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The way to relieve stomach distention, reduce pain, tea to make your stomach move

In our daily life, when we eat too much or too much, we often have the symptoms of bloating. So, what should we do about bloating? At this time, some people may choose to take medicine to relieve, in fact, through the method of food conditioning can also relieve stomach distention, and Xiaochang Zhitong tea is one of the most effective methods.

If you have too much entertainment, you will feel sick and greasy. Please give this cup of mint tea to relieve it for you!

Xanthium sibiricum is the fruit with involucre of Xanthium sibiricum in Compositae. Xanthium sibiricum belongs to common Chinese herbal medicine, which has the effect of dispersing wind, removing dampness and opening the orifices. In addition, cocklebur grass or whole grass can also be used for medicine, but cocklebur is a poisonous plant, and the fruit is the most poisonous. The use must be strictly in accordance with the doctor's order. From September to October, when the fruit is mature, turning from green to yellow, and most of the leaves are withered and detached, select a sunny day, cut off the whole plant, thresh, raise the general, and dry in the sun.

Xanthium sibiricum is bitter, sweet, pungent, warm and poisonous; it can be divided into lung and liver channels. Dispel wind cold; open nose; dispel wind dampness; stop itching. Main nasitis; wind cold headache; rheumatism arthralgia; rubella; scabies.

The traditional efficacy of Angelica dahurica is to dispel wind, dry dampness, detumescence and relieve pain. It is usually used to treat headache, bone pain, toothache, abdominal pain, dry and itchy skin and other problems. Angelica dahurica is a unique medicinal material of Wushan, a famous analgesic, which has been gradually applied throughout the country.

Angelica dahurica can make the central nervous system excited and improve the spirit. But we need to pay attention to the dosage. A small amount can excite the central nervous system, such as the motor center, respiratory center and spinal system. However, if the dosage is large, it is easy to cause spasm, paralysis and so on. We need to pay attention to the dosage.

Xiaochangzhitong tea

Tea ingredients: 6 grams of fragrant slices, 6 grams of Xanthium, 3 grams of Angelica dahurica, 3 grams of Magnolia mint, 1 root of scallion, 500ml of water.


1. Wash the scallion white for use;

2. Boil the pot with water, put in all the tea ingredients, boil for about 5 minutes, remove the residue, take the juice and drink it.

When you want to choose Xiaochang Zhitong tea, you need to find out the benefits of drinking Xiaochang Zhitong tea, and then you can determine whether you need to drink this tea based on your own symptoms. For the brewing method of Xiaochang Zhitong tea, you should also know it in advance.