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Women's beauty regimen only needs 20 moves to detoxify and beautify your face

Nowadays, women pay more and more attention to beauty and health preservation. What are the good methods of beauty and health preservation that can play the role of detoxification and beautification and make women more and more beautiful? Let's learn with Xiaobian.

Women's beauty regimen

1. Always drink warm lemonade

Drink a large glass of warm lemonade after getting up every morning. In addition to replenishing water, lemonade can start the body's purification process, dissolve excess fat, remove wastes and toxins from various organs in the body, purify blood, improve blood quality, promote metabolism, clean and repair the whole digestive and absorption system, enhance digestion capacity, and adjust the absorption balance.

2. Smooth defecation

"Hukou" refers to the part between the thumb and index finger on the back of the hand. There is Hegu Point in the middle. When going to the toilet, you can cross the 'tiger mouth' on both sides, use your thumb to slightly force your hand from the wrist to the 'tiger mouth' along the edge of your index finger, and twist it 30 times on each side and turn it around repeatedly, because the twisting and pressing is the route of the hand Yangming large intestine, so sticking to this habit is conducive to smooth defecation. 3. Barefoot walking delays aging

According to traditional Chinese medicine, in the twelve meridians of the human body, there are sensitive areas in the sole of the foot which are related to the internal organs of the human body. Barefoot walking can be transmitted to the brain through meridians and collaterals, coordinate the function of system organs, play a role in strengthening the body, delaying aging and preventing diseases, and is beneficial to the detoxification of the body.

4. Massage Lymph

Poor lymph circulation will affect the body's detoxification function, and easily lead to toxin accumulation in the body and edema. Massage Lymph before sleep, can guide the body to discharge excess toxins and water, not only beauty and beauty, but also can accelerate the decomposition of fat, let you wake up to find that the swelling is no longer, the body will appear lighter. How to massage lymph? The location of lymph is mainly concentrated in the groin and neck, so you can massage for 3-5 minutes with a certain amount of strength in these two places. 5. Drinking water to wash intestines

Keep your stool free. After getting up in the morning, you should drink at least 200 ml of water, and have more activities. It can clean the gastrointestinal tract, make the stool discharge, and remove toxins. To replace refined food with natural food, fresh fruit is a powerful purification food, pineapple, papaya, kiwi fruit, pear are good choices. In addition, eat more fiber rich food, such as brown rice, vegetables, fruits, etc., can increase intestinal peristalsis, reduce the occurrence of constipation.

6. The most thorough detoxification in bath

When the whole body is immersed in hot water, it will have a warm effect. At this time, the temperature will rise significantly, and then the sweat glands and pores will expand, so it is easy to discharge a large number of sweat stains. We all know that perspiration is a common way of detoxification, and the toxins and garbage in the body will be discharged with sweat. Therefore, the blood is also filtered, so that it can enhance the health of the body and play a role in skin care. In addition, sebum and sweat will form a protective film on the skin, achieving the effect of water locking and avoiding dry skin. Of course, compared with bath, the effect of shower is not as obvious as it is, so it is suggested that you often choose the way of bath if possible.

7. Face washing and detoxification

In the morning, first wash your face with warm water, then rinse it with cold water for 30 seconds, then rinse it with warm water, then rinse it with cold water, so that the alternation of heat and cold can promote blood circulation. This can promote facial blood vessels and skin contraction. It is a small trick to eliminate facial skin toxins. 8. Eating acid helps the spleen detoxify

For example, black plum and vinegar are the best foods for dissolving the toxins in food, which can enhance the digestive function of the stomach and intestines, and make the toxins in food discharged from the body in the shortest time. At the same time, sour food also has the effect of strengthening the spleen, which can play a good role in the effect of "anti poison food".

9. It's not a sin for a woman to cry

For women, especially those who love to cry, the detoxification effect of eyes is exerted incisively and vividly. Medical experts have confirmed that the tears shed contain a lot of harmful substances which are harmful to health. People who rarely shed tears might as well use touching TV series or onion cutting to make your lacrimal gland move once a month. 10. Active cough

Breathing into the lungs, not only damage the lungs, but also through the blood circulation and 'Zhulian' the whole body. With active coughing you can 'clean' your lungs. Every day, I go to the fresh air outdoor to do deep breathing exercise. When I inhale deeply, I slowly raise my arms. Then I cough actively to let the air flow out of my mouth and nose and cough up sputum.

11. Cook at home

Eating out should be an accident, not a daily event. You won't know what ingredients are added to the food in the restaurant. Cooking at home allows us to fully understand what we put in the ingredients, and ensure health, avoid unnecessary toxin production and intake.

12. Laughing enhances immunity

When you laugh from the bottom of your heart, cortisone and adrenaline, the hormones that cause stress in your body, begin to decline, enhancing your detoxification immunity. 13. Detoxify by sweating

In the gym, a period of aerobic exercise will make you sweat, which can not only achieve the goal of weight loss, but also help your body excrete toxins. If there's a sauna in the gym, it's great. Steaming for a while after exercise will make you sweat, detoxify and purify your mind.

14. Take a deep breath

Every time when breathing, there are residual exhaust gases in the lungs that cannot be discharged. These exhaust gases are also a kind of toxin compared with the fresh and oxygen rich air. Only a few deep breaths can reduce the residual exhaust gas in the body. 15. Sweating on the feet can detoxify

Using Chinese medicine to soak feet, or using flower to soak feet, has become one of the effective methods of health preservation. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the foot soaking water is not over the instep, and select a higher bucket to relax the feet and calves with the temperature of hot water. The water temperature of the feet should not be too hot or too cold, generally 38 ℃ ~ 43 ℃. The feet can be put into the water at about 38 ℃, and then the bath water can be gradually heated to about 42 ℃ to maintain the water temperature. When bathing, the water should be over the ankle, and it should be rubbed frequently.