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The method of stewing chicken with Panax notoginseng

It has the functions of hemostasis, stasis removing, swelling removing and pain relieving. In life, it has a high frequency of use and recognition. When making various kinds of products, people often put them into it to increase its value. Stewed chicken is one of the most common recipes.

It is a kind of good hemostatic medicine, which can warm the spleen and improve the essence.

Practice 1:

Formula: 500g hen meat, 374g. Wash the chicken and grind it into powder. Boil the water over high heat, add the chicken and cook for 3 to 5 minutes, then take out the chicken, transfer it to the stew cup, and stew it on a low heat until the chicken is well done. Add chopped or appropriate amount of onion, salt and monosodium glutamate to taste and then serve.

Practice 2:


Half chicken, 50g root, 10g medlar, 20 pepper


1. Take a proper amount of cold water and put it into the pot. Bring the chicken into the pot and boil it in high heat. Spoon the foam away;

2. Remove the chicken after the bubble, and add the soup to the soup pot (but the special cooker is also casseroles).

3. Put the cleaned roots, wolfberry and pepper into the pot, boil them again at high temperature (high fire), and then use the automatic (slow fire) pot. The time is about 3-5 hours.

Efficacy: modern pharmacological research shows that it can shorten blood coagulation time and make blood vessels contract. This prescription has the functions of invigorating the spleen and kidney, supplementing qi and blood, hemostasis and removing blood stasis, and regulating menstruation.


Beauty and spleen strengthening

It's not only the material of our medicine, but also the good material of our food. It is not only delicious and tender, but also has a very high nutritional value. Stewed chicken has many functions such as eyesight, spleen, body, liver and blood. It also has the functions of beauty and blood pressure reduction. If you like chicken, try it.

Treatment of diarrhea, bruise and pain

Sanqi also has the effect of treating diarrhea. In our life, we can't resist the temptation of delicious food on the table. Everyone's gastrointestinal digestion is not the same. Accidentally eating a bad stomach leads to diarrhea. It's very effective to use Sanqi powder mixed with water to treat diarrhea. In life, we can't avoid bumps and bumps. People who are injured by falls can use powder. It can also be combined with eggs to make egg soup. After eating, it can activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, enhance platelets, antithrombotic and other functions. Let the wounded recover as soon as possible.

Cure blood disease, tonify deficiency and nourish the body

More and more people have recognized the therapeutic effect of hemorrhagic disease. We live in the common hemoptysis, hematemesis and bleeding, can use the right amount of adjustment. If the body constitution is poor, you can mix Sanchi and golden tortoise together to cook soup and eat, which has a high nutritional value, can nourish health, can prevent coronary heart disease, tonify Qi and blood and other effects. The stewed turtle with Panax notoginseng has a delicious taste. With its functions, it has become a tonic.

As mentioned above, it is a kind of material with the functions of treating diarrhea, bleeding, beautifying and strengthening the spleen. In life, if people want to give full play to the role of Panax notoginseng, they can mix it with other foods and take stewing method to eat. The specific production method of stewed chicken is also described in detail above.