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Recommendation of breast enhancement exercise method

I believe that we all know that when a man sees a woman, his first sight is on the face, and his second sight is the chest. Women with small breasts are basically poor people, so how is the soup made? How to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement? Share with you.


Add all the ingredients (2 yuan for herb, 60g for loofah, 2 shrimp, proper amount of salt) Boil the soup together. Season with salt before cooking.

Breast enhancement method:

1. Breath breast enhancement:

Sit cross legged with the soles of both feet together; stretch the knees down and the upper body up as much as possible, and extend the arms up as much as possible; inhale with the nose, control the shoulders not to be lifted, fully expand the chest, and at the same time, lean the upper body forward and press the abdomen down as much as possible; lean the upper body to the maximum extent, hold the breath; when you can't hold the breath, lift the upper body with the mouth exhale, and do not use force on the arms. Get up and breathe for 5 times. After slight adjustment, repeat this action for 5-10 times. During breathing, the upper abdomen can be stretched, but the lower abdomen must be tightened. Breathing rhythm is moderate, not too fast or too slow.

2. Sports breast enhancement:

Step 1: put your hands together under the chest, place the whole chest in the palm of your hand, and then gently press the middle of the two breasts with the belly of your middle finger. Then, pull back the whole palm to both sides of the chest, and then gently press twice under the armpit to promote blood circulation.

Step 2: first raise the left arm, hold the arm with the right hand, and then start from the elbow joint, gently massage down to the chest. Then change the other hand and repeat the same action.

Step 3: place the left hand on the edge of the lower left chest, palm outward and then use the right hand to push the chest inward. When pushing, we should pay attention to the side of the palm belly under the thumb to push. After doing this group of actions, change the other hand and repeat the same action.

Step 4: use the forefinger and middle finger's finger abdomen to massage and press the edge of the chest slightly to make the chest more relaxed. When pressing, special attention should be paid to control the strength and have the feeling of slight acid expansion.

Breast augmentation is a step-by-step process, and it is impossible to have a proud double breast in a short time, because it does not reach a large cup during puberty development, and it can only be a process of improvement in the later stage, but do not go to breast augmentation, which is not good for later life.