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The first day of the second grade composition holiday

The first day of the holiday

Today is the first day of my holiday. My father took me to Xinhua Bookstore to read a book. I jumped and jumped all the way, just like a happy bird, very happy! When I got to Xinhua Bookstore, I saw a wide range of books, including children's books, encyclopedias, educational books I picked up a Book of Andersen's fairy tales and watched it with relish

It was noon in a twinkling of an eye. At this time, my father said it was time to go home for dinner. I reluctantly put down my book and left Xinhua bookstore. Goodbye, bookstore. Goodbye, my beautiful fairy tale. I will come to see you again tomorrow.

The first day of the holiday

My son finally had a holiday. My father decided to give him a surprise.

In the morning, Dad invited the neighbors. They crept into grandfather's room. Because my son likes to go to grandma's farm best, so my father will carry my son to grandma's farm with his neighbors. Walking in the street, the police saw it and were surprised. They asked, "where are they going to carry their son?" Dad told the police what happened. The police told the people in the street to keep quiet and not to disturb their son.

On the farm, Dad hid behind the grass. After living for a while, my son woke up and saw milk, rabbits and chickens on the farm.

The chicken also takes the chicks to look for food. The son was surprised. At this time, the father came out of the grass and told his son about it. The son happily said: "thank you, Dad!"

3 the first day of the holiday

Finally, it's a holiday. Dad wants to take his son Xiaoming to the countryside in a special way to give him a big surprise.

In the morning, when Xiao Ming was still dreaming in bed, uncle and dad carefully carried Xiao Ming to the car with the bed. On the way to the countryside, there were too many people going to play, so there was a traffic jam. When they saw a child sleeping on a bed in the car, they were very surprised and talked about it. A policeman came over, and dad told the police everything. The policeman said, "you all keep quiet. Let the car pass first."

In the countryside, dad put the bed on the wide lawn, hid the car in the Bush, and finally hid himself behind a tree. When the sun came out, the bright sunlight on Xiao Ming's face woke him up. He sat up and found that he was not sleeping at home, but sleeping on the lawn. He saw many lovely animals, including strong cattle, gentle sheep and lovely Xiao Bai Mian Xiao Ming is very happy.

When Dad came out, Xiao Ming jumped into his arms and said, "thank you for giving me a big surprise on the first day of the holiday."

The first day of the holiday

"Buzz - Buzz" mobile phone vibrates, open your eyes, the time has reached 6:30, as usual, will be late. I got up and walked out of bed. I was washing. As soon as my mobile phone rang, something popped up, showing that "the first day of holiday" was my planned calendar.

Open homework, feel good new, no trace of ink and taste, very clean. Staring at the homework for a while, picked up the mobile phone has been sliding the screen, did not seriously look at what, the brain is empty. I feel so lonely. It's boring until the afternoon After dinner, leave home and go outside. Unconsciously came to the bus stop, the car came, walk on the car, staring at the last row of seats by the window, walk. Everything is normal, but this time, the car is not as crowded as before, and the car accelerates unconsciously. Staring out of the window, I suddenly have a strange feeling that the speed is faster, I feel out of breath and a little scared. Before that, there were too many people, too many cars, and the speed was not fast enough. I always felt that I would be late for school

Slowly, the car has arrived at the destination, not far from the car, there are several empty houses - the school which is not long away from us.

The first day of the holiday

This semester, Xiao Ming's study is very good, so his father wants to surprise his son during the holiday.

In the early morning of the first day of the holiday, Xiao Ming was still sleeping. Dad asked his neighbor to help him. He carried Xiao Ming with his bed to a car and drove to the farm. Along the way, many people thought it was ridiculous. However, dad got the help of the police, they all made a "please be quiet" gesture.

On the farm, dad put the bed on the ground and hid himself. He wanted to see how his son would behave when he woke up.

At dawn, Xiao Ming was woken up by the cry of the chicken. When he opened his eyes, he saw the foal chewing grass at leisure, the lamb walking happily, the cock and hen with the chicken looking for food, the white rabbit playing happily, and the lark singing happily. He couldn't help crying out, "ah! How beautiful! Am I dreaming? "

Dad ran out and said, "it's not a dream. It's a gift from dad for your first day off! "

"Wow, I'm so happy! Dad, I love you

"Son, Dad loves you, too!"

The first day of the holiday

Today is the first day of the holiday. Looking at his son's hard work, the father thought again that today was the first day of the holiday. His eyes turned. He wanted to surprise his son.

He invited a security guard in the community. They crept into their son's room and carried his son downstairs with his bed.

Father drove carefully. There are many people on the wide road, they are very curious. Some said, "why does this man put the bed and the children in the car together?" Some said, "is it robbing children?" Others said, "where is this uncle going to take the child?" A policeman came up and asked his father. Father explained the reason and the police let him go first.

The father took his son to a field in the countryside, hid himself behind a pine tree and waited for his son to wake up.

After a while, the sun came out. The child woke up and cried out, "Wow! How beautiful There are flocks of cattle and sheep, beautiful white horses, chicken family walking, larks singing He looked around, found his father behind the tree, and cried out, "Dad, come out!" When the father came to his son, he said affectionately, "I must study hard now and repay you in the future."

The first day of the holiday

The first day of the holiday is the happiest day of my semester, because I can play freely on this day.

In the morning, father-in-law sun came out of the mountain early, but I was dreaming in the warm quilt! I sleep comfortably and snore at the same time. I can sleep any way. It's so cool!

At noon, eating the rich meals made by my mother, I can't help thinking of campus life. When I was at school, I was studying by myself in school. I think that the life of vacation is to be at ease. Just after dinner, I lay down in the warm quilt, eating snacks with relish and finishing the computer happily. Such a life is freedom.

In a twinkling of an eye, in the evening, I was not tired at all. My mother told me to eat. I reluctantly turned off the computer and got up lazily from the bed. A beautiful day is about to pass. I'm eating dinner with loss. After dinner, I sigh a long time. Time flies like an arrow.

The first day of the holiday, is cool, is comfortable, is happy. Can wake up naturally, can play happily, can eat rich dishes.