of my destiny. Entering the first day of junior high school, there are many troubles. The change of title brings about a sharp increase in subjects. From two to seven, this change brings about a lot of discomfort. The change of school brings about the increase of pressure. In primary school, you only need to compete with your classmates. In middle school, you need to compete with everyone in the grade. Pressure = motivation, one hour more regular script time = one hour less playing time. Contradiction! Entering the first day of junior high school, there are many opportunities. Just as I said above, pressure equals motivation. I have a lot of motivation to study, and naturally I have made a lot of achievements. More importantly, different environment has different new things, new people! So. The first day of junior high school is an important period for me to expand my life experience. Entering the first day of junior high school, there is a lot of happiness. Maybe I inherited my father's mathematical gene. My interest in mathematics is n + 1 times of ordinary people's ten. The happiness of mathematics lies in the huge sense of gain and pride that you finally understand after thinking about a difficult problem for an hour! Because of mathematics, I made a lot of like-minded confidants, there is a feeling of hate late. Every day, we get together and talk about the exciting geometry. Tit for tat is inevitable, but we only care about the joy of success and work together happily on the fertile soil of knowledge. The representative of Chinese said: "the first day of junior high school is the growth of age, the maturity of mind and the turning point of life. We should study hard!" The representative of Mathematics: "the first day of junior high school is x + Y & le; M+N。 X is pressure, y is worry, M is motivation, n is happiness. " Please study hard, because good beginning is half done I said: 'after the first day of junior high school, everything starts all over again; The marathon of learning, we are on the road. "

Chapter 2: after the first day of junior high school, I can't help but have some feelings when I recall the events that happened during the first day of junior high school. In this year, I experienced joys and sorrows, so I grew up a lot. When I think of the first day of school, I always have ripples in my mind. I can't calm down for a long time. As soon as I entered the classroom, I found that the chairs in the room were full of classmates I didn't know. Looking at new faces, I felt a kind of unspeakable intimacy. Although I didn't know each other's names, I was very excited when I thought of the three years of ups and downs we were going through together. In the days of the bank, although there have been unpleasant, but we are still happy to sit together talking, learning knowledge. I also met many classmates, including beautiful and lovely little Liu Rui, bright and cheerful little Zhao Jing, little boy Zhang Xinfang, honest and sincere song xueran, and so on& middot;& middot; They are all the people I admire most. I don't know what interesting things will happen in the future. I hope we can walk together. And there's something that bothers me & middot& middot; Alas & hellip& middot;& middot; Speaking of it, I'm angry. I'm not a celebrity in my class, but the title of 'talking King' has made me the highest box office in my class. I don't like the title, and I don't like to write reviews. Every time I choose this king, I'm worried, but it's no use just worrying. Alas, every time I'm competent, I can't help it. Who let the boy fight me? Let it go! There are many talented people in the class, including singers, celebrities, dancers and hosts. In the twinkling of an eye, the first day of junior high school will pass. I hope this year can be recorded in my memory. Through the first day of junior high school, through the flower season; Through the first day of junior high school, through the unforgettable years, through the first day of junior high school, through the years full of melancholy. Enjoy it, don't let time slip away & hellip& hellip;

Chapter 3: after the first day of the new year, when the stars disappear under the night; When the train of childhood is far away from us; When innocent thoughts disappear. With the help of time, we embarked on the journey of the first day of junior high school & hellip& hellip; The life of junior one is hard. Sometimes before the sun rises, we are waiting outside the school gate; Sometimes the moon has been hanging in the sky, we just go home with the street lamp. The contents of the curriculum surprised us. Sometimes we complain about too much homework. Dark circles have firmly settled home around our eyes. The life of junior one is happy. The departure of old friends makes us sad, and the arrival of new friends makes us have infinite fun. There are more and more 'red hooks' in our homework, which undoubtedly brightens our mood. Looking at my junior three students who will not go out, I feel how happy I am. Junior one's life is a disappointment. The score on the report card is undoubtedly the biggest burden in the hearts of students. Sometimes, a sense of frustration makes you feel powerless to yourself. Students ridicule and ridicule more and more people feel that their ability is not as good as others. Life in grade one is progress. In the class, now I know how important unity and fraternity is. The improvement of self-reliance and self-improvement is that you feel that you have grown up. In the face of setbacks to get up again and again, let us feel how strong their progress. The failure of the results of time and again harass us, I want to believe that gold will always shine, efforts will be successful, it is such a belief that our grades in the class have improved steadily. The life of junior one is longing; The life of junior one is beautiful; The first day of junior high school is trouble& hellip;& hellip; The first day of junior high school is forever in our hearts. It is a turning point in our lives. It is an indelible part of our memories. It will become our permanent nostalgia. Laughter of the first day, colorful cooking, confidence of the first day! Let's go through a first day of unlimited hope with full of vision and confidence!

Chapter 4: through the first day of junior high school

Day after day, in a twinkling of an eye, the first day of junior high school is coming to an end, and the second day of junior high school is coming. It's also very interesting to recall the road I've taken in this year! Learning is the most important thing for students. What is the test of learning effectiveness? Yes, that's the result. If you get good grades, you can put down half of your worries. In last year's final exam, I was careless and let that topic get a loophole. There were a lot of red forks on the paper, and the ranking dropped from 31 to 55. I couldn't bear to look at it. After more than a month's hard work, my ranking rose from 55 to 28 like an elevator. At night back home, because of this, my mother also reward me a bunch of sugar gourd! Look how wonderful I am! I don't want you to touch my things?! How can you move again? " I, I'm just looking. ' My brother and I are quarreling again. I'm tired of being moved by others