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The benefits of running in the morning, fitness and brain

Running is the most common and effective way to exercise. People usually choose to run in the morning, choose to run in the fields or in the shade of trees, which can absorb the fresh air, so what's the benefit of running in the morning? Let's take a look.

1、 Running in the morning is more effective on an empty stomach

The goal of many people's running is to lose weight and have a healthier body. Experts believe that running on an empty stomach in the morning can burn more calories than other times. There are two main reasons: when the body's metabolism is stimulated in advance, it can last longer, so it burns more calories; in addition, running on an empty stomach can force your body to use the energy available at present, and when you are on an empty stomach, the so-called energy is the fat in your body. Make running the first sport of the day. You can do it faster.

2、 Eliminate laziness and reject excuses

Morning running can eliminate all the excuses for not exercising, such as "no time", "too tired after work", "party with friends" and so on. You can do whatever you want after work, whether it's doing things or curling up on the sofa, without feeling guilty. Morning exercise can also give you a dynamic start, helping you to give up excuses that you try to come up with for things you don't want to do.

3、 Peace of mind work more efficiently

Running can not only calm the mind, but also inspire people. Many people's inspiration is coming in the morning running. When your feet are constantly moving across the earth, solutions and new ideas will emerge. This may be related to the release of a hormone called endorphin. It calms the mind and eliminates fatigue, both physically and physically. So why not take an endorphin in the morning? If you feel like it's going to be a stressful day, it's a good idea to get up early and run to fight it. Try it, and you'll find that the day doesn't seem to be as bad as you expected!

4、 Enjoy the freshest air of the day

Another advantage of morning running is that it can avoid inhaling vehicle exhaust. Exhaust gas increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. So get up early, put on your running shoes and run in the freshest air of the day.

Healthy your body allows you to run longer. There is no doubt that the morning is not only fresh, but also extremely cool. Run before the scorching sun hits the earth. Running in the morning is the best choice to avoid hot days, heatstroke, and dreary humidity. People who run in cool weather can usually run farther and longer than people in hot weather. The longer you run, the healthier you are and the healthier you are. The longer you run, the better your cycle will be.

5、 More

The long-term persistence of people, the mortality rate is 63% lower than other people, running about 32 kilometers a week consumes an average of more than 2000 calories, and the average life expectancy will increase by more than 3 years. What's more, running can bring people more vitality. Runners usually have a healthier and more positive attitude towards life.

6、 Increase intelligence

A survey conducted by the University of Illinois conducted computer tests on the same group of young people after a rest and after a fast treadmill run. The results of measuring the intelligence level showed that the latter's decision-making process was more agile and the answers were more accurate.

Running is not only good for the body, but also for the brain. It can effectively release the pressure in life, make the body and mind more healthy. Regular running will make the will stronger and calm, and face life in a better way.