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It's raining

It's raining

Dang, Dang, Dang, there is a clear sound coming from the outside. What is the sound? I opened the door to see, wow! it's raining. The sky was full of dark clouds, and the rain fell from the sky like broken beads. Dang, Dang, Dang, the sound is there. It's the iron bucket buckled by the wall. The rain from the eaves shops drops on the bucket, making a Dangdang sound. It drops on the plastic cloth, making a pa pa sound; The sound of dripping on the plastic basin is thumping. It's like a band playing. It's nice.

I went into the house and told my mother that when it rained, my mother ran out quickly and covered all the things that were afraid of rain before I came into the house. My clothes were all wet. Mother said that she hated the rain. Hee hee, my mother and I are just the opposite. I like rain, because I can hear the raindrop band playing, and I can use my mother's umbrella. I like rain, but only like light rain, do not like thunderstorms, because thunder and lightning are too terrible.

Xiaoyusha, I'm going to listen to the band Yudi.

It's raining

This morning, it was overcast. I guess it should rain today. Unexpectedly, after a while, it really rained heavily. The rain fell like a broken bead. In the rain, people are holding umbrellas with different colors and shapes. From a distance, it looks like a flower show in the sky. From a close view, it looks like colorful flowers. All the plants seem to be receiving the baptism from mother nature. The busy street becomes quiet for a moment.

After a while, the rain stopped, the leaves took on a new look and became the freshest green. The green in the rain seemed to flow into my heart and my eyes. The cicada went back to the tree to continue singing, and the birds flew back, calling for beautiful songs. The green leaves are tidying up their newly wet dresses, while the flowers are also tidying up their gorgeous dancing skirts. They seem to be going to a grand ball, so they ask mother nature to help them clean their dresses and dancing skirts. The cloud dolls in the sky look at us with their big eyes, and the water drops from the trees drop into the puddles, "Ding Dong"“ Ding Dong! It's like the aftertaste of an autumn rain!

It's raining

In the afternoon of summer, the hot sun is burning the earth. The leaves seem to be dried and hang listlessly on the branches. Cicada tree shouts "hot, hot"! I was at home alone, absorbed in my summer homework.

All of a sudden, the window was covered with dark clouds, and bursts of "boom" thunder rolled in. A flash of lightning quickly cut through the sky and lit up the earth. No, it's going to rain! I quickly put down my pen and rushed to the balcony to collect clothes and dry goods. Just ran to the balcony, bean big raindrops like broken beads from the sky to the earth.

Whoa, whoa, it's raining harder and harder! Raindrops hit the glass window, as if countless happy notes are beating; Raindrops hit the roof, playing a beautiful melody; Rain on the grass, grass becomes more green; Rain on the flowers, the flowers become more colorful!

It's raining

In the morning, my mother woke me up from my sweet dream. I opened my eyes and found that the room was much darker than usual, and the windows were wet. Some drops of water are running down the glass. Only then did I know that it was raining outside.

It's raining all the time outside, and the world outside is gray. Raindrops falling on the ground "Bata" "Bata" sound, like raindrops singing in joy, like musicians in nature. On the road, colorful colors, some with umbrellas, some wearing raincoats, beautiful, like a painting of "in the rain". Raindrops from the air fall on the umbrella or raincoat, like a slide down, and then fall to the ground, ha ha! It's like a naughty doll.

I like rain, because the musicians of rain nature will come to our human world and play a wonderful symphony of rain for us.

It's raining in May

It was about to rain. The dark clouds crowded up from all directions and gathered together. Suddenly, the sky became dark and a white flash point crossed the sky“ The roar of thunder startled the birds in the woods.

When the rain came, wisps of rain fell from the dark clouds“ Hua Hua - Hua Hua "raindrops fall on the water tank, splashing one after another, as if meeting a companion of water and dancing happily. The wind roared, and the grass grasped Mother Earth's body tightly with its roots in the wind, and cried in panic: "help! Help The water in the ditch also increased. The building stood in the water and said to the wind and rain, "come on, I'm not afraid of you." However, the trees were shaking and stammering“ Stop it! Stop it! I'm shaking myself out. " On the ground, water is the main character, everywhere.

A heavy rain is over, but the sound of "tick tick tick" can still be heard under the eaves, which seems to be the aftertaste of a rain.

Rain, washed away the dust, washed away the smell, washed away the past, left the soil fragrance, left a new world!

It's raining

In the morning, I got up from bed and heard the sound of ticking. It turned out that it was raining. I jumped for joy!

It hasn't rained for two months. Today it finally rained. Before the rain, the grass withered, but after the rain, the grass drank enough of the rain and turned into green grass; Before the rain, the leaves of the small trees are yellow by the sun, but after the rain, the leaves grow faster, greener and more luxuriant; Before the rain, the seedlings are dying, and after the rain, the seedlings are back to health; Before the rain, the river almost dried up, but after the rain, the water in the river rose again

Rain is indispensable. If there is no rain, the trees will die. If the trees die, who will help us produce oxygen? Who's going to help us take drugs? If there is no rain, the seedlings will die. If the seedlings die, the farmers' annual harvest will be gone, and they will be very poor. If there is no rain, the river will dry. If the river is dry, the fish in the river will die

Rain, you are our God.

It's raining in July

This morning, I was doing my homework at home. Suddenly, it was overcast and suffocating. After a while, with a few flashes of lightning, thundering sounded.

Then, the pouring rain came down, and the rain became heavier and heavier. The heavy rain was like small stones, and it sounded like a bell on the glass. The rain came down from the eaves and fell on the ground, forming a stream. All of a sudden, I suddenly thought of "Gee! Dad, I didn't take an umbrella to sell vegetables. " I quickly put on the overshoes, umbrella, take overshoes like the vegetable market, at this time, the rain is bigger, almost as misty as smoke, covering the earth. I ran, ran, saw dad and a lot of people under the eaves shelter, I immediately said from up dad, I brought you an umbrella.

Dad said, "good boy, good boy! Wait for the rain to drop before you go home After a while, the lightning and thunder seemed a little weak, bigger than also gradually turned into a small rain, under the eaves of the people's faces also overcast, smiling to all directions.

The rain stopped for a while, a rainbow appeared in the sky, thousands of sunshine all over the earth, my father and I walked home with happy steps

It's raining in August

Father-in-law sun went back to his room to sleep, so the three brothers raindrops secretly came out to make trouble.

"Xili! "Xi Li!", First, the youngest brother Maoyu came out to play. He got wet on the floor and the people on the road, but no one opened the umbrella, so he quickly called the second brother out.

"Tick! Click, The second brother came out, and he was unwilling to be outdone and made the earth wetter. Gradually, people began to take out umbrellas, and waves of water lines were also aroused on the surface of the small pond, but people didn't mean to go home at all, and they walked leisurely on the road.

"Wow! WOW, Big brother appeared, he put out all his strength, mercilessly under the heavy rain, people saw the heavy rain, one by one to hide in the house. After a long time, big brother was tired. At this time, father-in-law sun got up. He was so angry that he quickly sent out the sunshine and made the earth return to its original peace.

"Great!" I can come out to play again, I quickly call about three or five friends to play basketball.