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Wrong idea of foot therapy foot therapy is not the longer the better

Foot therapy as a way of health care has become more and more popular. There are many benefits of foot therapy. I believe everyone knows more or less, but do you know the misunderstanding of foot therapy? Foot therapy is not the better as long as possible.

Myth 1: ten minutes a week is enough to keep healthy

Although this view or similar statements are common, they are not correct. Remember: there is no shortcut on the road to health. To get healthy, you need to keep exercising, which is the only correct way.

Wrong idea of foot therapy foot therapy is not the longer the better

Generally, the exercise standard of foot therapy is to exercise 3-5 times a week for 20-30 minutes each time. However, persistence is the key. It doesn't matter if you don't exercise for a day or two. Don't try to make up for it by doubling your exercise. It's easy to damage your body.

In addition, the so-called "clock set" in some health care places, including foot therapy and general health care, usually takes more than two hours, which shows that the service is "real and affordable". Experts remind that too long time of health care and foot therapy is not only useless, but may be harmful to human body. This is because the human body has a certain tolerance to any stimulation. Excessive massage often backfires. The joints, ligaments and soft tissues of the human body are vulnerable to injury. Secondly, excessive massage inhibits the vitality and resistance of the human body itself.

Myth 2: foot therapy for all

Foot massage is used to treat and assist in the treatment of a variety of diseases, which has a good effect. But this is not to say that foot therapy is suitable for everyone. It also has some contraindications. If you have contraindications but receive foot therapy, it will aggravate the condition and backfire.

Wrong idea of foot therapy foot therapy is not the longer the better

First of all, all kinds of serious bleeding patients, such as vomiting, vomiting, hematochezia, cerebral hemorrhage, gastric hemorrhage, uterine bleeding and other internal bleeding, foot massage can promote blood circulation, at this time massage is easy to aggravate the condition.

Secondly, women can't do foot massage within 3 months of pregnancy. If they do foot therapy during this period, it is easy to cause abortion. After 3 months, they can use foot therapy to relieve swelling and improve circulation, but the technique must be light; Women's menstrual period is generally not suitable for foot therapy, of course, foot therapy can relieve dysmenorrhea, but the weight of the technique and the strength should be well controlled. This kind of foot therapy in an unusual period must be operated by a professional doctor, not treated as a general one.

Moreover, patients with malignant tumors should not do foot therapy before surgery, because foot therapy will cause the spread of cancer cells, and after surgery, it is a good way to combine foot therapy for rehabilitation. The patients with foot fracture must pay attention to check in the hospital, find out the position of the fracture and the degree of damage, and do not accept foot therapy casually. Infected patients and patients with foot skin trauma and lesions should not be treated with foot therapy.

In addition, foot massage is not suitable for normal people who are extremely tired, hungry or drunk, or for half an hour after meals.

Wrong idea of foot therapy foot therapy is not the longer the better

Foot therapy is not the longer the better, foot therapy time is too long harm

Some materials show that long-term foot therapy, hot bath, night sleep cover is too thick and heavy, may lead to spermatorrhea. As for foot therapy, it can promote blood circulation, dredge meridians and Qi and blood, and is beneficial to regulating the nervous system. However, if the time is too long and the frequency is too high, there will be a persistent excitatory focus in the cerebral cortex, and a series of related nerves will also be overactive, resulting in spermatorrhea. Because men often have an involuntary erection in the process, the quilt is too thick and heavy to sleep at night, which will also aggravate the stimulation of the penis, resulting in spermatorrhea. Regular hot bath can also make testicles in a high temperature environment, which is very harmful to physiological function.

Some small details in daily life will also have an impact on spermatorrhea. If sex is too frequent, masturbation is too frequent, dinner is too full, spicy food is too much, underpants are too tight, foreskin is too long, sitting time is too long, and thinking too much, it may "give birth to" aftereffects.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine theory, abnormal spermatorrhea is caused by not storing spermatorrhea and not fixing spermatorrhea. In the long run, it will lead to heart, liver, spleen, kidney and other viscera dysfunction. Among them, the kidney is mainly sealed to store the essence of the five zang organs and six Fu organs. Frequent spermatorrhea for a long time will consume the essence and damage the kidney, which is harmful to men's health. However, from the perspective of modern medicine alone, the nutrients in semen are relatively less, which has limited impact on men's physical health, but will cause a heavy burden.

Wrong idea of foot therapy foot therapy is not the longer the better

I hope that after the above introduction, you can pay more attention to these issues of Health Science foot therapy, which can bring health care to our body, otherwise not only can't play the health care effect, but also may bring more adverse harm to our health, which is definitely not advocated as a foot therapy method.

Conclusion: when you see this article, you should pay more attention to these problems, so as to bring health care to our body. Otherwise, not only can't play the health care effect, but also may bring more adverse harm to our health. This is definitely not an advocated foot therapy method. Finally, I would like to remind you to remember the length of time. Small editorial recommendation: more and related knowledge, please pay attention to the four seas health network official account: zhengjiacom (long click can be added), health experts online to answer questions for you, or you can watch the right two-dimensional code quickly.