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What are the functions and taboos of black plum?

It's a hot summer. Many people like dark plum. They are sweet and sour. Wumei has many functions, its unique sour taste can help open the appetite, and it is an indispensable ingredient in summer diet. Do you know any taboos? Let's follow Xiaobian to understand.

Nutritional value of:

Wumei is a kind of immature fruit of the rose family deciduous tree plant Mei, which contains citric acid, malic acid, succinic acid, sugar, sitosterol, vitamin C and other ingredients. It has a very ideal antibacterial effect. Then the juice made of black plum has a very fragrant smell and a sweet and sour taste. When you are upset, you can drink more. It has the effect of promoting fluid and eliminating fire. It is an essential drink in this hot summer.

Because it contains alcohol, vitamin E, vitamin B, vitamin C, malic acid, citric acid, iron, phosphorus, etc. Its taste is sour and mixed. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach and nourish the liver and kidney.

"Three poisons" are the poisons of ready to eat, blood and water. When macerating black plum, you often need to add some perilla leaves. After adding perilla leaves, Wumei has strong ability of sterilization and detoxification. It also contains trace picric acid, which can improve the detoxification ability of liver and gall. It can make gall bladder contract, promote bile secretion and resist protein allergy.

When people exercise or work hard, a large number of metabolic wastes such as lactic acid are accumulated in human muscles, which makes people feel tired and weak. It can effectively decompose lactic acid and caramel acid in muscle tissue, so as to eliminate fatigue, invigorate spirit and restore physical strength.

Eating taboos:

Good food:

It is suitable for those who are deficient in stomach acid (including those with atrophic gastritis and too little stomach acid), dyspepsia and chronic dysentery enteritis, pregnant women with pregnancy aversion and those with biliary tract Ascaris. It is suitable to make sour plum soup drink with sugar in summer to cool off the summer heat and promote the growth of body fluid to quench thirst. "With rest diet spectrum": "plum, sour temperature, warm gall, Sheng Jin, pregnant women are more addicted to it.".


People with cold, fever, phlegm and stuffy chest and diaphragm should not eat; people with bacillary dysentery and enteritis should not eat at the initial stage. Normal menstrual period and pregnant women abstain from eating before and after childbirth.

Conclusion: not only the taste is good, but also the best ingredients, deeply loved by people. But to menstruation do not eat plum, will make blood volume less.