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Six sports that can make children grow tall

For most parents, how to make their children grow tall can be described as something they take great pains to do in normal times, but not satisfactory. In fact, to promote children's growth, parents can make their children do the following six sports to increase their height in normal times.

Every parent wants their children to be tall and big. Although 70% - 80% of children's height comes from heredity, moderate nutrition and adequate exercise are very helpful for their height. Regular physical exercise for minors can not only promote the growth of the individual, but also improve the blood circulation of the human body, enhance the absorption of nutrition, and improve the growth ability of bone cells.

The data shows that the amount of exercise of teenagers in China is seriously insufficient. Therefore, parents must encourage their children to exercise more and pay attention to protective measures. First of all, we should actively participate in many forms of sports, including running, jumping, turning and other forms, which can promote the development of the whole body's bones and muscles, not only limited to playing basketball, running and other single sports. Secondly, we should exercise scientifically and pay attention to protective measures to prevent the injury of bone and bone fouling plate. When exercising, it's best to ensure that the heart rate reaches 120-140 times / min. it's better to exercise until the child is sweating, hot and ruddy. Finally, make sure your child sleeps. Puberty growth and development are related to the secretion of androgen and growth hormone, which often reach the peak in the early morning, so it is necessary to ensure the adequacy of children.

Here are some common sports that can help children grow taller:

1. 10 minutes.

Do flexibility training and relaxation training for 20 minutes, including splitting legs, bending back and forth, shaking the body, etc., which can accelerate body metabolism, improve various physiological abilities of the body, and help children grow taller.

2. Jump training.

You can let your child practice jumping training more than 200 times a day, such as jumping to touch the high, jumping with both feet, jumping with one foot in turn, and jumping as high as possible. Running and jumping belong to weight-bearing exercise, which can stimulate the growth of epiphyseal cartilage of lower limbs, but it is better to cooperate with some general exercises. Jumping is easy to affect the development of feet, and has a great impact on the knee and ankle joints. Elastic shoes should be worn to protect the joints. Children aged 5-10 can choose rope skipping, which takes less time but consumes a lot of energy. It can stimulate bone, promote bone growth, consume extra fat, and improve sense of balance and reaction.


When swimming, the movement of kicking and stretching the spine and the buoyancy of water are very beneficial to the growth of spine and limbs. Children aged 4-8 can learn.

4. Pull movement.

One parent can hold both hands, the other holds both feet, and gently pull the body in the opposite direction for 20 seconds at a time.

5. Pull up.

It can stretch the spine and promote the proliferation of spine bone. You can also hang on the horizontal bar for 20 to 30 seconds at a time.

6. Ball games.

Basketball, volleyball, badminton and so on are all good systemic sports. Ball games for children will not have the risk of excessive exercise, as long as we ensure that the next day will not be too tired. There should be relaxation exercises after exercise. For example, for a while, pay attention to replenishing water during exercise.

To sum up, ball games, pull-up, pull-up, jump training and these six sports are the sports that parents often do to help children increase their height. It should be noted that in addition to the optional method, the method should also be carried out at the same time.