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Can't a man? Ten ways for women to destroy at night

Gender issues have always been our concern. The harmonious situation of sexual life can effectively determine our living conditions. Therefore, the lasting problem of male friends in sexual love is an urgent problem to be solved. In order to make sexual life more attractive, we need to achieve perfection in sexual life, and introduce several ways to make men become powerful men.

Control the excitation.

The process of sexual response can be divided into four stages: excitation, duration, climax and regression. If you want to be more persistent, the key is to recognize the emotional fluctuation process in the whole sex, and divide your excitement state into 1 to 10 levels. Don't let yourself be too excited, just keep the excitement around 7.

Method 2. Self training.

Masturbate for 15 minutes. The purpose of this kind of masturbation is not simply to make oneself happy, but to imagine how to make the other party have an orgasm at the same time.

Method 3. Press urethra.

When you find that your body reacts too quickly when you have sex, and you overheat, try to press under the penis to put some pressure on the urethra, which is the back of the penis. Doing so reduces blood in the penis, which can inhibit the desire for rapid ejaculation.

Method 4. Strong sexual movement.

Strengthen the exercise to control the ejaculation muscles. When the urine is interrupted or the urine is choked, you can feel where these muscles are. Then take "Kegel exercise" to exercise these parts, that is, to contract the hip and pelvic floor muscles. After 10 seconds, relax again and repeat several times.

Method 5. Courtesy spirit.

When having sex, don't just focus on your orgasm. By massaging, caressing and stimulating the clitoris, let the other party first feel the one-off orgasm, which will obviously relieve your pressure, and then more freely satisfy your desire. Method 6. To taste the movement.

Don't rush to insert the penis. First, linger at your partner's vagina, where the nerve endings are the most sensitive. When having sex, don't insert it too deep, about 2-3cm inside the vagina. Then start a small range of activities, not only make the other party want to give up, but also make the penis not fade prematurely in the hot vagina.

Method 7. Don't neglect the second time.

The instinctive reaction after orgasm is to sleep, restrain this desire, observe the excitement of the other party, and then brew to enter again. Most men have a longer period of time during the second sexual intercourse, and more practice will make the first sexual intercourse longer in the future.

Methods 8. Consult a doctor.

A new study found that 73% of men who had premature ejaculation had significantly better symptoms after taking antidepressants. But before taking it, it is necessary to consult the doctor whether it is suitable for taking it.

Methods 9. Exchange position.

Female upper position, the penis is less stimulated, can delay ejaculation. It should be noted that let her slow down her activities, because too fast will make men unable to bear, but the endurance will decline.

Method 10.

There's an area of the brain that's responsible for orgasm that you can sense when you want or want to control. The more inclined it is to get this pleasure, the faster it will come. Do not rush to orgasm, more physical contact, such as letting each other's smooth thighs touch their hips, happiness will permeate the whole body.

For many young people, the time when they first make love is very short, which is likely to be considered as premature ejaculation. In fact, the length of sexual life can be controlled by themselves. To learn to be the master of their own body, rather than the enslavement of the body, a harmonious sexual life will lead to a harmonious life.