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What's the harm of lying on your back and playing with your mobile phone

For young people, smart phones are an indispensable playmate in their daily life. However, many people will not have the heart to turn off the phone and go to sleep at night after playing mobile phones in the daytime, but lie down and play with mobile phones for a while. At this time, it is easy to cause some diseases due to mobile phone radiation and other factors.

1. Affect vision

Lying horizontally on the left and right has the greatest pressure on the left and right eyes, which will cause the vision deviation of the left and right eyes within a month (why some people have different degrees of glasses on the left and right, while people are born with the same degree of two eyes, because some people like lying horizontally playing mobile phones, reading novels, reading comics). )The compression of the pillow on the eyes results in insufficient blood supply. The eyes will have a sense of expansion after a long time. The short-term image overlaps. This is not good for eye drops! So really, for our eyes, never!

2. Cervical counter arch

We normal people have physiological curvature of cervical spine, if there is no physiological curvature, or even in the opposite direction, it is called "reverse arch". "Reverse arch of cervical vertebra" is the most common pathological basis of cervical spondylosis. High pillow can make the head bend forward, increase the stress of lower cervical vertebra, and accelerate the degeneration of cervical vertebra. However, the bad habits such as watching TV with high back, surfing the Internet for a long time, playing with mobile phones and so on will lead to the decrease, straightening and even reverse of the curve protrusion.

3. Affect intelligence

The radiation of mobile phone is relatively large, including screen radiation and body signal receiving radiation. The blood in human body needs to maintain a balance of positive and negative charges. The radiation from the screen will have a slight impact on this balance. Although it is not big, it still has disadvantages. Long time will cause the body immunity to decline, easy fatigue, nausea, and other adverse reactions. Long term exposure to mobile phones can also affect vision. When sleeping at night, it is recommended to play less mobile phones. In addition, the signal receiving radiation of mobile phone will affect the nervous system of human brain, and the intelligence will be reduced after a long time.

4. Damage to skin

In fact, the radiation of mobile phones to people cannot be underestimated. When people use mobile phones, they are very close to the face, which will have a certain impact on the skin. It is not sure whether there will be spots, but it is certainly not conducive to the skin, and it is easy to get acne. 5. Affecting biological clock

Using a cell phone, tablet or other light emitting electronic device for more than an hour in bed can reduce melatonin production by about 22%. Once people's melatonin is inhibited to this extent, then people's physiological cycle will also be affected, the direct impact is to keep people in light sleep, or even greatly reduce people's time. That is to say, you may have to play for another 3 hours after playing mobile phone for 1 hour, because you can't sleep.

6. Chronic strain

The neck sags excessively, the body is unnaturally bent, and the neck is leaning forward more and more. This makes the human cervical sternocleidomastoid muscle continue to stretch forward. After a long time, it will be in a state of chronic hyperemia. As time goes by, it is easy to compress the vertebral artery and induce cervical spondylosis, resulting in chronic strain.

7. Numbness of fingers

Frequent keystrokes, sore thumbs. Excessive use of mobile phones and frequent texting can cause discomfort such as sore thumbs, numbness or swelling.

8. Allergy

Cell phones cause allergies. Some people have skin allergies just after using their cell phones for a short time. It turns out that nickel and other metals on mobile phones caused the trouble.

As mentioned above, playing mobile phone on the bed is very harmful to the body. It can not only cause numbness of fingers and chronic strain, but also damage our skin. Therefore, playing mobile phone on the bed is a bad habit in our life, and we should firmly put an end to this habit.