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Constantly pursue composition

1 continuous pursuit

The stream is not satisfied to swim between the narrow banks, so it has the persistent pursuit of flowing east into the sea; Seeds are not satisfied with living in the dark under the soil, they have the courage and self-improvement; Dandelion is not satisfied with growing up in the unknown Valley, it has the courage and tolerance to float thousands of miles with the wind.

Ducks are not satisfied with the pollution of the river in front of them, but they do not pursue a clearer river. Therefore, they can only "entertain themselves" in the sludge pond. If they work hard to pursue their dreams, they will realize the happiness of pursuing success. In fact, the other side of success is not far away from them. As long as we take persistent steps, the clear river belongs to them. Therefore, people who do not strive to pursue will never realize the beauty of flowers on the other side.

It is the pace of hard pursuit that has achieved the progress and greatness of the nation. People are not satisfied with the use of the earth's resources, and strive to explore the mystery of the moon, so there are the first people to set foot on the moon - Armstrong and China's first Aerospace person - Yang Liwei. Their step is not a simple one, but a step marking the development of the whole human space industry and the progress of the whole human society. Their enterprising spirit and their pursuit spirit have added a lot of ink to the picture of human history. They are beyond themselves.

Because of the spirit of pursuing bravely, Magellan's feat of navigation was born in the world. Magellan, who is not satisfied with the status quo, dares to pursue higher and farther, has made great contributions to the cause of human navigation with tenacious perseverance and ambition.

In the age of people's mental numbness, Lu Xun made great efforts to seek the truth of saving the country and the people. He resolutely abandoned medicine and followed literature, and fought for the rise of the Chinese nation with a bald pen of literati as a weapon. He tore off the gorgeous coat of the reactionary forces and presented the ugly to the world; His fervent and high call awakened the ignorant and sleepy people. In order to promote the progress of Chinese history, he has made an indelible contribution.

It is with this spirit that human beings have the courage to pursue that they have Edison's invention, Madame Curie's achievements, Confucius' greatness and profound culture, Zhang Haidi's indomitability to never bow to fate, and the progress and development of the times. Because of pursuit and effort, the wheel of history rolls forward and never stops.

The development of the 21st century needs this spirit of continuous pursuit and transcendence. If you are not satisfied with the status quo, you should pursue better. If you are not content to play in the mud, you should try to find a clearer river. If we take the step of pursuing excellence, there will be harvest.

Keep on pursuing and making progress

"Don't always think about what you have, always think about what you don't have." I have a special feeling for this. In my opinion, a person should always think that he has nothing.

There's nothing to think about yourself. It's about study or career, spirit or soul. Generally speaking, people should constantly pursue and forge ahead, so that they can make more progress and become more perfect.

Why are there differences between people of the same age? It mainly depends on people's own efforts and learning. People, born out of their mother's belly, are basically no different. But the older you get, the more obvious the difference is. Why? Because the situation of study, study and pursuit is different. Why do some people become sages and great men, while others stop at ordinary people and all living beings? It's all because we don't learn, we don't work hard, we don't pursue, we don't advance.

If you often think about what you don't have, you will naturally urge yourself to pursue, strive and forge ahead. Zeng Zi said, "I think about myself three times a day." Can also be said to think about their own shortcomings, their own shortcomings. Introspection will make progress; Complacency is always a stop.

Cao Cao said: "the old man is ambitious; In his old age, the martyrs are full of ambition. " "The higher a person's goal is, the faster his talent develops," Gorky said Shelley said, "the past belongs to death, and the future belongs to you." Pele has scored more than 1000 goals in his life. The reporter asked him which one is the best. He said: "next..."

I usually like a sentence in the book of changes: "heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is constantly striving for self-improvement." Generally speaking, as a gentleman, he should have a strong will, never-ending spirit of struggle, strive to strengthen self-cultivation, complete and develop his studies or career. Only by doing so can he reflect the will of heaven and live up to the responsibilities and talents given by the universe to a gentleman. I also like the other sentence, "when you see a good person, think of the same thing. When you see a bad person, you should introspect yourself."(《 In the Analects of Confucius, when you see someone who has more advantages than yourself in a certain aspect, you should consult him modestly, study hard, and try to catch up with him and reach the same level with him; When you see that someone has some shortcomings or deficiencies, you should reflect calmly to see if you also have them.

Only in the constant pursuit can people feel lasting happiness and satisfaction. Pursue more useful things that are always beyond the narrow circle of life.

Those who do not pursue must be negligent. Let the whole life be spent in pursuit, then there will be many wonderful moments in this life. Pursuit is the initial motive force for a person to carry out self-education. Without self-education, we can't imagine a perfect spiritual life.

The beauty of transience is our constant pursuit

The night is like water, the moonlight is brushing its bud, everything seems very calm. However, every root and every cell of it is making the final effort and accumulating the power to open the bud. More and more thick moonlight, such as water pouring in its bud, in that moment, fragrance surging. Its beautiful face is shown under the traction of the moonlight. It blooms so lonely and proud that in the dark, it gives everything, but in a few hours, it will quickly destroy itself. It does not need the sun to show off for it, as long as the light of the moon; It does not need people's praise, as long as the true self. Choose the night, choose the real; Choose short, choose natural and unrestrained.

For the sake of short-term beauty, Epiphyllum has to struggle silently for 365 days.

Transient beauty is precious for its brevity and valuable for its beauty. People's life, all in the constant pursuit, the pursuit of success, the pursuit of their own beauty. However, more and more people hope that once the beauty blooms, once they have success, they will not lose them any more and hope to be able to live once and for all.

There is no eternal beauty in the world. Life is a fresh process, life itself is a short bloom, only constantly to fight, you can capture more beauty. In the process of pursuit, appreciate the true meaning of life.

"Microsoft is only 18 months away from going bankrupt," Bill Gates said Therefore, he left the company's management to his partner and devoted himself to the research and development of new products. Every time he develops a new product, he takes his company a big step forward. But he never lingers in the back garden of success, never infatuated with the immediate achievements, he always takes the present achievements as the next starting point. Bill Gates understands that a success can only be regarded as a small bloom of beauty, and these beauties will wither and stagnate quickly, and will inevitably lead to failure. Only by constantly pursuing and creating, can his career maintain its vitality forever.

Short term beauty not only teaches us to work hard, but also makes us clear our desire to possess in the process of pursuing beauty, and face the society and life calmly.

In front of my eyes, I often see such a picture: a moth, a candle; A collision, a whirl; The wind skews the flame, but it can't extinguish the determination of moths to fight against the fire. At last, in that moment, the light of the fire splashes around, and the heroic and sad picture is transformed.

I would like to be like Epiphyllum, constantly accumulating strength, waiting for a brief bloom; I would like to be like a moth, blooming the beauty of life in the pursuit!

Life needs constant exploration and pursuit

Life is a process of constantly exploring the unknown world. In this process, there are the joy of success, the pain of failure and the confusion. A lamp of the soul, it can illuminate the road of our life and lead us forward.

In life, we need to keep learning to make our life more full. Hugo once said, "the highest happiness in life is when you feel that you have a lofty goal. As long as you pursue it unswervingly, it will become a feat." However, as we all know, it is impossible to just dream in your mind without taking actual actions. We need more conditions.

Perseverance helps us succeed. Helen Keller lost her hearing, vision and language skills at a very young age. However, in the dark and lonely world, she didn't give up. Helen overcame the mental pain caused by her own defects with tenacious perseverance. Finally, he learned to read and speak. And start communicating with others. Her work "if you give me three days of light" is known as "unparalleled work in the history of world literature"

The spirit of optimism supports us. Lincoln's father was a shoemaker. One day, a man laughed at him and said, "your father is a shoemaker." Lincoln did not get angry, just said with a smile: "yes, my father is a shoemaker, I really hope I can run the country as skillfully as my father shoes." Such optimism has accompanied him through the ups and downs of the political arena. We should also have such an optimistic spirit, smile to face the ups and downs in life, to explore, to find the fun of life.

The firm belief pushes us forward. Madame Curie is an outstanding scientist. She and her husband discovered the existence of radium and studied it. In the process of research, Mr. distance died in a car accident. Madame Curie suffered a lot, but he didn't give up. Instead, he made more efforts to study it. Under the harsh conditions, he devoted himself to research and finally completed their common wish. It's a firm belief that keeps her moving forward. We also need this belief to pursue the value of life.

Our human voice is more valuable through constant exploration and pursuit.