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Bowel detoxification is the most scientific way to defecate several times a day

Defecate several times a day. One of the most scientific health tips of a doctor of nutrition is: keep defecate three times a day. If only one time is constipation.

We eat three meals a day, and we'd better keep defecating three times, two times before 12 o'clock. Another time, either in the afternoon or before going to bed.

If you can keep defecation three to four times a day, you can not only eliminate the body's feces, but also ensure that the edible oil and fat you eat are not recycled to the liver, so as to reduce the burden on the liver. Clean the large intestine instead of turning it into a waste dump or septic tank.

How many defecations a day is normal? If according to the above statement, only once is constipation, it is estimated that more than 90% of urban people are now constipated. But is defecation 3-4 times a day a bit grudging?

Generally speaking, it is better to keep regular defecation once a day.

In terms of time, 24 hours a day is a time rhythm cycle for the human body. To form a regular defecation habit every day will make defecation become a periodic and rhythmic function of the body, so that defecation can be easily and naturally completed without being a burden for people.

Of course, some people will defecate 3-4 times a day, if there is no abdominal pain and abnormal stool composition, it can also be regarded as a normal phenomenon.

One defecation per day is enough to eliminate intestinal waste, and there is no need to artificially increase the number of defecations to 3-4.

Because for those who do not form the habit of defecation 3-4 times a day, the body does not have the physiological defecation conditioned reflex, so they often have no intention to defecate, defecate becomes a burden, and constipation may become more and more serious.