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Five advantages of cold water bath make you fall in love with cold water bath

Now many old people and young people can take cold water bath, including Mao Zedong, who used to cross the Yangtze River when he was young, and often took cold water bath. His life span is also very long, so it's very popular to take cold water bath now. What's the benefit of taking cold water bath?

Benefit 1: cold bath can improve mood and improve alertness. The first step of getting up is always very weak, which is the trouble everyone is fighting against. But if you want to add some energy to your first step in the morning, take a cold shower before you go to work.

Benefit 2: cold bath can enhance immunity and speed up circulation. Remember I said that cold bath can speed up metabolism, can it help? The acceleration of metabolism can also activate the body's immune system, release anti-virus white blood cells, so that you don't get sick frequently. Keep your body warm with cold water). Your heart rate will increase, which will speed up the blood flow in your body and make you energetic all day. Baths speed up blood circulation and help prevent hypertension and atherosclerosis.

Benefit 3: cold water bath promotes the recovery of body function after sports. Athletes always take ice water bath after high-intensity training to reduce body pain. You don't have to bathe in ice water, but a quick cold shower after physical training has a similar effect. Maybe it won't be so painful to take a cold bath after running, pick up a pencil or go upstairs.

Benefit 4: cold bath makes hair and skin charming. If you want to eliminate acne on your face, cold bath can help. Hot water will dry your skin, but cold water can tighten skin, shrink pores and prevent clogging. You can also take a cold bath to get a more beautiful and attractive hair, which makes your partner can't help fiddling with it, because cold water will close the scalp surface, making it no longer easy for dirt to accumulate on the scalp.

Advantage 5: cold water bath can exercise blood vessels, strengthen physique, let blood vessels do gymnastics can prolong life. Sun andI, a doctor of immunology in the dental department of Taida hospital, said: taking cold water bath often can make you have a strong appetite, a sweet taste, and few. Experiments show that cold water bath exercise has a good effect on the prevention and treatment of neurasthenia, headache and so on.

There are many advantages of cold water bath, but for people with cold body, it's better not to take cold water bath. Cold water bath is also suitable for people, not all people can. Never eat before taking cold water bath, which is not good for gastrointestinal stimulation, hoping to help the family.