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Composition for birthday party

1 birthday party

One Sunday, Lu Li'an celebrated her birthday early and invited me, Li aixuan, Wu Weiling, Liang Qiqi, Zhang Ying and Zhou wanxiong to her home for her birthday.

After everyone arrived, Lu Li'an suggested that we barbecue first and then eat cake. Everyone agrees.

Lu Lian and we took the barbecue oven, the food to be baked and the ingredients we needed, and then we started to bake.

First of all, they all roasted corn first, but I roasted leeks. At first, I put it on the oven, and I didn't know how to bake it. As a result, it was scorched, so I thought: don't other people bake it like this? When I was about to go down, Lu Lian's mother brought me a bowl of salt water and asked me to bake it again. I carefully strung it one after another. After that, my aunt put it on the oven, put a brush with ingredients, put it in the bowl with salt water, and then brush it on the leeks. The leeks should be turned over and over again, and the brush should brush the leeks again and again, When it's much wetter, I'll spread the ingredients and bake it for half a minute. Then I can eat it. I'm very excited to have my dream barbecue. Next, roast corn, beef, chicken wings, chicken legs, ham, in addition to no salt water, other methods are the same as leek. After baking, I think it's better not to learn more than one skill.

Next, to eat the cake, Lu Lian opens the package of the cake, lights the candle, we sing the birthday song, Lu Lian makes a wish, and then begins to eat the cake! Lu Lian told us to grab the flowers and fruits first, and then cut the cake into 12 pieces. The cake is not annoying at all,. Because it's sweet.

After we finished the cake, we helped Lu Li'an arrange the barbecue, and we secretly congratulated ourselves: ha ha! I learned another skill!!! That's great!

Birthday party

In fact, I don't like to celebrate my birthday in March. The peach blossom in March should let sentimental girls celebrate their birthday. Unfortunately, I can't change my birthday without permission. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I informed some iron friends and some girls to come to my birthday party. My classmates all asked me, "who will have a birthday tomorrow?" I replied very calmly, "it's me." Xiao Zhu laughed unkindly and said, "your birthday is very close to women's day on March 8."

Finally, it's my birthday, and my classmates are coming to my house one after another. I'll invite them all into my living room right away. The boys are led by my father and I, and the girls are led by my mother and cousin. We hold activities in two places. So we boys first occupied the living room, turned on the TV to watch the football league and the Jazz against the bulls. I saw the Bulls' James with a basketball, a set of beautiful fake moves to pass the other side's interceptor, quickly rushed to the other side's basket and jumped up, followed by a super hot big dunk“ It's a goal We couldn't help shouting. In this way, James got two precious points for his bulls. The next game, both sides play more and more intense. In the end, the Jazz lost by one point to the bulls. It's a pity!

After watching this wonderful game, our hands itch and we all want to have a good time. So we came to the basketball court downstairs. Dad is the referee, and we boys are in groups of five. In the end, the two sides drew 0-0.

Finally, in the evening, everyone sat around the dining table. After I lit the candle, I silently made a wish in my heart and blew out the candle in one breath. At this time, not only who cried: "look at the meteor!" After we read it, we made a wish in our heart. Finally, we can have a meal. We all enjoy the sweet cake and delicious food while watching TV. After dinner, we watched the comedy "family has children" for a while, which made us laugh.

What a happy birthday!

3 birthday party

In the afternoon, I, Shuling and Mingyue came to Chen Hong's house on time to celebrate her birthday.

When we each came to her home with the gifts carefully prepared for her, she had already put on a red skirt and a white coat, just like a beautiful princess! As soon as we entered the door, we rushed to deliver the beautifully wrapped gifts with the words "Happy Birthday to you!" After a short rest, Chen Hong asked me to accompany her to get the cake. With the cake, we trotted back to Chen Hong's house. Take out the cake, a little chocolate flavor love cake is presented in front of us. Chen Hong made three good wishes in our "birthday song" and soft candlelight. After eating the cake, the four of us drove to the beach beside Hulishan fort to play. We picked up shells, threw mud balls, stepped on water spray, and threw "wishing stones" on the beach... We made some mud balls first, and then we saw who made them stronger and threw them farther; On the beach, they choose shells that they think are very beautiful; Then in the waves of "a wave is not flat, a wave rises again", tug of war and tread on the water; Also standing on the rocks on the beach, playing the game of throwing wishing stones... In these games, we all agree that "stepping on the sea" is the most interesting game. We stood barefoot on the beach where the sea was a little bit submerged, hand in hand, enjoying the cool sea breeze while jumping to avoid the waves coming to us. We laugh and scream in the sea, and sometimes we gently kick each other a little cold spray. We also jump on the shore and in the water, hand in hand, like four happy little notes, jumping on the huge staff of the beach, making a happy movement with the sound of the sea.

Happy time is always short, soon, the sky is dark. We had to drive home reluctantly.

4 birthday party

Last night was an unforgettable moment. It was my friend Zhang Yali's 10th birthday. She invited me, you Jiayang, Chen Shanni, Cai Yichen and Zou Xinyuan. So in the afternoon, we went to her home with Zhang Yali for her birthday.

As soon as we arrived at Zhang Yali's home, we would observe every corner curiously. Sometimes we would have to move something interesting. Then, I took out the gift for Zhang Yali. It's a pink rabbit. It's beautiful: a pair of long ears, squinting eyes, like an antenna, and the tail is lovely and small. Every time I see it, I want to move. So, I gave the rabbit to Zhang Yali, and also sent a sentence: "Happy Birthday to you!" Then, the students rushed to give gifts to Zhang Yali. Some of them gave pens, some dolls, some notebooks and some pencil sharpeners“ Look, here comes the cake I said excitedly. So, we ran to the seat, Zhang Yali mother put the cake on the table, and then turn off the light, the room suddenly dark down, finally, the candle lit. Zhang Yali closed her eyes, put her hands together, and silently made a good wish. We sang a happy birthday song for her: "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!" After singing, Zhang Yali blew out the candle with us. Then you can eat delicious cake!

After that, we did a lot of games, we had a good time!

Time flies so fast that my heart is not only worried but also sad. It was late, so I had to go home with my mother. On the way back, I recalled the happy time in the evening

5 birthday party

Today, although the weather is not beautiful, it began to rain heavily, but the heavy rain can not quench my excited mood. Because today is my good friend Cai Wangchang's ninth birthday.

At three o'clock in the afternoon, my mother and I were invited to the place of the birthday party - meet coffee. As soon as I entered the gate, a balloon came to me. It turned out that the waiter was distributing birthday balloons. As soon as I went up to the second floor, I found that many students had arrived. They were playing shooting games. As soon as I poked my head out, Kong Jie shot me straight. I saw everyone playing very high and joined their team quickly. The more we played, the more intense and tired we were. Suddenly, someone suggested, "shall we play cards?" I went to the information desk and asked for two playing cards. I played against the landlord. Ren Yanhao's luck is very good, either to draw the big and small Wang or to draw the bomb. He beat us to the dogs and won three games in a row.

"Wow, muffins I don't know who yelled, and everyone turned their eyes to the waiter. Before waiting for the waiter to put down the plate, a dozen little hands reached out to grab the muffin. Chang Ma also ordered us hamburgers, French fries, chicken wings and juice, which made us addicted. Next, entertainment time. We played in groups of three and five. Boys into the box to watch TV, girls in the hall to play mobile games.

All of a sudden, the desk lamp was turned off one by one. Why? What's going on? WOW! It's birthday cake! We sang a happy birthday song and gave our best wishes to today's birthday. The cake is very unique. It is said that the aunt in the shop made it by herself. There's another nice name - Rainbow cake. It's red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue and purple. Around the rainbow is a layer of rose shaped cream, covered with mangoes. Delicious! People still want to eat.

Happy time is always so short, it's time to go home. We said goodbye to each other reluctantly, ending this unforgettable birthday party.

6 students' birthday party

The army day on August 1st is Wang haozhen's birthday. Tax Xin, Li Zi and others attended Wang haozhen's birthday party.

I came first. I sent Wang HaoChen's favorite big white rabbit milk candy, but I didn't expect it to be the same as ye Yuning's, hee hee!

The second one is Ye Yuning. Then the third one, the fourth one and the others came one after another.

While waiting for people to arrive, Wang haozhen and tax Xin and I played the game of finding fault on the iPod, and then we played "one stop to the end". 5. Six people's heads really got through the last hurdle in dealing with a computer. In fact, it's quite difficult. If you press the wrong button, you'll be back again. All your previous efforts will be in vain. And the problem also makes people waste brain cells......

After lunch, we had a butter fight. I was successfully painted on the birthday of the iconic white beard, I began to counterattack, on the contrary, clean face to attack. Soon everyone began to evade and pursue. Ah, I met the birthday boy again! This time she has cream in both hands and in the palm of her hand! The thirty-six stratagems of "escape" were the top stratagem, and everyone went around the sofa. I took a picture, washed my face and started the next step.

We had a competition. I got the team leader because of my bad luck. My team members are Shui Xin and Lu Yang. But the blue team leader is the famous Ye Yuning, her team members are Li Zi and Jiang Yuxiao. It's really a competition between Li Zi and Lu Yang in the rush to answer. Two learned people are rushing to answer. I don't know a lot of knowledge, but they both know it. I admire them! How erudite!

We also played the game of doing actions, guessing words and grabbing stools. It was really fun