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Composition of Tianyi Square

One day one square

During the national day, my father and mother took me to the charming Tianyi Square. There are tall fountains, colorful neon lights... It's so beautiful.

We first came to the fountain. The 3-meter-high large fountain emits pink water, which is really beautiful and spectacular. Some tourists around me took out cameras and camcorders to take pictures of this beautiful night scene. And the next few fountains also show their own skills, spray different heights, different shapes of water.

We passed a strange bridge and came to the square. There is a strange neon light in the square. It emitted from the wall, then fell to the ground, and with a rapid speed, rushed to our shadow and passed through. Whenever this moment, I always have to be frightened, because the neon light like a sharp arrow through my heart.

Through the square, we come to the children's world? Children's dream building“ The game "going deep into the enemy camp" has attracted many children who like shooting. You see, how powerful a boy is. His guns are the key parts of the "enemy". He is really a sharpshooter. In the children's Dream Park, whether they are three-year-old children or 12-year-old "little adults", they all have bright smiles on their faces, which also makes the atmosphere of Tianyi Square more intense.

I think: Tianyi Square is really the most beautiful square in Ningbo.

Two days one square

Tianyi Square is located beside Zhongshan East Road, which is a good place for shopping, food and tourism.

Tianyi Square is the most prosperous shopping center in Ningbo. Yintai department store, Tesco, Yongle Home Appliances... There are many stores with new shapes. There are a variety of goods in the shop, and they are of good quality and low price. Every weekend, Tianyi Square is crowded with people, and the counter is full of people who come to shop. You can often see people returning with a full load on the road.

In Tianyi Square, people can enjoy all kinds of delicious food, such as eating Deji, Sichuan cuisine and various snacks. Tourists can have a good time. Therefore, Tianyi Square is also called "food paradise".

Tianyi Square is also a tourist attraction. The most attractive is the famous music fountain. Listen, with the wonderful music, a pinch of spring water soars into the sky, really like a dragon.

Whenever night falls, Tianyi Square becomes a sea of lights and a world of light. In the distance, the neon lights on the tall building illuminated the whole building. The trees nearby are full of colorful lanterns, just like small lanterns. The lights on the ground are colorful and flickering, just like a naughty doll blinking.

This is the beautiful and prosperous Tianyi Square. Welcome to Tianyi Square!

Three days square

Tianyi Square is located at the east gate, where the scenery is beautiful and the trees are shade. It is a comprehensive square integrating leisure and shopping.

Let me introduce it to you: to the east of Tianyi Square, there is Yintai shopping center, the largest shopping center in Ningbo. There is a Shipu hotel with many delicious dishes. There are also many optical shops and jewelry shops. There is a Tesco supermarket and a crystal street in the north, and a stage in the south. When some festivals come, many people will perform on the stage. There are some clothing stores in the west of the square, which is also the exit of Tianyi Square. As soon as we get out of Tianyi Square, we see a long and wide road, which is called Kaiming street. The most attractive is the music fountain in the middle of the square. Whenever night falls, Tianyi Square becomes a sea of lights. The music fountain begins to spray water. The water column sings and dances with the music. The colorful water column seems to dissolve in the thick fog, making people feel like entering a fairyland. A closer look, the fountain is dancing in the air with the strength and rhythm of the music. Sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes steep, sometimes flat, the image of thousands of, when the Music Lyric, the fountain like a graceful fairy stretch out their sleeves. When the music is happy, the fountain is higher and higher, just like dancing.

Tianyi Square is a "stamp" of China and the pride of our Chinese people.

4 night tour to Tianyi Square

Tianyi Square is like a beautiful flower, quietly revealing its fragrance, attracting many tourists to enjoy it. Today, my mother and I approached it and had a close contact with it.

As soon as I approached the main entrance, a row of Canary date trees appeared in front of me. Its trunk is rough, just like it is made of cement. I made a gesture with my hand, yo! It's a long way from holding it! Green light shining on the tree, as if to put on a hard armor. This row of jujube trees in Ghana are like guards guarding this beautiful land.

I went on to the center of the square. I saw the beautiful music fountain. The crystal clear water columns interweave and weave into small "flower baskets". At this time, the bell rings seven times, the music rings, the lights are on, and the fountain dances with the beautiful music. I vaguely seem to see a pair of small hands waving to me in the fountain. What a wonderful feeling! Suddenly, two golden dragons flew out of a group of water rockets and soared into the sky. After a while, like a curtain of water, it splashed and rippled. All of a sudden, it was cool and comfortable!

Tianyi Square is not only a world of water, but also a sea of lights! The ground lamp seems to be the color stars in the sky fell down, just into the embrace of Tianyi Square, flickering on the ground. Around the square stands four lighthouses, constantly changing with red, orange, yellow, blue, green and other colors. There are colorful neon lights in front of the store. In front of the store, my grandfather is smiling at me; Over there, there's a rainbow hanging!

Large and small shops are surrounded by a natural circular wall, holding Tianyi Square in my arms. In the distance, the church lights are flashing, and the two bell towers are like two long sharpened pencils, standing on the roof, very majestic.

Tianyi Square is like a cup of mellow wine, which makes people drunk without drinking. I'm drunk, too. Drunk

5 Tianyi Square, Ningbo

On Saturday night, I went to Tianyi Square in Ningbo with my parents.

When I arrived at Tianyi Square, I saw all kinds of neon lights, colorful advertisements and many shops. We strolled in the square, and gusts of hot wind came. I suddenly found that there was a movie on the other side of the bridge. We rushed there, but after a while, the movie was over. Strangely enough, there is no movie screen on the square. Dad said that it was a water screen movie, which was formed by atomizing the water from top to bottom through a high-pressure water pump and a special water screen engine. The special video was projected onto the "screen" by a special projector. It dawned on me.

After a while, I felt a little tired, so I sat on the bridge and looked at the square. Facing is a cathedral, with high roof and colored glass. My mother said that this is a Catholic Church, which is a typical Gothic architecture; The square was full of people. At this time, a burst of music came in the wind, accompanied by the rustle of water, ah! It's a music fountain. With the change of music, the fountain turns into a variety of patterns, some like butterflies spreading their wings, some like gaoganghua... Dazzling and amazing.

As the night went on, we left the square reluctantly. Ah! Beautiful Tianyi Square.

Beautiful Tianyi Square

In the evening, my father and I went to Tianyi Square to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

The battery car took us to the busy east gate. There were many "Santa Claus" pasted on the glass of every store. When we walked into the store, many aunts and uncles were wearing christmas hats and Christmas clothes. How I wanted to wear this suit!

People in order to meet the "double Saints Day" to decorate the square of the bright, I strode over, eyes wide curiosity staring at the Christmas tree gifts. I wish I had a gift“ Little sister, "suddenly, a" Santa Claus "came up to a little sister and gave him a present. I envy her. At this time, the Santa Claus also took out a pumpkin lamp from the bag and gave it to me. I am very happy, I am very happy to say thank you to Santa Claus.

Dad and I turned for a while, we finally got to the fountain, wow, so beautiful! Dad and I haven't been here for a long time. There are many people beside the fountain. The fountain is very spectacular. Dad and I sat by the fountain and took many pictures. Then we went to other places. We were fascinated by the beautiful scenery of Tianyi.

Music fountain in 7 days square

Tianyi Square is located in the most prosperous East Gate of Ningbo. There are many tourists and beautiful scenery, especially the music fountain, which attracts many tourists.

I came to Tianyi Square to see the music fountain. There has been a sea of people there for a long time, and everyone is looking forward to the beginning of the music fountain. Suddenly, there was music on the radio. Suddenly, the fountain in the pool shook up, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes slow, sometimes urgent. There are many small water columns in the pool, crystal clear, some like bamboo shoots, some like chrysanthemums, heart in full bloom. The music is more and more exciting, and the fountain is more and more crazy. All of a sudden, the colorful neon lights are on. They are gorgeous. Look! The fountain over there soars like a silver dragon. Sometimes there is a water wall more than two meters high in the fountain, sometimes it looks like a girl scattering flowers, sometimes it looks like a girl dancing. The naughty child saw it and ran over to have a good time. When I saw it, I couldn't help but walk over and stretch out my hand. I saw the small water jets sprayed on my hands. It was cool and I felt comfortable.

It's getting late, but the tourists are still enjoying themselves. They don't want to go home. Everyone is enjoying the wonderful night brought by the fountain.