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Office women can replenish water in winter in different periods

In life, different people and different working groups should also choose their own ways and time in combination with their own situations. For white-collar people, they should pay more attention to the relevant matters of water supply in winter because they need to sit in the office for a long time.

6:00-7:00 in the morning

A cup of warm water

When you just wake up, drink a cup of warm boiled water immediately. When the water stops in your stomach for a short time, more than 80% of it will enter the small intestine and absorb blood. After 21 seconds, it will reach every corner of your body, help your body move, and get energy in the first time. The whole person will immediately glow with the latest power.

Half cup

After "washing" the body with warm water, you need to add some "moistening agent" to eliminate feces, make the body lighter and increase the positive absorption of breakfast nutrition. And the gold ratio of honey and water is 1:7, that is to say, one spoon of honey, add 7 times of warm boiled water to dilute. In this way, the molecules will be better integrated into the water, perfectly absorbed by the body, no longer coming, so that your body can easily start a new day.

11:00-13:00 noon

By lunchtime, the high energy in the morning had a downward trend. If the adjustment was not timely, the work efficiency in the afternoon would be seriously affected. At the same time, it is very important to replenish water before and after lunch.

A bowl of clear soup before lunch

Experts tell us: "it's better to drink soup before eating than a good prescription"! Drinking a few mouthfuls of soup before eating is equivalent to adding "lubricant" to the body to prevent toxins from remaining in the body due to the slow circulation of the body. The best choice is soup, which contains more iodine and calcium, simple and delicious, can maintain the internal energy of the body.

A glass of juice after lunch

After eating for 15 minutes, you may as well have a cup of fresh orange juice to promote the digestion and absorption of nutrition in the body, so as to keep the circulation smooth. Orange juice is also the heart's favorite nutrition. A glass of orange juice will make you energetic.

It can be seen from the above that when white-collar people replenish water, they can actually divide a certain period of time to replenish water according to their own work characteristics, and the specific time period arrangement, this article specially narrated for you, hoping to help more white-collar people.