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6 key points of running: Men's running can release pressure

What are the key points of running

Running exercise does not need to run at a very fast speed, because different running speeds stimulate the heart and brain vessels differently, and slow running stimulates the heart mildly. Therefore, it is appropriate to control the intensity of early healthy running according to the number of pulse per minute multiplied by 1.4 to 1.8.

Small strides

The size of stride in running affects the strength of muscles in each step of running, because people's goal is to extend the running time as much as possible. There are many people in the running too much strength, not far away from the local fatigue, often make people give up running. Small strides but balanced movements.

It's a long run

The distance should be long enough. The most important thing is that the body can "actively" consume all the blood sugar in the current blood, and at the same time consume the excess heat accumulated in the body. This "active" consumption is the best way to reduce blood lipid, blood sugar and relieve blood pressure. In terms of weight loss, what's more important is that its damage to health is almost "zero".

differ from man to man

Running is not for everyone. For the general people, each person's physique and in the disease situation are different, so in running must be combined with their own.

Pay attention to nutrition

Many people think that the amount of exercise in running is very large, so we must add more nutrition. Many people supplement a lot of animal protein. In fact, this kind of nourishing is not right. In jogging, the main consumption of human body is blood sugar, and there is little demand for protein. Therefore, it's better to supplement carbohydrate food after running

Mainly running

The body is fatter now want to start healthy running exercise, run a long distance on the body can't stand. Therefore, you can walk for a while, and then run for a while, so repeated alternating walking and running is also a healthy running. There are several advantages for men to learn to run to release pressure and relax and master their own needs: we need to learn to adjust our body, a highly sophisticated machine. Sexual activity enables us to master our body and understand the physical reflection of sexual partners.

Master the need for self movement: the body must move. Running and sex make the body move in a pleasant way to maintain flexibility and muscle coordination.

Forget the need of self: running enables us to get rid of self-consciousness and show ourselves in the nature. Sex makes us forget ourselves in extraordinary experiences.

The need for self assertion: every time he runs, he shows the world his personal existence. In the same way, two people who have sex show themselves to each other. Orgasm is the ultimate manifestation.