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Lu Han's composition of 800 words

1 Lu Han

At this moment, I found that time is not absolute, until there is another person who can feel my feelings, needless to say, don't ask


A clean boy, some cute, with a clean and handsome face.

He used to push members out, let them perform for us, dance behind HIGH himself, and make complaints about self introduction when members introduce themselves; they will protect sick members from walking to the airport; they will tell other fans that their love idol is behind; they will not forget WEAREONE when they drink milk tea; they will turn around and look for members and pull members together in the moment of getting on the bus. They will pull members into the team when they are crowded out; they will act as Christmas trees at the airport to help them receive their gifts, and they will be hugged in a pile to get on the bus.

So, we say, she has the soul of a team.

You know, he was sick and coughed. He was afraid of affecting the shooting of the magazine. He apologized repeatedly, only for the perfection in the eyes of the planets.

You know, he was left alone at the airport, surrounded, touched and grasped by hundreds of planets. He had to smile and say it was ok, just because of the love of the planets.

Do you know that he bows to you with his life on the stage, says thank you, does all kinds of actions you want, smiles you want to see, and your favorite expression of maimeng? Do you know that he really likes it?

The planets seldom know him. He is not cute or anything. He has grown up like this. Now he doesn't know how much effort he has made behind his back. He is a warm man. He always thinks of others more than himself. Seriously, it hurts to look at it. He is he. We love him now, don't we. Inadvertently revealed is let us love to the depths of Luhan.. Yes, that's right. He is Lu Shao in Beijing. His loyalty and persistence are his true self. He will never show his emotions in front of everyone, because he understands the overall situation and falls in love with him not only for his appearance, but also for many, many. He is not only a person, but also a God in my heart, one of the most perfect in my heart.

Lu Han is an all inclusive big boy. Many people abuse him and Yifan for quitting the team. I really want to ask why he quits. Is he not good enough? Does he want to leave his teammates who have lived for many years? You know, he made a wish that twelve people would be together forever. That pair of deer like eyes are so smart, full of expectations for the future of exo. In any case, I support him. In any case, he is the most perfect male god in my heart.

Because he is Lu Han, just because he is Lu Han.

2 Lu Han

Looking back on the past two years, how much pain, how many tears, you all survived.

I've tasted all the sweets and bitters at your age. Originally, at the age of 22, you can still play with your parents and classmates, but what about you? A person, working hard in Korea, in that performing arts circle, bears everything that you should bear at your age. However, you did not say a word, all endure, come to today, with so many fans, I can only say, this is what you should get.

In the face of all the rumors, we can't do anything, even if we want to scold, we have to endure, fans behavior, idols pay! I can only tell myself that everything will pass. Lu Han, you can do it, right? You have the elk and the brothers! You can do it! come on.

Like us, he is an ordinary person, but his status and work are different. He has experienced so much more than us that he can't express it in words. However, his eyes, it is countless clear, pure, without a trace of impurities.

We always put some words on our lips, saying that we should love him for a lifetime, protect him and protect him. But how much did we share for him? How many?

Think about it. At the airport, some people take photos with flash lights on. Do you know how much it hurts their eyes? You can go to Baidu by yourself.! Is that how you love him? It's called loving him? Ha, it's so funny. Your behavior, I can understand, will be very excited to see idols, but have you ever thought about them? Are you too selfish? Yixing is walking with her head down. Lu Han is startled by the flash! Also, at the airport, can you stop rushing in? In this way, you are in danger, and so are they. Can't you be more conscious, line up and make room in the middle for them? Then, you think, how moved they will be? How proud would you be to have a group of fans who are so understanding and considerate? I know that it's useless for me to shout slogans here alone, but it can be accumulated bit by bit, folks, together! For them, but also for ourselves!

When singing, he was immersed in his own world.

Feeling the power of fans to love him, he nodded and showed his most sincere smile in return;

Feel the fans pay for him, he bowed, and then raised his head, in the light of the light, a layer of fog blindfolded his eyes. He cried. I was moved by the news.

Thinking of everything he's been through and looking at the fans off the stage, he bowed his head and forbeared.

You know what? How distressed am I to see you endure? For the sake of career, study stops. I hope, elk, we don't just look at Luhan from the surface, try to understand his heart, OK?

My favorite Lu Han

Lulu, please allow me to call you like this. In my heart, you are unique. Even if the youth is fleeting, like the stars fall, however, recalling a beautiful encounter between you and me in the past, there is no regret in this life.

Maybe, my words are not good enough.

Maybe, my expression is always too pale.

However, no one like me love you, with the whole life, out of a gorgeous flower, in your years, give you a lifetime of fragrance, give you petals of passion.

I think, you will probably laugh at me, because, before I really met you, I didn't know why Acacia, love, pain, but also a taste.

Remember all about you, always with a strong joy, but there is a faint inexplicable sadness, just because, I am afraid that after years, I will forget your appearance, your smile, what you said, and everything related to you, it is a helpless and painful thing, as long as I think about it, I feel that my whole heart is tightly entangled, suffocated to the point I'm angry. So, I think, I should keep all about your memory, then put into reincarnation, and then skillfully avoid the bowl of soup handed by Meng Po, with your memory, in the next life, still can find you.

Lu Lu, in this vast world, the world of mortals, our meeting is accidental, right? I think so sometimes, but why is it you, not others, who are the fortuitous fate? Well, our meeting is a must, isn't it? But before that, God never gave me even a hint. I am in the road of youth, ups and downs, doing a variety of strange dreams, looking at the journey of a variety of scenery, I pull the mountain Wade, I drink when song, so long years, only you dream. Until I see your smiling face, I suddenly wake up, that often appear in the dream indistinctly invisible image, it is you.

People always say that if you love too much, you will always lose yourself. Humble love will inevitably produce bitter fruits. Maybe, this is reasonable, but now, I don't care about it, I don't mind what's lost, what's humble, I just know, I'm willing to love you regardless of everything, even if it's moths to the fire. I know that the meteor across the beautiful, the last is to eliminate the meteor, and I am willing to do that one meteor, to give you bright to the cost of extinction in exchange for the beauty. I also know that when the flowers are in full bloom, I'm willing to turn into a season of flowers to amaze you with incomparable splendor.