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How to improve self immunity and cultivate various interests

As we all know, the level of immunity is directly related to people's health. Generally speaking, people with higher immunity have better health in their daily life. Therefore, how to improve their immunity has become a method that everyone needs to master.

1. Moderate exertion: moderate exertion is the mother of health, the normal operation of human body's biological clock is the guarantee of health, and the "wrong point" of biological clock is the beginning of sub-health.

2. Quit smoking and limit alcohol: according to medical evidence, when smoking, human blood vessels are prone to spasm, blood supply of local organs is reduced, nutrient and oxygen supply are reduced, especially the respiratory mucosa is not supplied with oxygen and nutrients, so the disease resistance is also reduced. Less alcohol is good for health. Drinking, drunkenness and alcoholism will reduce the immune function of human body, which must be strictly restricted.

3. The methods to improve self immunity include: treat pressure well, regard pressure as an integral part of life, learn to reduce pressure moderately, so as to ensure a healthy and good mood.

4. Regular exercise: modern people are keen on urban life, busy with their career, and less and less time for physical exercise. Strengthening self exercise can improve the body's resistance to disease.

5. Cultivate a variety of interests and keep energetic: a wide range of interests and hobbies will benefit people immensely. They can not only cultivate themselves, but also help to treat some diseases.

6. Comprehensive and balanced nutrition: vitamin A can promote the synthesis of glycoprotein. The protein on the surface of cell membrane is mainly glycoprotein, and immunoglobulin is also glycoprotein. Nowadays, urban people do not want to eat pig liver, which is rich in vitamins, vitamin A intake is insufficient, respiratory epithelial cells lack of resistance, often prone to disease.

When vitamin C is deficient, the content of vitamin C in leukocytes decreases, the combat power of leukocytes weakens, and the human body is prone to disease. In addition, the trace elements zinc, selenium, vitamin B1, B2 and other elements are related to the non-specific immune function of human body. Therefore, in addition to achieving an overall balance of three meals a day, it can also supplement multi-dimensional element tablets.

It can be seen from the above that in order to improve their own immunity, we can actually choose a variety of methods. In life, smoking and alcohol restriction, physical exercise and interest cultivation are also common methods that can help people quickly improve their own immunity. Therefore, we can choose to try.