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How to supplement nutrition for children

Many children are malnourished when they are young, and their bodies will be particularly weak after they are sick. It's like a feeling of great loss of vitality. The best way to supplement nutrition is to show the stewed cattle with red ginseng and Lingshu, so how to do it? Is there any other way to supplement nutrition? Share with you.


Wash and slice niuyuezhan, put it into a stew cup together with the cleaned herbs, add 300ml of clear water, and stew for 2 hours.

How to nourish a malnourished baby:

1. Check whether it is caused by diseases. Sometimes malnutrition may be caused by other diseases affecting the intake and absorption of food. If the disease is found, it should be treated as soon as possible, and then combined with other methods to restore the nutrition of the child's body.

2. To change the feeding method, because the cognitive and language systems of infants are not well developed, they cannot express their intentions clearly. At this time, it is necessary for the feeders to carefully observe the needs of infants and change the bad feeding method in time.

3. Correct understanding of children's anorexia, children's anorexia is not a problem of taste, but a problem of level. Some children's anorexia is forced by their parents. For example, if their children don't want to eat onions once in a while, their parents will force them to eat them, which aggravates their children's antipathy to onions. Moreover, when they eat, because of the pressure of their parents, their children will associate this unpleasant feeling with eating, which will lead to their children's anorexia in the long run. When the child is anorexic, the parents should guide him to enjoy eating from another angle.

4. Promote the gastrointestinal function of children. Poor gastrointestinal function can also lead to malnutrition. It is recommended to give children some food or medicine to improve their stomach. If gastrointestinal disease is serious, they need to go to the hospital as soon as possible. For children with bad stomach, don't force them to eat too much, which will increase the burden on their stomach and make them eat less and eat more.

This food is very good for the treatment of malnourished babies or mothers who have just given birth to their babies. It is also very convenient for them to make. I hope it will help you.