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What are the benefits of practicing Wuqinxi

When it comes to Wuqinxi, we can all feel familiar and it is an effective way of exercise. But do you really know it? What is Wuqinxi? What is the origin of Wuqinxi? What's the advantage of practicing Wuqinxi? With these questions, follow Xiaobian to understand it.

The origin of Wuqinxi

Once Hua Tuo saw a child holding the latch to play, and he thought of the principle of "the hinge of a house is not broken, and the running water is not rotten". So he thought that most diseases of people are caused by the stagnation of Qi and blood and cold stasis. If the human body also moves as often as "the hinge of a house" to make the Qi and blood unblocked, it will improve health and not be easy to get sick.

Therefore, Hua Tuo devoted himself to studying the methods of physical exercise when he had time. Referring to the ancient people's "guiding technique" of physical exercise at that time, he constantly pondered and improved. According to the movements of various animals, he created a set of fist techniques that imitated five kinds of animals: Tiger, deer, ape, bear and bird.

This set of boxing imitates the tiger's swooping and roaring, the deer's happy galloping, the ape's left and right jumping, the black bear's slow walking, and the bird's flying. Through this series of operations, it can clear the head, strengthen the heart and lung function, strengthen the waist and kidney, and promote the enhancement of physical quality. It is easy to learn. Therefore, no matter men, women, old and young can choose to practice and wait for the body Gradually improve the quality and then practice the whole set of movements.

Wuqinxi not only has the function of strengthening the body and prolonging the life, but also has the effect of eliminating diseases. As Hua Tuo said, "if you are not happy, you can play the game of birds, and sweat happily The body is light and ready to eat. " In recent years, Wuqinxi, as a means of rehabilitation, has been widely used in the treatment of stroke sequelae, rheumatoid arthritis, hyperosteogeny, spinal cord injury and other patients.

Five bird plays are tiger play, deer play, bear play, ape play and bird play. There are 54 movements in the traditional Huatuo Wuqinxi, which is newly edited by the Chinese Sports Commission. There are only two movements in each play. They are: Tiger lift, Tiger flutter; deer arrive, deer run; bear run, bear shake; ape lift, ape pick; bird stretch, bird fly.

Tiger training: relieve back pain

When the weather is hot, the human body consumes more energy, and the workload is large, which is easy to cause the symptoms of back pain. In addition, blowing the air conditioner for a long time is easy to make the governor's Yang channel, the "sea of Yang channels" which regulates the function of Yang channel and Qi and blood - the governor's pulse is attacked by cold, which is not conducive to our back health. Practicing tiger opera can enhance the function of Hua Tuo's carrying back points and governor vessels, relieve neck shoulder back pain, sciatica, lumbago and other symptoms.

Practicing ape play: enhancing cardiopulmonary function

If the office workers who are used to taking the elevator climb several stairs, many people will be tired and gasping, especially in summer, which in fact reminds you that your cardiopulmonary function needs to be strengthened. In ape play, the action of ape lifting follows the breathing mode of "lifting, sucking and falling". When the body is lifted, inhale, and when the body is relaxed, exhale. When lifting, inhale and shrink the chest, and tighten the whole body; when falling, relax and exhale, and stretch the chest. This group of actions is helpful to strengthen the heart and lung function, relieve shortness of breath, asthma and other symptoms. Interested friends may as well try it.

The above is about the origin and benefits of Wuqinxi. After reading the above introduction, I hope you have a deeper understanding of Wuqinxi. There are many advantages of practicing Wuqinxi. You may as well practice according to your own needs, which will surely have a good effect.

The benefits of practicing Wuqinxi

Deer training: reducing waistline

Many readers who pay attention to body shape worry that the waist circumference increases in summer due to the decrease of exercise and the increase of cold drink intake. In fact, the deer play is a good way to reduce the waist circumference. Why do you say that? Because deer play is mainly designed for the health care of the kidney. Its movements are all around the waist. In the process of practice, we naturally consume a lot of fat in the waist and redistribute it, which is beneficial to reduce the waist circumference and maintain a slim figure.

Bear training: regulating the spleen and stomach

Summer weather is hot, many people like to nest in the air-conditioned room for cool, but the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is high, which is easy to cause many people to have food stagnation, indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms. At this time, you may as well practice the bear opera in the five birds opera. When practicing bear opera, you should be calm and light, and show its fierce nature. Practicing bear opera has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, helping digestion, relieving food stagnation, and activating joints.

Practicing crane Opera: preventing arthritis

Arthritis is a common disease in winter, but in recent years, in the summer, in the orthopedic department of the hospital, there will be many periarthritis of shoulder, arthritis patients because of illness and seek medical treatment. The main reason is that these patients use the air conditioner improperly, or blow the electric fan for a long time, leading to the attack of joint diseases. When practicing bird play, the movement is light and relaxed, which can regulate qi and blood, dredge meridians, dispel wind and cold, and move muscles and joints, which can prevent the occurrence of arthritis in summer, and also enhance the body's immunity.