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What nuts should pregnant women not eat

Nuts are a kind of snacks we will eat in our daily life. Nuts have certain nutritional value. However, nuts cannot be eaten too much, especially for pregnant women. There are four kinds of nuts that pregnant women can't eat. Eating them will harm the body and the baby's safety. Let's go with Xiaobian to see which nuts can't be eaten!

What nuts can't pregnant women eat?

1. Beauty nuts are bad for health

Some melon seed producers abuse industrial pigment and paraffin in production. Many non edible pigments have strong carcinogenicity. Some processors will also use chemicals such as bleach to beautify nuts and eliminate mottled spots. This often leads to excessive residues of harmful chemicals in the nuts. Especially for pistachios, the seeds are more likely to accumulate harmful chemicals. These cosmetic chemicals are harmful to human health. 2. Mildewed nuts are carcinogenic

Many nuts are susceptible to infection such as Aspergillus flavus. Aflatoxin induced acute poisoning mainly damages the liver, can induce liver cancer in animals, can also induce gastric cancer, renal cancer, rectal cancer and breast, ovary, small intestine and other parts of the cancer.

3. Fried nuts cause cancer

Nuts contain a lot of fat, protein and carbohydrate, which can't be destroyed by ordinary heating. However, when nuts are fried, the temperature is already above 200 ℃, and at this time, these nutrients that are originally beneficial to the body begin to transform into carcinogenic benzopyrene, heterocyclic amine, acrylamide and other substances. 4. Nuts with heavy taste are easy to go bad

There are many flavors of nuts on the market, some like salty, some like cream, some like green tea, some like five flavors. Generally speaking, the heavier the taste, the more salt is added.

In addition, many flavors and flavors are processed with flavors, saccharin and other substances. The cream flavored melon seeds also add margarine. These things are not good for the body. Once again, the heavier nuts, the greater the ability to hide the nuts, the more delicious they are.

Which nuts can't be eaten

1. Fried nuts

Most nuts can't be eaten raw, so we can only eat fried nuts. The fried nuts are fragrant and crispy, which taste much better than raw ones, and will not cause harm to our health.

But sometimes it's easier to fry nuts without mastering the heat. We can't eat nuts that are fried.

Eat fried nuts, there is a risk of cancer, because nuts contain a lot of fat, protein, carbohydrate and other food, ordinary heating is not enough to destroy these substances.

But if the nuts are fried, the nutrients that are good for our health will be transformed into carcinogens, so the fried nuts are not edible.

2. Nuts with peculiar smell

The nuts we often eat contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. If we store them improperly or for a long time, they will become rancid and smell. Once the fatty acids in nuts have rancidity, the main harm is that they will make the taste of nuts very bad, and there will be a pungent taste.

On the other hand, the rancidity products in nuts, such as small molecules of aldehydes and ketones, are also a serious threat to our health. If we eat a lot of these nuts with peculiar smell, the light ones will cause diarrhea, and the serious ones will cause liver and other diseases.

Nowadays, many unscrupulous traders are obsessed with profit. In order to earn more money, they will not throw away the rotten nuts, but will fry them again. Use lots of salt, pepper, soy sauce, essence or saccharin to make seasoning, and try to stir up these odorous nuts into 'no smell', so when we eat these nuts, we will feel salty for a while, and then will be five flavors or cream.

If we eat a lot of these nuts for a long time, it will seriously harm our health and have a serious risk of cancer.

3. Processed by paraffin

When we buy Nuts, we will see such kind of nuts. These nuts are bright in color, big and full in shell, which looks very appetizing. In fact, most bright nuts are processed by paraffin wax.