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Can expired milk be drunk? There are three hazards to drinking expired milk

In life, when most people buy products with shelf life, they will know the production date and shelf life. Once they eat expired food by mistake, the possible harm to human body can not be underestimated. Expired milk is a problem that people often encounter, so can expired milk be drunk?

To this question, the expert replied: "first of all, judge through the senses. If there is no problem in sensory judgment, milk can still be drunk." Why can we still drink when we reach the shelf life? Experts further explained: "the milk sold in the general market has a way back for the majority of consumers in the formulation of the shelf life. If you buy a bottle of milk with a shelf life of 7 days, then its actual shelf life may be 10 days, and the cow milk can't really break down on the day when it reaches the shelf life. Therefore, if the milk has reached the shelf life, but it does not deteriorate from all senses, then the milk can be safely drunk. If after four or five days, there is no deterioration, but there is little nutritional value left. It's better not to drink at this time. "

Generally speaking, the shelf life of food is the best time to eat food. This time is determined by experiments, because after this period of time, the food will deteriorate, such as the decrease of nutritional value. And according to the national regulations, it is forbidden to sell food beyond the shelf life.

But if consumers buy food without expiration, because their storage time is too long and expired, and they are not willing to throw it away, how to deal with it? Experts said, in fact, the shelf life of food is also closely related to the storage conditions of food, some need to be stored at room temperature, some need to be stored in cold storage or in dark. If consumers can improve a standard preservation after purchase, for example, the shelf life of food stored at room temperature will be slightly longer when stored in cold storage conditions. The extended time is related to the type of goods, such as milk stored at room temperature for 7 days. If it is refrigerated, the storage time can be extended for 1-2 days, which has little impact on the health of people. Dry food, such as grilled fish fillet, instant noodles and other food, can be prolonged for a little longer. But some foods that are easy to breed bacteria should be eaten as soon as possible.

In addition, experts also specifically mentioned that if the milk is for children aged 2 and below, even if the shelf life is not bad, do not give it to children. Because there are more or less bacteria in the milk, which may not pose a threat to the adults with strong immunity, but the children's intestines and stomach are still weak and their immunity is low. In order not to cause excessive health damage, it is better to drink the milk for the children within the shelf life.

Whether we can eat food beyond the shelf life is also related to personal physical condition. Healthy young people may have no adverse reactions if they eat the food that just passed the shelf life, while those who are in poor physical condition, such as the elderly, patients, etc., may have obvious reactions if they eat the food that has passed the shelf life. Harm of drinking overdue milk:

1. Harmful substances will be produced. Expired milk will grow bacteria. If you drink it carelessly, it will not hurt if you don't feel the same. If you feel uncomfortable, it is recommended to see a doctor immediately.

2. Do not drink expired milk, no matter it does not go bad. Milk is sterilized and repackaged. A small number of harmless or beneficial and heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores are still preserved in the milk. Once the shelf life is over, the number of bacteria will exceed the physical and chemical indicators and health indicators. Diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms will occur, which will cause serious poisoning.

3. If you drink the expired pure milk, you will have a tummy, because the protein intelligence in it has been damaged, which is harmful to the human body. If you are serious, you can only go to the hospital to cure it.

It can be seen from the above that expired milk is drinkable, but we should pay attention to the harm that expired milk will bring to human body. Generally speaking, after people drink expired milk, it will not only produce harmful substances in their bodies, but also sometimes lead to diarrhea. Therefore, expired milk must be drunk carefully.