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How to deal with frozen hands in winter? Nine ways to treat frostbite

In winter, when the weather is freezing, some people will suffer frostbite, and some people will recur next year after frostbite, so if they get frostbite, they should be treated in time. This paper summarizes nine small methods to treat frostbite, which can help you eliminate frostbite and make your hands and feet healthy.

1、 Ginger slice legal frozen hand: cut a piece of fresh ginger, then rub the frostbite gently, and stop when the local feel hot, or use a piece of fresh ginger, after heating by the furnace, cut into slices, and rub the affected area. Or mash up 50 grams of ginger, put in one or two soaks of white wine, mix well, then smear the affected area, three times a day.

2、 The cream can be used for external rubbing to form a protective film on the skin surface of frostbite on the hand, lock the skin moisture, and nourish and moisten the hand and foot skin for a long time; relieve the itching and swelling of the hand and foot caused by the cold. After the hand and foot are cleaned, take a proper amount of qi'antang frostbite cream to apply on the hand and foot skin, and massage it in a circle until it is absorbed. The effective components of Chinese herbal medicine can repair the frostbitten skin quickly.

3、 Home vinegar for frozen hands: take a proper amount of vinegar and pour it into the iron wrist, then heat it on the fire, stop heating when the temperature is a little hot, and then remove the toxic gauze and apply it to the frostbite area with vinegar.

4、 Roast the mutton oil with fire until it melts and smear it on the frozen wound. There may be pain in the process, which indicates that it has been effective. Stick to smear it for 5-7 days, and it can be cured.

5、 Put the fresh radish leaves in boiling water, put the frostbitten parts in after the water cools slightly, soak for about a quarter of an hour, it has obvious antipruritic effect.

6、 Before going to bed at night, soak the frostbite area for about a quarter of an hour with the highest water temperature that you can tolerate, then apply glycerin to the frostbite area and rub it repeatedly, so that it has obvious effect for three to four times in a row.

7、 Put the dried pepper in boiling water for a while, put the frostbitten part in after the water cools a little, soak for a quarter of an hour, take out, fix the pepper in the water in the frostbitten part with gauze, and take down the next day.

8、 When eating watermelon, the watermelon skin should be properly left thicker to form a white slightly red appearance. Use it to gently rub the frostbitten parts for 3 minutes each time, once a day for 1 week.

9、 White eggplant 60 g, pepper 10 g, water frying, fumigating and washing the frostbite prone area, once a day, 10-30 minutes each time, one dose a day, for one week.

There are many methods to treat frostbite. For example, fresh sesame leaves can be used to treat frostbite. The method is to wipe the fresh sesame leaves back and forth on the hand for about 20 minutes. After wiping, the frostbite will be cured one hour later, once a day, once a week. So there are many methods to treat frostbite. Patients can choose according to their own actual situation.