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This thing is very powerful! Take more than 5 times to avoid cancer

This thing is very powerful! Eat more than 5 times to be careful of carcinogenesis. For those who want to keep healthy, everyone hopes to keep healthy through healthy eating habits and lifestyle, so as to achieve the purpose of prolonging life. However, in the diet, there are some foods that are easy to cause cancer. If you eat too much, it is easy to increase the risk of cancer. So which foods do you eat more often will increase your risk of cancer?

1、 Which foods will increase the risk of cancer

Many diseases come from the mouth. At present, some cancers such as gastric cancer and colorectal cancer are high incidence. One of the most important reasons is that there is a great relationship with people's bad diet habits. Many of the foods considered "delicious" contain strong carcinogens.

1. Moldy peanuts

Peanut is a kind of food that people often eat. It is easy to carry and contains rich nutrients. So some people who pay attention to health care often eat peanut in their daily life. But although peanut is delicious, if it is not preserved properly, it will produce mildew, so the harm caused by eating such peanut by human body is very serious. However, in order to avoid waste, many people choose to continue eating the moldy peanuts. However, eating these moldy peanuts often will greatly increase the risk of cancer.

There are a lot of mycotoxins in these mildewed peanuts, among which aflatoxin is a kind of component with strong carcinogenic effect, and it is a kind of substance with high heat resistance. Even though the mildewed peanuts are boiled and fried in high temperature, it is difficult to destroy aflatoxin, so the aflatoxin contained in these mildewed peanuts will be ingested by human body, and this substance Stay in the liver for the longest time, and the liver is an important detoxification organ of the human body. Therefore, when the liver is attacked by aflatoxin, it will cause the liver function to decline. At the same time, when aflatoxin accumulates to a certain amount, it will induce the production of cancer such as liver cancer, rectal cancer, breast cancer, and seriously damage physical and mental health.

Therefore, for the mildewed peanuts, we must not choose to continue to eat in order to save money, otherwise we are joking about our lives. In addition, in the daily preservation of peanuts, snacks should also be served to avoid mildew caused by moisture.

2. Barbecue food

Barbecue food has always been favored by adults and children. Three or five friends are eating barbecue, drinking wine and chatting on the side of the road. What a pleasant thing. However, what are the serious harm to people's health if they often eat barbecue without safety guarantee?

First of all, for some roadside barbecue stalls with poor sanitary conditions, many of the ingredients themselves have some possibility of deterioration, but after the baking process and the "processing" of various seasonings in the later stage, it seems to have become a delicacy on the tip of the tongue. So there are many hidden dangers in these barbecue ingredients.

And these barbecue food belong to hot and dry food, the seasoning used, such as cumin, pepper, chili powder and so on, has a certain stimulating effect, so often eating these barbecues will stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion of digestive fluid, which will produce a lot of adverse damage to the digestive tract mucosa, which will also lead to human body on fire.

In addition, some meat foods will decompose and produce some mutated substances when heated. These are all carcinogenic ingredients, so when ingested by human body, the risk of cancer will increase.

And related research shows that people who often eat barbecue are far more likely to have breast cancer than those who don't eat it often. So in order to better cancer prevention and health preservation, it's better to eat less barbecue on the side of the road. And if we can't help our appetite, we can choose some barbecue shops with high safety and hygiene coefficient to have a good meal.

2、 Precautions for diet cancer prevention

1. Correct cooking habits

In the daily way of cooking, some improper methods can easily increase the production of carcinogens. Some of the starchy foods will produce a certain amount of acrylamide when heated at high temperature, which is a strong carcinogen ingredient, so it is necessary to reduce the consumption of high-temperature cooking food in daily diet.

2. Preservation of food

In the process of daily food preservation, we need to pay attention to it. Many foods will also be infected by mycotoxins due to improper preservation methods, resulting in carcinogens.

Therefore, in the process of food preservation, we need to ensure freshness. For some perishable food, we need to pay more attention to refrigeration or more appropriate methods.

At the same time, in the way of food consumption, we can take washing, peeling, soaking and other ways to reduce the harm to human body.