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The benefits of spa for women

Spa is a very good way to do, more and more people welcome, especially women. There are many benefits for women to do spa, and different water temperature will have different effects on the human body. Come and have a look.

Benefits of spa for women

1. Promote perspiration

For many people, perspiration should be very unpleasant. But in fact, healthy perspiration is very important for our health, and to be exact, many women can't guarantee their health without regular perspiration in life. Spa can promote sweating.

However, a large amount of sweating can cause a large loss of sodium nitride and make the body feel weak. Therefore, we should pay attention to the condition of sweating when hydrotherapy, because under the effect of heat, sometimes the sweat secretion can reach 1-2 liters or more.

2. Beauty and body

In order to keep healthy and maintain a good figure, many factors must be considered, such as low calorie diet, exercise, stimulation of blood circulation and lymph circulation, relaxation of tense muscles, which are all part of spa. In addition, the hydrotherapy combined with the marine therapy of Shanghai algae can also absorb various minerals and rare trace elements through the skin to restore the internal balance of cells, and then through the infiltration and stimulation of lymph circulation to eliminate toxins, it has the effect of continuous physical recovery.


Eating a low calorie diet, exercising and changing attitudes are fundamental. Hydrotherapy can help relax the body's fluid and increase the total amount of water flowing in the body by about 30%. It can reduce the number of adipocyte clusters in or between human tissues. Spa can also accelerate the metabolism of fat and carbohydrate in the body. Spa massage combined with the application of Shanghai algae, in terms of weight loss, it has some effect. 4. Effects of breathing

For the first time, when using cold water for hydrotherapy, you will take a breath backward and speed up your breathing. The breathing action is deeper than usual. But the body's response to hot water is not like a cold bath. Hot water bath tends to increase the frequency of breathing, but the depth of the whole breathing action is still shallow.

5. Metabolic effects

Cold water bath can enhance the function and basic metabolism, and increase the capacity of inhaled oxygen. The lower the temperature around the bath, the faster the time to take a cold bath. If the water temperature of the hot water bath is hot enough and the bath time is long enough to raise the temperature of the human body, then the hot water bath also has the function of improving the basic metabolic rate of the human body.

6. Muscle effects

Short time cold water bath will strengthen the energy, coordination and functional ability of random and involuntary muscles, and at the same time, it will increase heat and oxidation, but long time cold water bath will eventually cause rigidity. The hot water bath with high temperature but short time has the same effect on muscle formation as the cold water bath with short time, but to a different extent.

7. Skin effects

Cold water bath will cause pale skin and contraction of skin elastic fiber, make the skin surface bulge [gooseflesh], then turn red, and the tactile sensitivity reflex activity disappears. High temperature hot water bath will produce similar reaction, but the skin will not be so pale, and the degree of excessive goose bumps is not as strong as cold water bath. At the beginning of bathing in warm water, the skin surface becomes pale, but the skin will turn red gradually. High temperature hot water bath will reduce the tactile sensitivity, but moderate warm water bath will improve the tactile sensitivity of skin.

The above is about the benefits of spa for women and the different effects of different water temperature on human body. Female friends can take some time to do Spa at ordinary times, which is a good way both for the body and for the body.

4. Speed up metabolism

Under the effect of spa, the metabolism process is strengthened, especially in the low temperature spa. Low temperature hydrotherapy is mainly used for fat metabolism and gas metabolism. When it is overheated or supercooled, nitrogen and protein metabolism can also be increased, but it can be recovered after the effect stops.

5. Resistance to pressure

For modern urban women, one of the most exciting functions of spa should be to relieve the pressure. In modern times, women often need to face great pressure, so mental and physical problems will arise. Spa spa has a very good decompression effect, which can help us relieve the pressure and improve our mood.

Different water temperature has different effects on human body

1. The impact of the heart

Using a lot of cold water will reduce the heart rate, which may increase the coordination of cardiovascular tissue. The use of hot water will increase the heart load, because when using hot water, the peripheral blood vessels will expand a lot, and the blood flow rate will inevitably accelerate.

2. The influence of blood pressure

Using cold water causes blood pressure to rise and then fall. When using cold water massage or toilet equipment to spray cold water, the mechanical stimulation on the skin will cause the blood pressure to rise. If a lot of hot water is used, the blood pressure will rise for a short period of time at the beginning of use, and then it will fall again.

3. Effect of cycle

When cold water is sprinkled on the skin surface of the body, the blood vessels around the body will contract, and the blood will be forced to flow into the deeper areas of the body.