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How to deal with food poisoning

In daily life, food poisoning is a phenomenon that people should not underestimate at ordinary times. Generally speaking, the emergence of food poisoning is sudden and very easy to endanger life. Therefore, after the occurrence of food poisoning, timely response measures can save people's lives to a certain extent.

In China, "food poisoning" is only a part of foodborne diseases, which refers to the acute and subacute foodborne diseases caused by ingestion of food polluted by biological and chemical harmful substances or containing toxic and harmful substances; Toxic and harmful substances are regarded as acute and subacute diseases after food intake, which also belong to food poisoning. They are usually toxic diseases that occur without knowledge.

Spoiled food and polluted water are the main infectious sources of food poisoning. Unclean hands, tableware and flies with bacteria are the main routes of transmission. In case of food poisoning, the following emergency measures can be taken:

1、 Catharsis

If the patient takes food for a long time, more than 2-3 hours, and has a good spirit, he can take some cathartic, so that the poisoned food can be discharged from the body as soon as possible. Generally, 30g rhubarb is used for decoction. The elderly patients can choose 20g of sodium chloride powder and take it with boiling water, which can relieve diarrhea. They can also take 15g of senna leaf in a decoction or take it with boiling water.

2、 Emetic

If the time of taking is within 1-2 hours and the patient is awake, the emetic can be used. Take 20g of salt and 200ml of boiling water to dissolve immediately, drink once after cooling, drink several times more to promote vomiting;

It can also be mashed with 100g fresh ginger to take juice and washed with 200ml warm water;

If you eat bad meat and fishy food, you can take ten drops of water to quickly induce vomiting; you can use chopsticks, fingers or goose feathers to stimulate the throat, causing vomiting.

3、 Detoxification

If food poisoning is caused by eating spoiled fish, shrimp, crab, etc., 100ml of vinegar and 200ml of water can be used, diluted and taken at a time; 30g of perilla and 10g of raw perilla can also be used for frying and taking at a time. If you eat bad drinks or preservatives by mistake, the best first aid is to use fresh milk or other protein containing drinks.

When the patient has typical symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting, diarrhea, tongue coating, numbness of limbs, and dyskinesia, when calling 120 or 999, send to the hospital immediately, pay attention to:

1. In order to prevent suffocation caused by vomitus blocking the airway, the patient should lie on his side for vomit; 2. When vomitus is severe, he / she should not eat or drink water, and he / she can take water or salt orally if vomitus is stopped; 3. Take vomitus and stool samples for examination; 4. If abdominal pain is severe, he / she can lie on his side and bend his / her knees to relieve abdominal muscle tension; 5. Keep the abdomen warm, which is helpful to relieve abdominal pain and diarrhea; 6. When the patient has convulsions, take chopsticks or spoons, wrap them with handkerchief or gauze and put them into the sick population to avoid biting the tongue.

Generally speaking, when we find that someone has food poisoning in ordinary times, we can take the measures described in the article to solve it. It should be noted that if the patient has symptoms such as limb numbness and movement disorder, he needs to be sent to a doctor for treatment as soon as possible.