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Misunderstanding of children's massage

Infantile massage is an external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Infantile massage has many advantages, but infantile massage also pays attention to and is careful to fall into errors. What are the errors of infantile massage? What are the precautions? Come and have a look.

Misunderstanding of massage in children

Misunderstandings 1. Treatment of all diseases by massage for children

The key of children's massage is syndrome differentiation treatment, which needs to be clear about the disease of children. For example, cold can be divided into wind heat cold and wind cold cold. If the disease is not clear, blind massage can cause adverse effects and make the disease more serious. Therefore, before massage, parents should take their children to the hospital for routine examination, such as blood routine, stool routine, etc., so as to better dialectical treatment.

Error 2: massage can be used at any place and time

When massage for children, it is necessary to choose a place away from wind, strong light and low noise. The room should be kept quiet and tidy with fresh air and proper temperature. Second, after massage, pay attention to avoid the wind, avoid eating raw and cold. Children are too hungry or too full, which is not conducive to the effectiveness of massage. When children cry, they should first pacify their emotions and then massage.

Misunderstanding 3. The strength, time and frequency of children's massage are the same

When parents massage their children at home, they should also master relevant knowledge and use appropriate operation times, time and stimulation intensity. We can choose some regular training institutions to learn the common manipulation of children's massage, specific acupoints and massage treatment of common diseases. In addition, the time of massage should be determined according to the age of the child, the severity of the disease, the physical strength and the characteristics of the manipulation. The time of one massage is about 15-20 minutes. Usually massage once a day, twice a day for acute diseases such as high fever and acute diarrhea, and once every other day for chronic diseases.

All children are suitable for massage

Not all children are suitable for massage. Children with fracture, traumatic bleeding, skin damage, skin ulcer, burns, scalds, acute, severe infectious diseases, and critical diseases must not be treated with massage.

Points for attention in children's massage

1. There must be a definite diagnosis before massage treatment in children. If the parents are not sure, please send to the hospital first. Children's diseases are fast changing and urgent. Please don't neglect.

2. Pediatric massage is suitable for children aged 0-12.

3. The basic requirements of children's massage are: uniform, soft, light and lasting. 4. Children are too hungry or too full, which is not conducive to the effect of massage. When children cry, they should first pacify their emotions and then massage them.

5. When doing massage for children, it is necessary to choose a place away from wind, strong light and low noise; the room should be kept quiet and tidy, with fresh air and proper temperature. After doing massage for children, we should pay attention to avoid wind and cold.

6. When doing massage for children, parents should keep their hands clean and remove rings, bracelets and other accessories. The nails should be often trimmed, and the newly cut nails must be filed with a nail file. Hands should be warm during massage in winter.

7. Children's skin is delicate. Do not break the skin when children massage. Family massage can use massage oil or talcum powder and other media to prevent skin damage during massage.

8. The operation sequence of children's massage technique: first head, second upper limbs, then chest, abdomen, waist and back, and finally lower limbs; first focus, then general; or first main points, then matching points. In addition to first aid, the strong stimulation techniques such as "holding, pinching, pinching and tamping" are generally put in the final operation to avoid children's crying and uneasiness, which may affect the treatment. The operation time of children's massage manipulation should be determined according to the condition and constitution of the patient. In clinical practice, pushing method and rubbing method are used more frequently, and the time of rubbing method is longer. When using pinching method and pressing method, the technique should be heavy, less and fast. If only one hand acupoint is massaged, the left hand can be massaged for both men and women.

9. In general, the total time of children's massage is 10-20 minutes. However, due to the different condition and age of children, there are some differences in the number and time of massage. Old age, serious illness, many times of massage, relatively long time. On the contrary, the number of times is small and the time is short. Generally once a day, twice a day for severe cases. A course of treatment is 7 to 10 days for chronic diseases requiring long-term treatment. After one course of treatment, you can rest for several days, and then carry out the next course of treatment. Do children's massage, according to different systems, you can do regular massage once a day or once every other day. When massage, the acupoints can be taken less than when treatment, and the stimulation degree should be slightly lower, and the time can be kept at about 15 minutes.

10. In the practice of children's massage, we should pay attention to children's posture. In principle, it is appropriate to make children comfortable, eliminate their fear and facilitate operation.

11. The best way to do massage for children every time is to only aim at one problem. If there are too many purposes of health care and treatment and the acupoints of massage are too miscellaneous, the final effect will be affected.

Children's massage is a very good way, but we must first have a correct understanding of children's massage, and then we must master the correct massage techniques, do not fall into errors, pay attention to the precautions of children's massage, will play a good effect.