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Don't buy the difference between jackfruit and durian.

A lot of people are stupid about jackfruit and durian. They are not very different in appearance, but they can be seen carefully. There are similarities and differences between the two functions. Let's see what kind of food you love.

What is the difference between jackfruit and Durian?

From the point of origin

Durian is a tropical fruit, only in Taiwan and Hainan and other places in China, durian is not produced in other places. And the origin of jackfruit is mainly in the subtropics, and is rich in south of the Five Ridges.

In terms of taste

When buying durian, just smell it and you can distinguish it quickly. Durian generally smells like a stink. Some people avoid it when they smell it. But there is another characteristic of durian, that is, the more it smells, the more it smells. But jackfruit is full of fragrance and tastes. In terms of appearance

Jackfruit is bigger than durian and jackfruit is bigger. The durian husk has many long spiky nails, and the color is deeper than that of jackfruit, that is, yellow. The pineapple skin is like the crocodile skin, with many nails on it. Mature durian, generally there will be a natural crack, such durian to eat more delicious. While jackfruit's skin is intact, fresh jackfruit is not broken.

From the perspective of pulp

Durian with a knife cut, the pulp is relatively soft, and there is a foul smell. Jackfruit has a yellow coating on its flesh and eats it when eating. Jackfruit also has a notable feature, that is, if there is a colloid sticking on the knife in the middle, it will be difficult to remove. So when you eat jackfruit, try to wear gloves. Durian will not. In terms of price

Durian is more expensive than jackfruit, so it can be distinguished from the price. But if we meet with bad vendors, it is difficult to distinguish them simply from the price.

Through the above five points, I believe you know the difference between durian and jackfruit. In fact, the most important distinction is the smell of the durian. The most characteristic of durian is the smell of the stock. This is also evident to anyone. Because of this, it is easy to distinguish durian and jackfruit.

The efficacy of jackfruit

Patients with inflammation and edema of the body, such as those suffering from tracheitis, laryngitis and thrombosis, can eat more jackfruit, and can also directly apply jackfruit juice to hemorrhoids and other diseases.

The nutritional value of jackfruit is very large. It contains many nutrients and can help human growth and development. Women can drink more jackfruit, moisturize the skin, soften hair, clear the intestines and stomach, improve constipation, and play a role in beauty, weight loss and health benefits.

The leaves of jackfruit can also be soaked in rice soup to treat stomach pain and other diseases with such rice soup.

matters needing attention

Although delicious, jackfruit should pay more attention when eating, so as to prevent allergy. Therefore, before eating jackfruit, it is best to dip the yellow pulp into the brine for a few minutes. This will not only reduce the occurrence of allergies, but also make the pulp of jackfruit more fresh. It is also important to note that honey should not be eaten with jackfruit. Jackfruit has less water and a lot of sugar. If you eat with honey,

Effect and function of Durian

1. Nourishing yin and invigorating Yang: Durian has high nutritional value. It contains high sugar, 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein, and many vitamins, fats, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Weak friends can eat durian, which can supplement the energy and nutrition needed by the body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body, nourishing yin and Yang. It can be used to support the body after illness and after childbirth. 2. Enhance immunity: durian fruit is rich in amino acids. Besides tryptophan, it also contains 7 kinds of essential amino acids, especially glutamic acid. Animal experiments further prove that glutamic acid is an important precursor of nucleic acid, nucleotide, amino sugar and protein. It can participate in its synthesis and metabolism, improve the immune function of the body, regulate the acid-base balance in the body, and improve the adaptability of the body to stress. The reason why durian fruit has strong tonic effect on human body is that it not only contains rich beneficial elements such as zinc, but also has synergistic effect with its aroma and other nutrients.