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Benefits of yoghurt

Yoghourt not only retains all the advantages of milk, but also has some advantages and disadvantages in the process of processing, which makes it more suitable for human nutrition and health care products. As we all know, yogurt can. So, what is yogurt made of? Yoghurt is a kind of milk product which uses fresh milk as raw material, adds beneficial bacteria to milk after pasteurization, and then cools and fills after fermentation. At present, most yoghurt products on the market are solidified, stirred and flavored with various kinds of juice and jam.

1、 The best way to drink yogurt in the evening

Although milk also contains high calcium, compared with it, the lactic acid in yoghurt combines with calcium, which can promote the absorption of calcium. Generally speaking, the best effect is to drink yogurt between 30 minutes and 2 hours after meals. However, traditional Chinese medicine suggests that if you want to make the most of yogurt, you should drink it best at night.


1. From 12:00 p.m. to early morning is the time when human blood calcium content is the lowest, which is conducive to the absorption of calcium in food.

2. During the period from 12:00 p.m. to early morning, there are few factors affecting calcium absorption in human body.

Tip: when drinking yogurt in the evening, you must remember that some bacteria and acid substances in the yogurt have certain damage to your teeth, and you should brush your teeth or rinse your mouth in time after drinking. In addition, if you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it is easy to stimulate the emptying of the gastrointestinal tract. The nutrition in the yogurt will be discharged before it is fully digested and absorbed. Drinking it after meals can reduce the stimulation and make the yogurt slowly absorbed in the stomach.

2、 Workers drink yoghurt in the afternoon to prevent radiation

For those office workers who sit in front of the computer after lunch and are no longer active, and are shrouded in electromagnetic radiation every moment, it is very healthy to drink a cup of yogurt during lunch time. In addition, drinking yogurt in the afternoon can also relieve the tension and work pressure.


1. Some studies have pointed out that vitamin B can improve the ability of human body to resist radiation damage. As a yogurt rich in B vitamins, it just plays this advantage. Yogurt can also reduce radiation damage and inhibit the decrease of lymphocyte number after radiation.

2. The tyrosine in yoghurt is very helpful to relieve the body fatigue caused by excessive pressure, high tension and anxiety. After lactobacillus fermentation, the protein, peptide, amino acid and other particles in yogurt become small, the content of free tyrosine is greatly increased, and it is easier to absorb. Having a cup of yoghurt at lunch or after lunch can make office workers relax and be energetic all afternoon, which is more conducive to improving work efficiency.

Tip: drink yogurt a few times, not only the effect is better, but also to avoid eating too much gastrointestinal discomfort. The last thing to note is that you must remember to rinse your mouth after drinking yogurt, otherwise the acid substances and Lactobacillus in yogurt will affect your teeth health.