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The advantages of children's massage

Massage is a very good way in traditional Chinese medicine. There are many benefits of massage for the body, including children. And the effect of different body parts of children's massage is different. So what are the benefits of pediatric massage? What are the effects of different massage techniques on different body parts?

The benefits of massage for children

1. Improve the functions of children's body

A large number of clinical practice has proved that children's massage does have the function of enhancing immune function. In addition, it can ensure that children's Qi and blood are full, their diet is not biased, their appetite is vigorous and their development is normal.

2. Relieve and relieve children's pain

When children are ill, they can massage a certain part of their body, through the connection of meridians and collaterals, so that the corresponding viscera in their bodies produce corresponding physiological changes, so as to achieve the role of disease treatment. The treatment range of children massage is very wide, it can treat fever, cold, drooling, abdominal pain, diarrhea, anorexia, enuresis, nocturnal crying and other common diseases, and the treatment effect is very significant.

3. Improve children's resistance

The functions of massage for children are mainly reflected in two aspects: one is to prevent children from diseases first, to make children's meridians unobstructed, Qi and blood harmonious and healthy qi sufficient through massage, so as to prevent children from diseases first; the other is to prevent disease transmission and change, and children's transmission and change quickly after getting sick, so that they are easy to occur critical state, and massage can prevent transmission and change and have critical disease.

Characteristics of massage in children

1. Simple and easy to learn

Children's massage is easy to learn and understand. As long as we follow its rules and requirements, we can master the basic methods after several operation exercises.

Children massage is a kind of natural therapy. It does not need any equipment, medicine and medical equipment, but relies on the parents' hands to carry out the manipulation on the surface of children's body, which can achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. It is not limited by medical conditions and can be implemented anytime, anywhere. In this way, not only the application is convenient, but also the cost is saved.

2. Safe and stable, not easy to rebound

As long as the diagnosis of the disease is correct and the operation method of children's massage is reasonable, generally there will be no danger or unsafe problems. There is no rebound and any complications in the treatment of diseases by massage.

3. Quick and effective

It has been proved that infantile massage has a good curative effect on children's common and frequently occurring diseases, especially for digestive tract diseases. It is also effective for many chronic and difficult diseases.

Indications: dyspepsia, diarrhea, vomiting, malnutrition.

Operation: rotate and push the thumb screw surface or bend the thumb, and push straight along the radial edge of the thumb for about 300 times, or push the thumb screw surface straight for about 300 times.

4. Lung meridian

Location: ring finger threaded surface.

Indications: chest tightness, cough and asthma.

Operation: rotate or push straight to the fingertip for about 200 times, or push straight up from the fingertip for 100 times.

5. Feishu

Location: 1.5 inch beside the spinous process of the third thoracic vertebra.

Indications: fever, cough and asthma.

Operation: press and knead 50 times, or push 30 times from top to bottom along the inner edge of scapula.

6. Internal gossip

Location: around Laogong acupoint in the palm.

Indications: cough and asthma, vomiting, diarrhea.

Operation: use operation method for 50 times in clockwise or counter clockwise direction, and pinch for 3-5 times.

7. Three passes

Location: radial margin of forearm (from Taiyuan point to Quchi point).

Indications: fever, chills, no sweat.

Operation: straight push 300 times.

There are many advantages of children's massage, which is a safe, healthy and no way. Parents can do massage for their babies, but they must pay attention to the correct massage techniques to achieve the effect.

4. Children are free from pain and easy to accept

Children with other therapies suffer from pain, that is, taking medicine, which is difficult for children to accept, often causing trouble for disease treatment; at the same time, often because children cannot cooperate with doctors and affect the efficacy. The application of children massage therapy, children will not have any pain, or even feel a kind of enjoyment, can eliminate the fear of children in the process of disease treatment.

5. No poison, good for recovery

Massage is a simple manual physical therapy technique, which avoids the adverse reactions or toxic reactions in some drugs, and also corrects the adverse reactions or hazards caused to the patient's body due to the dose discomfort in the drugs. It is a beneficial and harmless treatment method, fully in line with the requirements of "non-invasive medicine" and "natural therapy" advocated by the current medical community.

6. Preventive care, family friendly

In addition to good therapeutic effect, children massage has very good health care function. Regular use of children can enhance children's physique and disease resistance, which is very suitable for families.

Manipulation and efficacy of massage for children

1. Stomach meridian

Location: the second section of the palmar surface of the thumb or the lateral margin of the great fish muscle.

Indications: diarrhea and vomiting.

Operation: straight push 300 times.

2. Abdomen

Location: abdomen.

Indications: abdominal distention, food accumulation, vomiting, diarrhea, malnutrition.

Operation: fingering and palming for about 5-10 minutes; pushing outward along the ribs.