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Ten small details of your life are the boosters of your long and healthy life

In our life, many small details in our life, in fact, can have the most impact on the length of our life span. Therefore, while we pay attention to the methods, we should start from the details while maintaining physical and mental health.

1. Yoga

Health benefits: back pain relief 56%.

A study from the University of West Virginia found that practicing yoga twice a week for 90 minutes each time, after six months, can relieve 56% of chronic back pain symptoms, such as less pain, stronger back strength and less depression symptoms.

2. Eat more fish

Health benefits: cognitive impairment reduced by 19%.

A large-scale study involving nearly 15000 adults around the world found that people who ate fish regularly (more than once a week) had a 19% lower risk of cognitive impairment than people who did not eat fish. The mechanism is that omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, mackerel and tuna can protect brain neurons and reduce inflammation.

3. Laugh

Health benefits: 21% improvement in blood flow

A study by the University of Texas found that laughing at comedies can dilate blood vessels by a fifth for 24 hours, while watching serious documentaries can constrict blood vessels by 18%. When you feel happy, the body releases more euphoric neurochemicals, which are good for your heart and your whole body, the researchers said.

4. Brush your teeth frequently

Health benefits: a 400% reduction in the risk of head and neck cancer.

The risk of head and neck cancer (especially oral cancer and laryngeal cancer) in patients with chronic periodontal disease is four times higher than that in the general population, even those who never smoke, according to a new study by Roseville center in New York. Regular brushing helps to prevent plaque, reduce gingivitis, and thus reduce the risk of head and neck cancer.

5. Drink tea often

Health benefits: stroke risk reduced by 21%.

Scientists from UCLA School of Medicine analyzed the results of nine related studies and found that compared with the participants who drank less than one cup of tea a day, drinking at least three cups of tea a day could reduce the risk of fatal stroke by one fifth. The mechanism is that the antioxidants, amino acids and theanine in green tea can protect blood vessels. Health benefits: happiness increased by 20%.

According to a new study by Dr. Stephen topfa of Kent State University, people who write thank-you letters often feel happier and more satisfied with their lives.

7. Hide the TV remote control

Health benefits: 5 cm reduction in waistline.

A study in Australia found that hiding the remote control, often getting up to adjust the channel manually and watching TV while exercising, can increase physical activity and reduce waist circumference by 16%. More exercise also helps lower body mass index (BMI), triglycerides and blood sugar levels.

8. Scribble at the meeting

Health benefits: 29% improvement in memory.

A new British study published in the Journal of Applied Cognition found that people who love to write by hand at a meeting have one-third more memories of the meeting content than other participants. It is explained that writing and drawing help to prevent wandering and listen more attentively.

9. Hold your partner's hand

Health benefits: 200% less stress.

A study published in the Journal of the American Society found that a simple hug or a few minutes of holding each other's hand between husband and wife can greatly relieve stress. These simple and intimate movements not only help to close the distance between husband and wife, but also help to stabilize blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

10. Milk for breakfast

Health benefits: 2.3kg weight loss.

Women who drink a large glass of milk (20 ounces, 567 grams) for breakfast feel fuller than those who drink juice for breakfast, with an average of 50 fewer calories for lunch, a new study found. According to this calculation, you can lose 5 pounds (2.3kg) in one year.

It can be seen from the above that frequently brushing teeth, laughing, eating more fish, practicing yoga, often drinking tea and breakfast with a glass of milk are common life details that can affect people's health, and we should also pay attention to the arrangement of these details on weekdays.