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What tea is good for stomach? Three kinds of tea to help you

These three kinds of tea promote digestion and nourish the stomach

Adaptive: stomach distended and full.

Raw materials: Pu'er tea 10g, chrysanthemum 10g.

Method: put the above materials into the teapot at the same time and pour boiling water to remove impurities. Add boiling water again and let stand for 3 minutes before drinking.

Tea effect: Pu'er tea can clear away heat, eliminate food, chrysanthemum can clear away wind and heat. Combined use can eliminate oil, promote digestion, clear away heat and reduce swelling.

Qingre Jianwei tea

Adaption: stomach fever, upset and irascible.

Raw materials: 3G green tea, 20g Ophiopogon japonicus, 10g Zhuru, proper amount of crystal sugar.

Method: put green tea, Maidong and Zhuru into a casserole at the same time and soak them with water. Boil for a few minutes, then remove the residue and add in the crystal sugar.

Tea effect: green tea can clear away heat, detoxify and resist radiation. Winter wheat is cold, nourishing yin and moistening dryness. Zhu Ru can clear away heat and phlegm, eliminate boredom and stop vomiting. Combined use can reduce the gas content.

Warm stomach and protect stomach tea

Adaptive: spleen and stomach deficiency cold, anorexia.

Raw material: clove tea 3-10g

Method: take 3-10g clove tea, brew it with 250ml hot water, and drink it after 3-5min.

Tea effect: clove is warm. It can be drunk before and after meal. It can warm the stomach, disperse cold, promote body fluid and stop vomiting.

In addition, tea friends with bad stomachs can also drink black tea, which is deeply loved by tea friends because of its warm nature, sweet taste, high fragrance and strong sweetness. Black tea has a good health preservation effect, which not only can nourish the stomach and stomach, but also can beautify the face and resist aging. At night, drinking black tea has the effect of sleeping.

Conclusion: the above are several kinds of tea for different patients with stomach diseases. You can drink tea if your stomach is not good, but not all kinds of tea are suitable. In a word, the stomach is not suitable for the tea with strong irritant and cold tea nature, and it is suitable for the tea with mild irritant and weak tea nature. Remember!