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How to prevent premature ejaculation

In clinic, premature ejaculation generally refers to the condition that the male penis enters the female vagina in the process of sexual love, and the female ejaculates early before reaching orgasm. Generally speaking, the existence of premature ejaculation is not only the performance of male sexual dysfunction, but also the rupture of feelings between husband and wife. So, what should be done about premature ejaculation?

1. Men's distraction from sexual intercourse, such as looking away from the woman, shifting penis sensation to thinking about other issues, or even counting, will help delay ejaculation.

2. In order to relieve the tension of the husband and increase the adaptability to the stimulation of vagina, the method of female superior sexual intercourse was adopted for a period of time after receiving behavior therapy.

3. The second sexual intercourse within one hour after ejaculation can significantly delay the ejaculation time, but the penis of the male side will feel pain.

4. Strengthening the communication of husband and wife's thoughts and feelings, eliminating estrangements and misunderstandings, understanding the husband's premature ejaculation and actively cooperating with the treatment will help to overcome the disadvantages.

5. It is easy to meet the sexual requirements of the female party by caressing and sucking before sharing the room, so that the female party can enter the excitement stage and even the platform stage.

6. Change room time. People usually arrange sex in the evening, but if you change it to wake up, the body fatigue has been relieved, the energy is strong, and then chew a piece of gum to flirt, I believe that the quality of roommates will be improved. 7. Wearing double layer condom can reduce sensitivity of penis and prolong ejaculation time.

8. Reduce the range and speed of penis twitch, reduce the sexual stimulation to penis, at the same time, the female side actively caters to the action, and reach orgasm as soon as possible, so as to satisfy both parties.

9. Husband and wife cooperation, whether the mood before sexual intercourse is normal or not, has a great influence on ejaculation speed. Emotional excitement and tension often lead to premature ejaculation. Sexual intercourse action range is too big, enhance stimulation intensity, often accelerate ejaculation, so need bilateral cooperation. Once there is no ejaculation can not blame each other, blame, but should find out the reasons, together with the treatment.

10. To avoid masturbation and control sexual affairs is conducive to the prevention and treatment of premature ejaculation. It has been argued that sexual intercourse should be repeated several hours after the occurrence of premature ejaculation, and the inhibition state after the previous one-off intercourse should be used to delay ejaculation and treat premature ejaculation, but after all, it hinders health, so this method cannot be used frequently. Appropriate recreational and sports activities, such as listening to music, exercising the body, regulating sentiment and strengthening the body, are helpful to prevent and treat premature ejaculation.

11. Stop drinking and avoid pungent stimulation. Eat more seafood, bean products, fish, shrimp and other Yang filling food to enhance the body.

12. Active treatment of various diseases that may cause premature ejaculation can avoid the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

13. Pay attention to premarital sex education and sexual guidance. To master some knowledge of sexual anatomy and sexual life, to understand and master the normal methods of sexual intercourse and sexual reaction process, not to over regulate sexual life, because the frequency of sexual life is too small, it is not conducive to the release of androgen.

Because premature ejaculation is a common disease in many men at present, therefore, the treatment of premature ejaculation must be carried out as early as possible. Usually, if male friends do not treat them in time after suffering from premature ejaculation, they may also cause impotence and other serious diseases. Therefore, patients with premature ejaculation must be careful.