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How to do seven simple yoga with flat chest

In real life, flat breasted women will have more or less a sense of inferiority, and in the face of a variety of ways of breast enhancement, it is often difficult to make a choice. In fact, the way of breast enhancement through sports is the most safe and effective way of breast enhancement in life. Therefore, this article will teach you seven simple yoga exercises to increase chest circumference.

Type 1: left and right in ten

This group of movements can make the chest stronger, and can also reduce the worship meat of the arm. Pay attention to the force when the palm is pressed inward, and keep the elbow and chest balance when turning left and right.

Step 1: stand up straight, with palms of both hands together, elbows raised to chest, inhale first.

Step 2: exhale slowly, keep your upper body still, squeeze your palms inward, move your hands to the left as far as possible, hold for about 10 seconds, and return to your original position.

Step 3: inhale again, then exhale, move your hands to the right as far as possible, and stay for about 10 seconds. Repeat for 10 times.

Type 2: stretching and chest strengthening

This group of movements can make the chest stronger, and pay attention to the extension of the hand, not bending.

Step 1: straighten up, clench your hands, raise your elbows to your chest, form a 90 degree angle with your chest, inhale.

Step 2: exhale slowly, push your hands forward, try to use your chest strength, and repeat about 10 times.

Type 3: elbow circle

When doing this action, the action range of drawing the circle should be larger. The larger the action is, the more range of motion will be. It can help to strengthen the chest and also help to thin the arm.

Step 1: bend the handle to 90 degrees and open it, lift the elbow to balance with the chest, and palm out.

Step 2: circle back with your elbow and repeat 10 times.

Type 4: elbow chest lift

This group of actions can help lift the chest and make the chest line stronger. Note that when the handle is pulled back, it should touch the shoulder position as much as possible, so the effect will be better.

Step 1: bend the right elbow behind the ear and place the left hand on the shoulder. Inhale, and try to raise your right elbow to the highest level for 10 seconds.

Step 2: bend the left elbow behind the ear, and bend the right hand over the shoulder. Inhale, also lift the left elbow as far as possible, and repeat 10 times on each side. This group of movements can improve the outward expansion of the chest and make the chest stronger and stronger.

Step 1: open your hands, bend your elbows to 90 degrees, and inhale first.

Step 2: exhale slowly, push and press the elbows to the middle until the elbows fit perfectly, stay for about 10 seconds, then relax, and repeat for 10 times.

Mode 6: double arms overlapping

This group of actions can lift the chest up to prevent sagging. Note that hands must be placed in the chest position when doing the action, too high or too low will affect the effect.

Step 1: inhale first, bend your elbows and place them on your chest.

Step 2: exhale slowly, extend your elbows to the left and right as far as possible, maintain the movement for about 10 seconds, and repeat for 10 times.

Style 7: draw a circle in the palm

The larger the range of this group of movements is, the better. Draw a circle with both hands as far as possible to feel the muscle strength of the upper and lower position of the chest, and the effect of chest retraction is also ideal.

Step 1: extend your hands straight and forward without bending your arms.

Step 2: take the shoulder as the center point, and draw a big circle on the palm first.

Step 3: then draw a big circle back and repeat 10 times.

What about flat chest? For women with flat breasts, how to make their breasts plump is everyone's common wish. In life, as long as everyone can adhere to the Yoga method described in the article, they can effectively achieve the purpose of breast augmentation.