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My love for the Yellow River

The Yellow River

The Yellow River is the cradle of our Chinese nation. Feeding us with its sweet milk, protecting us with its iron arms.

The Yellow River, our hero of the Chinese nation. Under the bad influence, he never bowed his head and made contributions to our nation. It has not only protected us, but also aroused our pride. Yellow River, our hero, I am proud of you.

Huanghe, our dear mother, I am worried that you will fall ill at any time. We are not good, do not know how to take good care of you, but hurt you everywhere, on behalf of the Chinese nation to you: "sorry, please? Forgive us for our stupidity and ignorance. " Looking at the dry river bed, the Yellow River, I feel sad. In the past, the rough waves appeared in front of us. Where are they now? Now that the Yellow River has lost its former prestige, it has become haggard and weak. Isn't that what we did? The Yellow River can't stop galloping, and the blood of China can't be defiled.

Ignorant people! Yellow River mother is polluted, are you still clean? Yellow River mother is polluted, do you have the heart to hurt her again? Take action! Love your mother the Yellow River.

I hope the Yellow River will travel around the world with its heroic spirit. Let people all over the world know that it is our representative, our national spirit. Let people all over the world know it - the Yellow River. I hope that more people will learn from the Yellow River spirit, quality and carry it forward; I hope people can improve and protect the Yellow River and let it continue to contribute to our nation in a turbulent manner.

Yellow River, our hero, the pride of our nation, I am proud of you.

Endless feelings of the Yellow River

The Yellow River in my heart is full of surging spirit, because it has our great national spirit.

Looking at the Yellow River rolling to the southeast, surging waves, set off a raging, turbid current Wanzhuan, forming a nine fold chain; From the foot of Kunlun mountain to the edge of the Yellow Sea; Split the central plains into North and south. Ah, Yellow River! You are great and strong, like a giant, appear on the plains of Asia, with your heroic body, build a barrier for our nation.

Ah! Yellow River! You are facing serious soil erosion, sedimentation, and serious damage to the ecological environment. You are crazy call, like steel like iron, you like burning fire, burning.

So, Yellow River! You should hold on and never give up, but the footprints you flow through will always feel like vicissitudes. Sometimes you are like a lively child shuttling freely between the Hukou waterfall. The majestic and broad body of the Yellow River suddenly shrinks, and the "magma" rushing out of the underground emits endless majestic roar. After the ordeal of nine twists and turns, the Yellow River, with the heavy burden of life, dances to complete the fight with the sick life.

The Yellow River in my heart must be perfect, fighting for myself, our mother river! You have nurtured a lot of people, but you are like a loving old mother, bringing up a lot of people, and you are gradually aging in the years.

As the saying goes, "time does not spare people.". Time goes by day, we grow up day by day, our mother river - the Yellow River, her surging, let me excited; I can't forget her tenderness.

Just as Li Bai, the "immortal poet", said, "you can't see the water of the Yellow River coming up from the sky, rushing to the sea and never coming back.". Here, the Yellow River splits into Wanren mountain; At the speed of thunderbolt, he galloped over and roared away, with ten thousand waves tumbling and rushing down.

The Yellow River water and the Yellow River Spirit have nurtured the Chinese nation. In the ancient Yellow River Basin, the Chinese nation has performed a series of magnificent plays. The magnificent songs sing out the elegant demeanor of the Yellow River, and even sing out the invincible and heroic spirit of the Chinese nation.

The Yellow River, your deafening sound, is endless. The Yellow River culture has influenced Chinese people for generations, and all overseas Chinese are proud of it.

This magnificent scene, majestic, reminds me of a song that makes me excited: the horse roars, the wind barks, the Yellow River roars, the Yellow River roars... The Yellow River civilization, with its great cohesion and creativity, leads the Chinese nation to the endless Yellow River and the beautiful future

Love in the Yellow River

She is a hardworking loving mother with a broad mind and never stops teaching us to sing the song of dedication for thousands of years. History changes, but the heart of dedication is still hot. It is the kind of selflessness that gives me a kind heart, passing through the shore, passing the song of life to the loess high slope, delivering dew day and night. No matter the sun is accompanied, the moon is dependent, her blood is always surging in the mountains, the plain is meaningful, infiltrating the dry earth, letting the dry die in a piece of green, creating the most beautiful life.

He is a brave young man, Hukou waterfall pouring down, without hesitation, surging waves, stirring people up; Facing the abyss, he roared from the depths of his soul and jumped bravely; In the face of brownstone rock resistance, I just smile and try my best to rise up, which arouses the thrilling splash of water. The white fog rises in the sky, and I don't go back. It seems that I am explaining the true meaning of bravery. Challenge is the favorite of the Yellow River. Whenever the challenge is successful, the sunset will always send him intoxicating red. That is the spirit of a brave man. The unimpeded heart is always shining with a touching scene. Thousands of mountains and mountains are shrouded in clouds. There are so many rivers crisscrossing. The road is hard, just for a moment. In the end, it was a vast and eternal paradise of freedom. He completed his ideal.

It's the brilliance that gives me the brilliance. The muddy yellow water is its personality. To explore the independent self, not to pursue the green of the lake, not to compare with the blue of the sea, a person's wonderful space, muddy yellow mellow. The deep love is full of ideals, with distant blessings, to send the letter of snow mountain, carrying love and feelings to the distance. It seems to tell me that emotion is the driving force of human survival and the precious thing in the world.

His wonderful let me move, he interprets the connotation of life, full of selfless, generous, promise everything, pay all for wonderful life; They are full of lofty sentiments, roaring at difficulties, challenging setbacks, and breaking to pieces for their own ideals; Have colorful, wonderful flash.

Feel the Yellow River

I've always wanted to walk in the north. I've never been to Datong in Shanxi Province. Along the way, I passed Taiyuan, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang and so on. But it was a group tour, and all the tourists went to famous scenic spots. It was hard to go deep. This self driving, stop and go by their own control, lucky to contact a little bit of the local conditions and customs along the Yellow River, feel quite deep.

The car is driving on the high road, overlooking the continuous hills outside the window. Different from the mountains in the south of the Yangtze River, the car is walking on the mountains, not in the mountains. The vision is very broad, which makes people feel relaxed and happy. Maybe it's winter. The mountain vegetation here is not as good as that in the south of the Yangtze River.

Standing on a high ridge overlooking the Yellow River, although it is only a section of the Sanmenxia Dam, it is still very fresh for people in the south of the Yangtze River who first visit the Yellow River. There is ice floating on the river. There is a ferry in the distance. The ferry runs back and forth between fixed cables, which is quite interesting.

Driving to a well-known scenic spot, known as the pit, is really eye opening. In the past, I only saw rows of caves dug on the Loess Plateau in movies and TV, but I didn't expect that there were pits dug down from the ground. There should be one pit for each household, with bedrooms, kitchens, utility rooms and so on all around. There is a big tree in the middle of the yard, which makes it enjoyable. When we went down to a pit house, the host warmly welcomed us and sold us their own apples. The price was much cheaper than what we saw everyday, and the taste was excellent. You can't do without buying a few bags and packing them in the trunk of the car.

Along the way, we also saw some abandoned caves, which were dilapidated and desolate. It reminds us that human beings lived and developed from caves. Of course, modern life is not what it used to be. Even living in caves, I'm afraid it's a combination of local and foreign life.