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Prevention measures of Telecom fraud over 10 billion

On the morning of April 13, the second group of 67 suspects of telecommunication fraud were escorted back from Kenya by chartered plane. This is the first time that China has seized the suspects of telecommunication fraud from Africa on a large scale, including 32 mainland Chinese and 45 Taiwanese. The first 10 suspects have been sent back to China.

An Fengshan, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, responded yesterday by saying that every year, tens of billions of yuan of stolen money from telecommunication fraud crimes are collected from the mainland to Taiwan by cheaters, and only 200000 yuan is recovered. "I hope that when Taiwan looks at this matter, it will think more about it from the perspective of the victims.". Now many people have been cheated. In fact, if each of us does not have the dream of pie falling from the sky, we will not be cheated. Let's see how to prevent telecommunication fraud?

"Shake" may be a liar

The victim searched for the female pseudonym through "shake and shake". The "female" claimed to be a member of the club, who could provide various services and keep the front desk number. When the principal calls for services, the other party will put forward various requirements: if there is no membership card to be prepaid, it needs to pay security deposit to ensure the safety of service personnel.

Special reminder: the general public should be clean, in the face of strangers' invitation, to pay more than one mind, do not believe in being deceived.

Stealing QQ number to cheat relatives and friends

On QQ (), the victim received a message from his relatives and friends that he needed money to transfer when he was doing business. For example, it said that several senior professors of Harvard University were engaged in training and asked for transfer on the basis of paying training fees.

Special reminder: this kind of fraud suspects use the fraud property with mutual trust and low vigilance between relatives and friends, which is more confusing. All money and things involved must be verified by the public before remittance.

Free adoption of pets to defraud "adoption fee"

The suspect announced through the Internet that there are a number of pets that can be adopted free of charge, but they have to pay a certain handling fee, and publish the bank account to ask the citizens who adopt pets to remit money.

Special reminder: the public should carefully check the "free adoption of pets" information published on the Internet. If there is a need to pay logistics fees or other fees, try to choose cod instead of easy payment. In case of being cheated, evidence shall be kept and the police shall be called in time. There is a trap in the second-hand car trade price is too low to be vigilant

The criminal suspect released the information of selling second-hand cars at a low price, and after discussing with the owner, said that he would send the purchased cars to the agreed place. Let the owner (usually 2 people) pick up the car and the other go to the bank to prepare the transfer money. After the two suspects separated for a period of time, the suspect used the phone number change function to falsely claim that the car had been completed and defraud the car money to the person in charge of the bank transfer.

Don't believe that the caller ID is the real number released by the public security organ

The criminal suspect uses the software of changing the number randomly on the Internet to display the incoming call as the fixed telephone number published by the public security organ. The suspect pretends to be a police officer and falsely claims that a major criminal case under investigation involves the victim and needs the victim's cooperation to accept the investigation.

At this time, if the owner dials 114 to inquire the calling number, he will get a "true" reply. After that, the suspect asked the victim to transfer all the deposits to the "security account" of the public security organ for the reason of proving the innocence of the victim, and then returned them to the victim after the investigation.

Special reminder: the telephones of the public security, bank and communication operator systems cannot be directly transferred to each other. If someone claims to be able to directly transfer the telephone to the public security, bank and other institutions, it must be a liar. According to the normal procedure, the police will show their work certificates and relevant legal documents in person when handling a case, and inquire in person. If they call to investigate a case, The interviewees will never be required to provide their personal bank card number, deposit account number, password and identity information; no matter in telecommunication, banking or public security and legal departments, they have never set up so-called "security account". When someone asks you to transfer or remit money to the "security account" on the phone, it must be a liar.

The pie won't fall in the sky. "Winning" is mostly fraud

The victim received a mobile phone message, and the other side called it China's good voice program group. The victim was selected as a lucky user out of the field, and received a 98000 yuan bonus and an apple laptop. The victim was asked to log in to the website to get it. After the operation, the other side asked the victim to pay 5000 yuan as security deposit.

Special reminder: the most important thing to prevent winning fraud is to determine whether you have participated in such activities actively. Generally, the so-called "random selection", "first pay the handling fee or deposit and then receive the prize" are mostly fraud.

Guess who I am. The other side may be a liar

The subject received a call from a coastal city. The other side spoke Mandarin with Cantonese accent, and repeatedly asked the subject to guess who he was. The subject guessed a long time no contact friend from other places. The other party immediately said that he had arrived in Chengdu and would come to Chongqing by train tomorrow. The next morning, the other party will call again to say that money is urgently needed due to accidents, emergencies and other emergencies, and ask for help to call a card provided by him.

Special reminder: when citizens encounter the inquiry of "guess who I am", they should pay more attention to it, and resolutely do not take the initiative to report the name of their friends. If the other party says that it is so and so, they must confirm it in many ways, and do not easily believe it and make money to others without meeting.

In fact, we all know that there are many cheaters in reality, but there are still so many people who are cheated. Do they really not know the means of fraud? In fact, they want to take advantage of others, so we should keep a non greedy heart and refuse all benefits.