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Great mental pressure, don't worry. There's a magic way to relieve mental pressure

Nowadays, the problem of high mental pressure is common in most people. Generally speaking, if people are in a high mental pressure state for a long time, but they don't solve it in time, they are prone to depression or mental illness. Therefore, to relieve mental pressure, we need to master more methods.

1、 Drink

Studies have found that drinking can reduce the level of stress hormones and relax people, but it's better not to drink before going to bed.

2、 Column plan

When you are in trouble, first list the problems you can think of and think about how to change the status quo. Try the free thinking method, that is, in a quiet room, you can think of solutions. Make a detailed plan, and then make a specific implementation plan.

3、 Get help

Think about who can give you good advice and help you in a crisis. You will realize that there are many people around you who can provide you with emotional, practical and financial support to relieve your stress.

4、 Plant green plants

No matter paper box or drink bottle, you can plant some green plants. Raising flowers and grass can shift people's attention from pressure. Some scientists asked heart disease patients to take part in gardening classes. As a result, their heart rate dropped and their mood improved significantly.

5、 Massage

Massage can release the accumulated pressure at ordinary times. Even 15 minutes of massage can calm the mood. You can massage yourself: put your left hand in front of you, palm up, fingers together, and draw 15 circles of your right thumb on the fleshy part between your left thumb and index finger (big fish border). Do the same with your right hand.

6、 Playing card games online

The study found that playing card games online can reduce stress and improve mood. Because games can distract people from their worries. Reminder: do not indulge in the game, or it will increase the pressure.

7、 Bless yourself

The first week of self-treatment is coming to an end. Think back to the things that are appreciated and appreciated in the week, such as your husband washing clothes for you, your child greeting you thoughtfully, and your colleagues bringing you lunch. Let good memories occupy the mind, and the tension will subside. In the future, we will do this every day, making gratitude the norm, and the pressure will disappear.

8、 Wear a pink dress

Some people think that wearing pink clothes is immature, but pink has a temporary calming effect, which can reduce blood pressure and improve mood. There's no need to paint the room pink. Set up a bright pink screen protector, change a pink pillow, use pink notes, etc.

9、 Turn off the TV

When you are nervous, the harsh sound of TV makes you more anxious. Choose quieter news sources, such as reading newspapers and listening to the radio, to avoid overwhelming information.

10、 Enjoy the scenery

Leave the busy city streets and walk on the tree lined country road. Research shows that if there are green plants on the road, the frustration and anger caused by traffic jams can be alleviated.

As mentioned above, when people are faced with too much mental pressure, they can take the ten methods introduced in this article to relieve it. It should be noted that after the occurrence of mental pressure, they must be timely discharged to avoid depression caused by the accumulation of pressure.