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What is liquorice yam essence powder? The effect of liquorice yam essence powder

In our life, more and more people are accustomed to using the way of Chinese herbal tea drinking to arrange related matters. When matching the Chinese herbal medicines, we should carefully consider the proportion and selection of the matching. Yam Huangjing powder is the most commonly chosen tea drink with adjustable constitution.

Chinese yam Huangjing powder is one of the Chongyin of zhongrenbencao's constitution adjustment type. According to the constitution characteristics of different people, it is made by combining a variety of medicine and food homologous components and refining by critical extraction technology. The main ingredients are all from 87 kinds of medicine and food homology catalogue issued by the Ministry of health of the people's Republic of China.

Chinese yam Huangjing powder can regulate the constitution of qi deficiency, for the lack of vitality, fatigue, shortness of breath, self perspiration of this part of the population. Based on the principle of constitution balance of traditional Chinese medicine, we can reasonably match the same raw materials of medicine and food, restore the balance of human body through diet regulation, achieve a stable and healthy state, and reduce the incidence of constitution related diseases.

matters needing attention:

Pregnant women and children are forbidden. Please pay attention to diet and exercise properly during the use of this product. If there is a small amount of precipitate during brewing, it is normal, please drink it together.

During the use of this product, please eat less or do not eat the following food: chicken, shrimp, pigeon, quail, mutton and other hot food, spicy, fried, pickled products, baked food, fried goods (melon seeds, dried fish slices, dried beef, etc.).

This product is not a substitute for medicine.


Traditional Chinese medicine plays different roles in different links and mechanisms. In fact, there is a concept of traditional Chinese medicine that medicine and food are homologous. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are many foods that have certain medicinal functions. Eat more drugs that have the effect of Invigorating Qi and spleen, so as to play the role of Invigorating Qi and spleen. It is not only effective, but also non-toxic, with its unique advantages.

Using traditional Chinese medicine to adjust the internal biases of physique, adjust the disorder of immune system, recover the overall function of the body, change the adaptability to the natural environment from inadaptability to adaptation, and alleviate the adaptability to the external environment that is not resistant to wind, cold, heat and dampness, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of prevention and treatment.

After looking at the composition, brewing method and efficacy of liquorice and yam essence powder, I believe that you have a certain understanding of liquorice and yam essence powder. For people with poor physique who want to achieve the effect of Invigorating Qi and spleen, you can often drink yam essence powder to achieve the above purpose.