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How to treat gastroenteritis with massage

Gastroenteritis is a common disease, which is mainly caused by the irregular diet in our daily life. Therefore, we need to arrange food reasonably to ensure the health of gastrointestinal tract.

In addition, we can also take some massage health care methods to treat gastroenteritis and other intestinal diseases.

Self massage and health care for patients with gastroenteritis

Health care method 1: point massage

Massage Zhongwan point

Zhongwan point is four inches in the middle of the navel, just in the middle of the upper edge of the pit of the heart (i.e. the lower end of the chest and stomach body) to 1 / 2 of the navel. Zhongwan point is an important point in the eight meridians, and one of the eight huipoints.

"Fu meets Zhongwan", that is, Zhongwan point is the place where the six Fu meridians and Qi (the driving force of Qi and blood movement) gather. Therefore, first massage Zhongwan point can circulate Qi and blood, with fast curative effect and strong strength.

Massage method: take the supine position, put the four fingers together, put the fingertip on the Zhongwan point, press down slowly and slowly along the breath, after about 10 breaths, then slowly lift up, so repeatedly for 1-2 minutes.

Massage this acupoint can regulate the middle Qi, invigorate the brand and promote the dampness, reduce the adverse effect of the stomach, soothe the liver and tranquilize the mind; treat the stomach pain, abdominal distention, hiccup, vomiting, acid regurgitation, dyspepsia, acute and chronic gastritis, etc.

Neiguan acupoint is located in the middle of the first transverse line behind the palm, two inches straight up, between the two tendons.

First, press the left Neiguan point with the right thumb rib for 1-2 minutes; then press the right Neiguan point with the left thumb rib for 1-2 minutes.

The massage of Neiguan point can clear the envelope, release Sanjiao, calm the mind and stomach, widen the chest and regulate qi. It has a very rapid effect on the treatment of stomach diseases such as stomach distention and stomachache.

Health care method 2: lifting the anus - kneading the abdomen

① Relax and eliminate distractions. The posture is supine and horizontal, eyes are slightly closed, deep breathing, first lift the anus 30 times, inhale when lifting up, and exhale when putting down. Put it up one time.

② When lifting the anus, you must guard the anus deliberately. After 50 times, you can knead the abdomen 200 times. Before kneading the abdomen, you should discharge the urine and urine completely. You should not be too full or hungry.

③ When kneading, the palm of the hand is down, the right hand is placed on the navel, the left hand is placed on the back of the right hand, and the abdomen is kneaded in a clockwise direction. The strength is moderate, and the kneading range is from small to large. That is to say, first start from the navel, then slowly expand, until the whole abdomen, knead once. When kneading the abdomen, you should consciously observe the Dantian (about 5cm below the navel). Before kneading the abdomen, you should recite the words "anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and healing".

④ After exercise, put your hands on your navel, or your left hand on your right hand, take three deep breaths, lie on your back for three minutes, and then get up.

This method should be persevered. If the abdomen is warm when kneading, the bowel sounds or exhaust is normal.

It can also be seen that the health of the gastrointestinal tract is an important part of our health. So no matter in diet and life, we should always recuperate our intestines and stomachs, and properly use the above massage health care methods to prevent, but in case of special serious situations, we need to send them to a doctor in time.