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600 words of composition in junior high school

Chapter 1: I have gained courage. The autumn wind has blown off withered leaves, which seems to tell me: Harvest everywhere; the autumn wind has blown my cheek, and the past has surged into my heart: this year, I have gained courage. I remember this summer vacation, guzheng teacher is going to hold a presentation performance for several of our higher level students. As soon as I heard this, my heart felt nervous and thumping. You know, this is my first stage performance. What if I play wrong? Do you want to talk on stage? &Hellip; & hellip; I know nothing about these problems. Ah, I'd better go to practice as soon as possible. After 20 days of hard work, I finally got familiar with the song "spring dawn on snow mountain". But I'm still very afraid. When I think of the dark people under the stage, I feel a little sorry that I have to promise the teacher. It's time for the performance. My mother and I came to Zhongshan Park. I clenched my fists tightly, my palms were sweating and my head was dripping with sweat. I didn't hear what other students played. I just heard the sound of the piano reverberating in my ears. It's my turn. I go to the stage with my head down. I look down at the stage! What a crowd. My heart is like fifteen buckets. I looked back at my mother, who was looking at me with a smile, as if to say: 'don't be nervous, play well'. I calm down and cheer myself up. Don't be afraid! When I thought about this, I immediately had the courage to stride to Taichung, sit on a chair and play "spring dawn on snow mountain" with emotion. The beautiful music seems to take me to the snow mountain on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, singing and dancing with the Tibetans in the spring morning & hellip; & hellip; as soon as the music is over, warm applause erupts from the stage. I'm not too happy. After this performance, my biggest harvest is courage. Harvest courage, in fact, is very simple, as long as you face it bravely, then one day, you will find that you harvest a lot.

Chapter 2: Harvest More than half of this semester has passed, in which I have gained a lot. In terms of Chinese, I know how to write the beginning and end of a composition well; I have learned the calculation method that I didn't know before in mathematics; in English, I have learned a lot of new words and how to live in harmony with my friends. However, the biggest gain is that I have learned one of them Xi's motto: details determine success or failure, 100 points are obtained by inspection I remember this is a unit test of mathematics. I finished the test paper early. I wanted to check it after I finished it. However, when I saw the dense numbers, I backed out and thought: forget it, don't check it. Anyway, I've talked about all the questions of this test, and I've reviewed many times before the test, at least I can get one 95 points. Just when I had this idea and wanted to put the ballpoint pen back into the pencil box, I saw a line of small words on the cover of my pencil box: details determine success or failure, and 100 points are obtained by inspection. This is a sentence our class teacher often says to us. Looking at this sentence, I can't help patting my head, right! Details determine success or failure. If you don't check, how can you know whether you are wrong or right! If you don't check, even a small detail can upset you. Seeing this sentence, I picked up my pen again and checked it meticulously. I really didn't know. I was startled to see that I made 12 mistakes, and the score was in the range of 4-5 I finally got 94 points in this paper. Although I didn't do well in the test, it made me realize more deeply: details determine success or failure, and 100 points are obtained by inspection

Chapter 3: the harvest of growth childhood is a beautiful jasmine. Every petal exudes the fragrance, every petal is my growth in a year. These more than ten petals hugged each other tightly and formed my growth path. I grow up with a lot of gains, because these gains let me understand the meaning of growth. The child who I have reached out for food and clothes has become a sensible young man. The skills I have learned, the insights I have gained in the process of growing up, and the people I have who care and love me & hellip; & hellip; all these are the happiness of my growth and the harvest of my growth. In the short and long 12 years of growth, my biggest harvest is that I know how to be independent and filial to my elders. I grew up in a warm family, in the warm embrace of my family and in the expectation of my family. In the past, my grandparents and mom and dad regarded me as a baby. They walked around me every day, feeding me, bathing me, and going out with me to play & hellip; & hellip; in the evening, my mom and dad played with me and told me stories & hellip; & hellip; I lived a paradise like life. But I don't know what I'm blessed with, and I'm not satisfied. Sometimes when my grandparents have to do housework, I just stand at the gate and cry, smash the washbasin and knock things, wait for my parents to come back and 'complain' to them. Mom and dad are busy at work. If they can't play with me, I will make a big noise. I don't know how to be filial to my elders and fight with them. I don't know how to stand on my own. Eating, bathing, dressing & hellip; & hellip; everything goes to the parents. I know nothing about all the housework and things. And now, I have grown up, is a sensible little boy. I can not only live independently, but also be filial to my elders. Every morning, I will help my parents to serve rice and set chopsticks. When you go out, you say, 'goodbye. 'when I got home in the evening, I did my homework seriously. When my parents came back, they handed me a glass of water. Chopsticks, rice and spoons are all things I have to do every day. Back tapping and massage are also my 'jobs'. When guests come, I always treat them warmly like a little adult & hellip; & hellip;

Chapter 4: harvest happiness, ah, the day in May is still full of scattered rain, falling all over the campus. From time to time, we may not want to leave, do not separate. I like the happy laughter when I play with my friends; I like the fierce scenes when I argue with my classmates about thesis problems; I prefer to aftertaste the mood when I talk about life philosophy and perfect life with my friends. I love here. What I get here is a feeling of happiness & hellip; & hellip; holding the award certificate, I can't hide my joy. 'Zhang Huancheng, you are great! These words are especially true to listen to, and my heart is full of happiness. Although there are no flowers, applause, but I love to listen to the kind of heart touched by the impact of the heart, I want to tell the world I am the happiest! When a person wandering in the campus at a loss, a 'what's the matter with you? 'it's so precious and memorable. It is not only the cost of failure, but also a kind of mood arising from failure. Failure is as clean as water, as beautiful as autumn night. It is a kind of high spirited and indomitable spirit. It is also more true meaning and Enlightenment of life, which interprets the mystery of a deeper statement I feel, I am very happy; happiness, I harvest; I love this feeling; I harvest my happiness!

Chapter 5: harvest a semester, slowly dribble away, trying to grasp, but it flows fast, look back, the way is full of sweat and thorns. Go to now, the fruit in the hand, and that road is difficult, incompatible. Just entered the gate of junior high school, cut, no different from primary school! Sitting in the class, I feel uneasy, surrounded by strange classmates, I am speechless, I am silent. Finally found that to integrate into a collective, how difficult! A classmate behind me patted me on the shoulder: 'Hello, my name is Liang Jia. "Hello, my name is sun zeyue. 'it's just a few words, which makes me feel strange and warm. She and I began to pat other students on the shoulder and repeat the words: 'Hello, my name is sun zeyue, and you? 'My lost heart is filled with hope and confidence. When the teacher asked who would like to be monitor, I raised my hand, because, middle school, let me harvest courage. Liang Jia should be regarded as my earliest friend in this class. Then, we found several other excellent classmates and formed friends, sister like friends. We walked out of the school hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, and walked out of the school. Every day, it's like this. If they need my help, I will do my best. If I ask them for help, they will be desperate! Certainly, because, middle school, let me, we harvest the friendship. Teacher's earnest instruction, flows into my mind, seeps into my heart, that is how one kind of enjoyment! Moistening like drizzle and gentle like spring breeze, it fills my brain and develops my wisdom. I seem to have opened my mind! Because, middle school, let me harvest the knowledge! High school life may be bitter, now bitter, will be more bitter in the future. But it's sweet, too. It's sweet now, and it will be sweeter in the future. Because we are sowing, harvesting, sweating and tasting success!

Chapter 6: unexpected harvest in April this year, Miss Yin, Xiaoyu's former art teacher, called me and said that there was a national art competition for primary and secondary school students. She suggested that I let Xiaoyu take part in it. To tell you the truth, Xiaoyu hasn't participated in any big competition since she studied art. One is that she doesn't know the information. Another is that I always think Xiaoyu's level is not good either. It's just that children like to play. This time, since Mr. Yin said it, I think let her have a try. Go home and light rain said, light rain said listen to Yin teacher, Yin teacher let to participate, then participate. After checking on the Internet, we found out that this competition is called the 16th National Painting and calligraphy competition for primary and secondary school students. The organizer is the Art Committee of the Ministry of education. The theme of this competition is sunshine and growth. It aims to guide children to learn the glorious history of the party and use colorful materials