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How to sleep well? How well you sleep is related to the way you get up

How well you sleep is related to the way you get up. According to a French survey, 64% of French people have the habit of "getting up twice", but these respondents all said they didn't feel that they got more rest.

Setting an alarm clock to wake you up in advance is just to let the pain of getting up early come in advance, and the quality of "make-up sleep" in 10 minutes after the alarm clock rings is far less than the quality of "all in one" sleep in 10 minutes.

For those who like "getting up twice", there may be psychological factors to choose this way of getting up - in order to provide a buffer for the painful process of getting up, so that they can wake up slowly from their sleep. The reality, however, backfired.

When the alarm goes off, the 10 minute nap you win after pressing "remind later" is of poor quality and is also very harmful to your health. Because this will make you in a shallow sleep state, and shallow sleep will bring us a special sense of fatigue. You'll feel tired and you won't be able to recover all day.

Intermittent napping can disrupt the body's internal biological clock, and make the rhythm of "waking up and sleeping" in the brain maladjusted. In short, fragmented sleep does not allow the brain to rest or the body to function properly.

All in all, the fragmented "sleep supplement" brought about by the "later reminder" does not allow us to get the necessary rest, while the ringing that wakes us up from sleep again and again will make us in a bad mood all day. Another study by the French Bureau of prevention and education found that constant alarm clocks are more painful for people who are prone to insomnia.

Psychologically speaking, if a person is mentally motivated, even if his body is very tired, he will not be aware of this kind of fatigue. It's like a person leaving for a holiday on the morning of the holiday. Although he only slept for a few hours the night before, he is still full of energy.

The best way to get a better rest is to get up at one time. You should set the alarm to the normal time to get up. When the alarm goes off, you can get up directly. Instead of letting the alarm go off in advance, you should separate the sleeping time. In this way, you can have a deep and energetic sleep.

However, for some people, getting up at once is not easy.